tiistai 10. huhtikuuta 2018

A for Asatru

Outfit photos by Satu Newhouse

Asatru (or Ásatrú) is a religion which believes in the ancient Germanic spirits and Gods. It was officially recreated in the 1970s in Iceland, but it´s roots go back many thousands of years. The name comes from two words in a language called Old Norse. It means "faith in the Æsir." The Æsir are the Germanic gods.

A person who practices Asatru is called an Asatruar, and is sometimes referred to as a heathen. If someone wants to talk about two or more followers of Asatru, they would say that they are Asatrufolk. Sometimes Asatru is also called Odinism, Wodinism, Wodanism, Wotanism or Germanic (neo)paganism.

So what Asatru means to me? Well, a lot. Old Gods and beliefs are big part of my life and I am super proud to be Finnish and have heritage as interesting as vikings. I truly take big influence on everything related old religions. But I don´t recall myself Asatruar, I mostly and strongly believe in Finnish old Gods and Goddesses. But if I were, there gladly aren´t actual rules in Asatru, everyone makes it their own. I have also read a bit Prose Edda, which is Icelandic poem collection from the year 1200. The book and it´s stories are pretty big deal for Asatruar, at least I have that feeling after talking anyone who I know is Asatruar. The books are the main sources of medieval skaldic tradition in Iceland and Norse mythology after all.

Midgard—is regarded as just one of nine realms, all of which are part of a cosmological world tree called Yggdrasil. Different types of being are believed to inhabit these different realms; for instance, humans live on Midgard, while dwarves live on another realm, elves on another, giants on another, and the divinities on two further realms. Most practitioners believe that this is a poetic or symbolic description of the cosmos, with the different levels representing higher realms beyond the material plane of existence.

To me, tree of life is very special. How it symbolize everything important to me it also seem make me calm and I think I understand life better thinking about it. Trees altogether are important, I am what you call, a tree hugger. Normally, when I don´t know what to draw I draw tree of life or, Yggrasil.

There are also three sisters known as the Norns who sit at the end of the world tree's root. These figures spin wyrd, which refers to the actions and interrelationships of all beings throughout the cosmos. In the community, these three figures are sometimes termed "Past, Present and Future", "Being, Becoming, and Obligation" or "Initiation, Becoming, Unfolding". I really like this because it reminds me also Moira´s from Greek mythology. I have always been fascinated about time and how destiny wrap everybody´s life together. Is there such as destiny? Do you believe it? I personally like more butterfly effect, everything we do effects on everything after that. Life strings all together is interesting thought.

Various Heathen groups adopt the Norse apocalyptic myth of Ragnarök, some even see it as a literal prophecy of future events. Instead, it is often treated as a symbolic warning of the danger that humanity faces if it acts unwisely in relation to both itself and the natural world. 
I often like mythologies about end of the world and this adaptation is quite interesting, I recommend to check viking mythology stories, if you are even a bit interested. If I start to write more, this post would be so long...

But still one last thing, which I too like. Let´s talk about afterlife. In Icelandic Heathenry, there is no singular dogmatic belief about the afterlife.  It is common to find a belief in four or five souls, two of which survive bodily death: one of these, the hugr, travels to the realm of the ancestors, while the other, the fetch, undergoes a process of reincarnation into a new body. In Heathen belief, there are various realms that the hugr can enter, based in part on the worth of the individual's earthly life; these include the hall of Valhalla, ruled over by Odin, or Sessrúmnir, the hall of Freyja.
I personally believe reincarnation, I will become part of the wind, tree or maybe a mammal. Maybe I will be an ant or just part of everything around. By the way, one of my cats are called Freyja, because in Norse mythology, Freyja is my favorite Goddess.

Well, here is little about Asatru and old Norse beliefs, I just scratched it a bit, there is so much more, but like I said, it would be long if I would write everything I know and I think this is good start for those who doesn´t already know or know just a little. I hope you liked it, next up will be about Astronomy witches!

Blessed be!

maanantai 26. maaliskuuta 2018

A for Art Witch

Art Witchcraft is a path of witchcraft focused around the use of color and the creation of physical forms of art imbued with magic.
This path can be catered towards whichever artistic medium you prefer: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Digital, Traditional, Written etc. but typically involves an increased interest in sigil making, visual spellwork, Divination and utilizing the psychological effects of color for magical purposes.

Crystals to promote creativity: citrine, amethyst, blue lace agate, tiger’s eye, garnet, lapis lazuli, bloodstone, apatite, carnelian, herkimer diamond, celestite, aventurine, chrysoprase, kunzite, opal.

An Art Witch’s tools can be anything that you use within your current artistic works. You can dedicate a particular paintbrush to function as a wand, directing energy and intent into your visual spells. You can create sculptures of your guardians to place within your sacred space. Maybe you want to craft your own divination tools (i.e. runes, dice, tarot, oracle, pendulums etc) or wear specific clothes when working your magic or charge your papers, pencils, waters, clays etc.

