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A for Astronomy witch

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Astronomy/Space - (A wider variant of lunar) Those who practice magick and correlate their beliefs in conjunction with the planets and stars! These witches may focus their magick with the properties of each planet, regularly read a horoscope or study astrology, and have a love of the stars and the night.

Astronomical Witch / Astro Witch / Space Witch / Cosmic Witch: Are witches who use cosmic, or astrological bodies in their crafts and practice such things as astrology, and cosmic witchcraft, and would work with the energies of the stars, moon, sun, and planets among many other cosmic bodies.

Cosmic witch: You feel a deep connection with the otherworldly. You love conspiracy theories, and you are are always deeply curious. You probably want to be in a field of engineering, flight, aeronautics, astronautics, astronomy or physics.

Star Witch: Not to be confused with a Space witch, who works with all of the cosmos, primarily aliens and astrology. Star witches draw their power from constellations, stars, and the sun. They love star gazing, have star charts hanging on the walls of their room, and never miss a meteor shower. Very chipper individuals who always want to go to the planetarium rather than out to see a movie or to the park. They may also work with planets as well as stars.

Today´s outfit

Necklaces: Glitter
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Shirt: Second hand
Belt and shoes: Borrowed

Cosmic witches draw their power from space in some way whether it be the stars, moon, and various celestial bodies (like Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, etc.). They’re probably super knowledgeable about both astronomy and astrology, and are usually the best to go to when it comes to figuring out what cool space things might be coming up this year since their craft revolves around being in the know. There are lots of different space oriented witches so the sub-types are plentiful and would take forever to delve in to.

I talked and interviewed one of my friends who I think is very Space Witch, she said things so lovely about universe and universal majick and I had permission to use our talks in my blog.

"We are all the same ligh, you could call it universal central sun which is like a big spirit to us. I saw it like a big bird one day, like the world was made in Kalevala, Ilmatar landed over the water and scaup came to her knee, laid 6 golden and one iron egg, which made the world.

Our solar system is like a mirror, everything we can detect to be real. And because worlds structure is symmetrical or geometric, our world can be seen like a mandala from far away, which pieces work together in harmony. Every celestial body is like divine messenger who brings us that source of light where we all came from."

"Although every celestial object, including us, is divine channel in the end, and so we all have purpose to even be here is that we all have ego, persona. Likewise every star has their own persona. They change the source of light through their persona, when it flows in our consciousness in different color light frequency. And because they are a lot bigger particles than us, they have an effect, although it is sort of interaction, stars also have awareness."

"Like the moon effects on water, it has same effect inner waters on human body. Sun is our brightest star which reflects brightest to us that source of light. That´s why probably the sun has been so worship in trough time.

And because every celestial object have their energy field, their aura, they kind of dance there their own trajectory which is their purpose and glow their own energy. And in same way we people have our own dance, which we go trough our life with the purpose of just to beam that same core."

"When you think about it, everything is already kind of ready and humans free will would be that, we can choose our vibration level and that way we can configure a lot of our life course through gravitational pull's law... But when you think about celestial objects on their own paths while being our mirrors, so why would one of them suddenly start bouncing elsewhere when its been around millions of years on that track. so would all things happen no matter what like higher ups have decided before our new infragmentation here and we can either make a little more bounces in the way and useless suffering, or only give our will to the highest and start worshiping this whole thing accepting 'our fate', what is kind of the word of the stars also."

This was super fun post to do. I really love the universe, sciense (can´t wait the Science witch post!) and the stars. I really find light, calmness and even knowledge from the skies. I don´t really mind about horoscopes but I find them interesting. I find everything interesting if it is astronomy or astrology related. I would really have some star researching stuff in my collections. Like a sextant, a globe, spyglass and some cool planetary thing that everything goes around and around, don´t remember what it is called (help me out?). 

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Best blogs 2018!

Best outlook

"I'm a slightly gothic nerd and a designer who lives in Helsinki with two hairy creatures: a guy and a cat.  This blog is my little corner of the internet, a place to share my visual tales – tales about cats, everyday life, design, drawings and DIY-projects. "

Inspiring pictures, art, style and good feel about the blog. Great look over all. Best part for me is the art, wish there were more art! (such a great artist omg!)

Most unique blog

"Tervetuloa kanssani aikamatkalle menneisyyteen uskontojen historiaan, kulttuurihistoriaan ja vaatehistoriaan. Toivottavasti viihdytte matkassani."

Interesting view about history with great mix about different old cultures.

"Hannabellan salonki on The Beast in the Boudoir ja Aikakoneessa Hannabellan seurassa -blogeista tutun 28-vuotiaan Hannabellan kirjallisuusblogina. Sisältö koostuu fanifiktio- ja originaalisanataiteesta ja kirjallisuutta käsittelevistä postauksista, joissa on pääasiassa kirjaesittelyjä/ kirja-arvosteluja. Tämän blogin pitämisen on myös tarkoitus kannustaa minua itseäni oman sanataiteeni luomisessa, jossa en ole VALITETTAVASTI ollut riittävän tuottelias vuosiin. Päivitän blogiani tästä lähtien ainakin kerran kuukaudessa – en paljon useammin, koska minulla on kaksi muutakin blogia."

Read if interested in books and writing blogs.

Beautiful pictures

"Haaveilija, herkkis, kissojen ja vegaaniruoan ystävä, ompelija, muotoiluopiskelija."

Great blog with gentle twist trough pictures and finding balance in life. Way too beautiful blog.

Most versatile blog

Go traveling with Lilly, check out awesome new make up pictures and just be wowed. I am so inspired about the style too.

Best style/outfits

"Käsitöihin ja kaikenlaiseen tummempaan estetiikkaan kallellaan oleva, vaihtelevissa asukokonaisuuksissa esiintyvä eskapisti, ompelija ja puuseppä. Sydäntäni lähellä ovat mm. kauhuromantiikka, kansanperinteet, metalli -ja folkmusiikki, maskeeraus, sisustaminen, valokuvaus, keskiaika, historia, luonto jne."

Inspiring style that I have taken influence on a little. Never know what style comes next so I am always interested to see new post. Also nice to see the life beneath the style.

Most inspiring blog

"Elämä Kummassa kodissa tuo mukanaan vuokrakodin rajallisuuden, oudon keräilyn, antiikin ihannoinnin, kirpparikierrokset, huonekasvimanian, sekä ajoittain mukana pilkahtelevat elukat."

Interesting home with cats, curiosities and bones. Totally one of my ultimate favorite homes ever! Side note: almost all of my bones are from this blogger.

"Arjen magiaa, uskomuksia, mytologiaa, keittiönoituuksia, "mökkinoituutta", perinnenoituutta, kansanuskoja ja -taruja, käsitöitä, sekä taidetta ja valokuvia, jotka keräävät inspiraationsa kaikesta yllämainitusta."

Everything about witchcraft and old beliefs. One of my favorite blogs of all time, love everything witchy (add a lot of hearts here). 

Loveliest blogger

"25 / Finland / Friend of good tea and black clothes"

Welcome to tea world with tasty recipes. I got really bad desire to drink tea and have a slice of cake while reading this blog, which is awesome, tells a lot about the blogger. Also love the atmosphere of the pictures and the casual feeling.

"Pohojalaanen mettäpössöö, joka on valmistunut kuva-artesaaniksi. Kirjoittelee suurista suunnitelmistaan ja omasta elämästään ja kokemuksistaan. Pitää erityisesti violetista väristä, raskaasta musiikista, Tim Burtonista, kaikenlaisesta pikku väkertelystä,tatuoinneista ja glitteristä."

Full of life, thoughts, versatile blog. Really love fellow purple haired and also the casual feel of the blog. Sometimes feels like reading a diary. Has a lot cute little gothic details.