What art means to me? It means everything. Since I was little and I got my first water colors and color pencils, I was hooked. I just couldn´t stop making art. Trying new things, learning and seeing your own progress is so satisfying. I lost my inspiration time to time, but last year after watching oooh so many art Youtubers, I realized I need to make art for me, not somebody else. It was the stress about making "good" art that kept me from doing anything. It doesn´t matter do you make next masterpiece, only that matters is that you enjoy making it. Also, if you are not feeling normal kind of art making, there is a lot of different kind of crafts you can make.

Newest crafts by the window

I try to draw and paint now way more than I used to do before. Even the times I don´t feel like it. Sometimes pushing ourselves can make a whole new different route. I have ended up enjoying every time making something, even though I thought I didn´t even want to do anything or had "artist block". My favorite type of making art is now mixed media, I want to use everything I wanna use in one painting. It had made the whole process super fun. I also like watercolors, after probably 15 years, phew. And also making all witchy crafts by hand gives me joy at the moment. I want to put everything on the walls and everybody to see, which is really new to me. Also what is new is sigils and making more artsy witchy stuff while my painting. I gathered few tips which I found from Tumblr.

Astronomy Witch

Artsy Witch Tips:
-use a blend of star anise, sunflower petals, mugwort, and marigold for creativity.
-amazonite, orange calcite, and citrine are great for getting motivated and energized for your creative endeavors.
-charge your paint water and use them for potions, spells, etc.
-do small paintings as offerings for your deities.
-stain your watercolor papers with teas that associate with the energy you want to manifest.
-use sketchbooks as grimoires/books of shadows.
-keep a spiritual journal to think, write, and draw in.
-charge your paintings by drying them in moonlight/sunlight (not for too long or the paint can fade).
-draw/paint/write for a spell or ritual and hang up the product near your altar when you are done to help manifest it quicker.
-sing to your ancestors, deities, or spirit guides.
-paint or draw a charging space to place your crystals on.
-draw crystal grids for your crystals.
-hide sigils everywhere. under paint, as a signature, in designs, in water, everywhere pal!
-speaking of sigils, make a name sigil. it can be used for a signature or just to make sure no one can steal your art


-cleanse your art supplies like you would your witch supplies. it does wonders.
-diffuse essential oils beside you as you work to correspond to the emotion of your art (please use therapeutic grade oils)
-give your pieces a lil smooch after they’re finished to help them find the appreciation they deserve.
-music is powerful for adding emotion. use it
-dont have witchy materials? paint/draw pictures of them. add corresponding essential oils to your paint water/paper/visualize and you can use the image similar to how you’d use the materials you don’t have
-paint/draw witches. witch art is cool. also diverse witches. diversity is cool.
-put Crystals In Every Thing. Make crystal elixirs for paint water/charge your paper/tablet/canvas with them. put a crystal in your pencil case. tape one to your forehead. drawers? put crystals in them.
-plants r nice and make you feel like a cool forest being. put a plant where you make art and now out have a pal.
-colour correspondences!
-remember you hold the universe in your hands and mold it in two ways, through magick and art, and the two aren’t really that different
- use knot magic to create macramé, friendship bracelets, knitting or crocheting projects.
-sew poppets in different shapes and sizes!
- create small clay figures (animals, people, or even simple shapes with sigils carved into them), offering bowls, and candle holders as offerings or decoration for your altar.
-use smoke cleansing to your tools

Today´s outfit was borrowed from Tatja´s closet

If you work with the elements:
Earth - Paper
Water - Used in the painting process
Air - Either naturally dried or use of a hairdryer.
Fire - You can burn the final image
Spirit - Your intent/The paint- Customize this to suit your craft!
Sea Witches - Use storm water

Lunar/Space Witches - Use full moon water

Pastel Witches - Only use pastel colors

Digital/City Witches- Use an app to edit a photo of your target and draw on the image with colors.

Deities: Do you work with specific deities? Devote a casting to them or use colors associated with your chosen god/goddess.

Remember that you’re a good artist and witch and you’ll only get better over time. You are a creator physically and spiritually, you have the power of manifestation flowing through you.

perjantai 2. maaliskuuta 2018

Winter Tag

If you didn´t know, I am back on doing videos, I try to put out 1-3 videos every week!


-What item of clothing do you love to wear in winter but wouldn’t be seen wearing it in public?
- Favorite Winter lip product.
- Most worn Winter clothing piece.
-What’s your favourite color to wear on your lips in winter
-How do you like to do your make-up in the Winter?
-Most worn Winter accessory.
- Favorite Winter Nail Polish.
- Favorite scarf.
-Name one item on your wish list this year
-Scarves or Beanies?
-What is your favourite Winter outfit?
-Most wanted item for autumn/winter?
- Favourite boots to wear in winter?
-Are you a fan of UGG boots?
-What is your favourite winter trend?

Food and drink

-Favorite Winter beverage.
-Favorite Starbucks Holiday Drink?
-What is your favourite Winter food?


-Favorite winter candle scent?
-Favorite Winter scent.
-Do you like or dislike that it’s  dark?
-What is your typical winter day consisting of?
-What is your dream way to spend a Winter’s day?
-What do you like best about winter?
-What's your favorite winter movie?
-What are your top 3 winter essentials?
-What are your favourite things about Winter?
-What are the first three things that remind you of Winter?
-What is your favourite Winter song?
-What is your favourite Winter memory?