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A for Asatru

Outfit photos by Satu Newhouse

Asatru (or Ásatrú) is a religion which believes in the ancient Germanic spirits and Gods. It was officially recreated in the 1970s in Iceland, but it´s roots go back many thousands of years. The name comes from two words in a language called Old Norse. It means "faith in the Æsir." The Æsir are the Germanic gods.

A person who practices Asatru is called an Asatruar, and is sometimes referred to as a heathen. If someone wants to talk about two or more followers of Asatru, they would say that they are Asatrufolk. Sometimes Asatru is also called Odinism, Wodinism, Wodanism, Wotanism or Germanic (neo)paganism.

So what Asatru means to me? Well, a lot. Old Gods and beliefs are big part of my life and I am super proud to be Finnish and have heritage as interesting as vikings. I truly take big influence on everything related old religions. But I don´t recall myself Asatruar, I mostly and strongly believe in Finnish old Gods and Goddesses. But if I were, there gladly aren´t actual rules in Asatru, everyone makes it their own. I have also read a bit Prose Edda, which is Icelandic poem collection from the year 1200. The book and it´s stories are pretty big deal for Asatruar, at least I have that feeling after talking anyone who I know is Asatruar. The books are the main sources of medieval skaldic tradition in Iceland and Norse mythology after all.

Midgard—is regarded as just one of nine realms, all of which are part of a cosmological world tree called Yggdrasil. Different types of being are believed to inhabit these different realms; for instance, humans live on Midgard, while dwarves live on another realm, elves on another, giants on another, and the divinities on two further realms. Most practitioners believe that this is a poetic or symbolic description of the cosmos, with the different levels representing higher realms beyond the material plane of existence.

To me, tree of life is very special. How it symbolize everything important to me it also seem make me calm and I think I understand life better thinking about it. Trees altogether are important, I am what you call, a tree hugger. Normally, when I don´t know what to draw I draw tree of life or, Yggrasil.

There are also three sisters known as the Norns who sit at the end of the world tree's root. These figures spin wyrd, which refers to the actions and interrelationships of all beings throughout the cosmos. In the community, these three figures are sometimes termed "Past, Present and Future", "Being, Becoming, and Obligation" or "Initiation, Becoming, Unfolding". I really like this because it reminds me also Moira´s from Greek mythology. I have always been fascinated about time and how destiny wrap everybody´s life together. Is there such as destiny? Do you believe it? I personally like more butterfly effect, everything we do effects on everything after that. Life strings all together is interesting thought.

Various Heathen groups adopt the Norse apocalyptic myth of Ragnarök, some even see it as a literal prophecy of future events. Instead, it is often treated as a symbolic warning of the danger that humanity faces if it acts unwisely in relation to both itself and the natural world. 
I often like mythologies about end of the world and this adaptation is quite interesting, I recommend to check viking mythology stories, if you are even a bit interested. If I start to write more, this post would be so long...

But still one last thing, which I too like. Let´s talk about afterlife. In Icelandic Heathenry, there is no singular dogmatic belief about the afterlife.  It is common to find a belief in four or five souls, two of which survive bodily death: one of these, the hugr, travels to the realm of the ancestors, while the other, the fetch, undergoes a process of reincarnation into a new body. In Heathen belief, there are various realms that the hugr can enter, based in part on the worth of the individual's earthly life; these include the hall of Valhalla, ruled over by Odin, or Sessrúmnir, the hall of Freyja.
I personally believe reincarnation, I will become part of the wind, tree or maybe a mammal. Maybe I will be an ant or just part of everything around. By the way, one of my cats are called Freyja, because in Norse mythology, Freyja is my favorite Goddess.

Well, here is little about Asatru and old Norse beliefs, I just scratched it a bit, there is so much more, but like I said, it would be long if I would write everything I know and I think this is good start for those who doesn´t already know or know just a little. I hope you liked it, next up will be about Astronomy witches!

Blessed be!