torstai 22. helmikuuta 2018

Best blogs 2018!

Pic by Mustemorsian

Sooo, time has gone so fast. Last time I did this, was 2013! (check it out to see what kind of post this will be) Oh dear. I really liked to do this, I found new blogs and had a chance to get you to know MY favorites. Blogging community has been getting more and more silent so I want to little shake it

So what YOU need to if you wanna be part of my post, link your blog here on the comments! I will choose my favorites on different categories. Every blog will get a shoutout! So don´t be afraid if the style isn´t like mine or it is some way different. Can´t wait to see YOUR blog on this! 

Time to send your blog to my way until 31.3.2018!

Blessed be darklings!

tiistai 20. helmikuuta 2018

A for Air Witch

Pictures by Satu Newhouse

Air - Specifically centered on the element of Air; working with wind, using air-related tools (such as the wand, broom, feather, staff, incense, censer, pen, bell ), creating and using symbols associated with air.
Purification with air is very suitable for people with air signs – Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius – especially at times of emotional confusion and a burden of non-supportive emotions. 
Color: Yellow
Plants: Fragrant flowers, dill and leaves, acacia, anise, aspen, clover, lavender, pine, frankincence, lemongrass, myrrh, vervain, yarrow
Crystals: Topaz, amber, citrine, jasper, agate
Metals: Tin, copper
Ruling planet: Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus
The Air Witch specializes magickally in spirits, ghosts, invisible beings, travel, inspiration, dreams, wishes, creativity and changes. 

There isn´t fire without air. I am a fire element. I have always thought I am just soooo fire. But doing the research for this first post about all the witch types (I will do little bit over 50 witch type posts, I hope you will enjoy this year as much as I do!) I know, I realized how air element describes me. 

Just like air witches, I am very cheerful, I have so much energy, I seem flaky and airheaded and I like to use my intelligence. I often walk my head in the clouds and I may say things that I wasn´t suppose to say. I chat constantly, I am quiet only when I am depressed or tired. I always want to make people laugh and smile, I still may get on people nerves for that.

I give room for change, it scares me sometimes, but I still like to change my style, my type of thinking, see new people, go on new events and have this flow of new..ness. I am always working on something, I like to start projects with great energy and I am super exited about them. But my projects may lay around for a long time until I get my enthusiasm back. I want to be true to myself, inspire others by doing so and achieve my goals.

"Water rules creation, earth rules rebirth, and air rules the cross over a threshold-in other words, the gates of death. The Air Witch has a decidedly dark side and a complex character. Her focus is more on the death side of nature, due to her realm, which includes death, along with sustaining life. You can only survive a few minutes without air, but if you breathe the wrong air, such as poisonous gas, you will die immediately. Air brings disease, death and destruction side by side with life."
-Witches of the craft

This is something that I haven´t even think about but it sounds so gothic to me, sign me in! Air witches does work with the dead. Ghosts are easy to work with and air witches often uses Ouija and  pendulums as tools. The Air Witch has a talent for necromancy and clairaudience. Using storm and weather magick is common. This is what I relate mostly, because I always keep talking and praying to Ilmatar (Finnish weather Goddess), even back when I was a kid. She seems closest to me and my rain majick has never fail this far. I would really love to try make the rain come or even use something as powerful and new to me: storm majick. But I will get to that on later post and hopefully I have tried it and can tell something about that on my on behalf. But this I can say, just like air witches, when I get mad, I am like the storm but I get calm very soon. My moods changes like weather anyway, quickly and you never know what comes next.

I often use air as a purification. It is really easy to do. You can do it even when walking, just think that the wind will wash away all of your pain, negativity and bad thoughts. It will pure you and leave you feeling fresh. All new positive energy will come with the wind and you feel powerful.

About the tools.. I don´t have much air related but I have 2 pendulums and I use incenses and a broom which I made with my husband for our wedding. I have been thinking about making a wand or a staff but haven´t found the perfect type of tree yet. I don´t even know which one to use. I am waiting for it to call me and tell me, this is it, this is your wand here! Also, I would need to go for a walk in the forest more often, can´t find sticks here in my home. I also use feathers that I found outside. They are actually death related because I found them knowing someone is going to die (that year 3 died). They mean a lot to me and are very effective for my use. Never actually realized the connection of these 2.. interesting.

I took the pictures today with my friend Satu who is so clawsome and is willing to help me trough this year´s today ´s outfits and taking pictures of them. So very many new pictures coming up! But about this post, I wanted the pictures have light and lot of air, the feathers also represent air. But yeah.. this post was fun to make, so much research, so much coldness outside and so many ideas about everything and I even learn new things, can´t wait the next one!

What is your element? What is your favorite type of witch? What is your type?

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sunnuntai 18. helmikuuta 2018

Imbolc 2018

What inspires me the most at the moment is my witchcraft. When I think about nature, wicca, witchy things and all the little details, I just feel me the most. It is very empowering feeling. This year feels so good, all the vibes are just right and everything seems to work the way I imagine it. All the photoshoots goes so well, my way to working life is doing great, my new meds are working and I don´t just cry all the time.. I have this amazing energy in me which I want to use in creative way. 

Imbolc (pagan Sabbath which you celebrate 1.-2.2.) has inspired me to do more crafts and even decorate my home in Sabbath colors and make some certain mood in our home. To me Imbolc represent white, the white snow is so pure, there is no negativity, it is like new sheet of paper, you can write or draw anything you like. Pinterest came my life again in such a big way and I fell in love with the ideas of minimalistic in decor, just little details that makes the atmosphere. Candles, white, curtains, white. I really love the old jars that has been waiting for some new use for my crafting projects, but actually they look perfect as candle holders. After I took these pictures I washed more jars so now our table in living room will be the same mood.

This sabbath inspires me to white goth style and channel some moon energy. I am so into crystals at the moment, I just wish I have money to buy more. I want to learn more about them and make my home energy to have more flow to it. Also I am interested how to use them in healing or in my own personal life. Any gem fans out there?

I also started few bigger projects I will show you after I am done with them, but the beginning/ test run you can see in the window. Last Imbolc I gathered some wood from the forest and I finally got some string and I want some big witchy decor on my walls that I have made myself. There is also coming some dreamcatchers and paintings that I have been thinking on putting to the walls. I am so hyped about this month, can´t wait to show what else I have been doing! I am so gonna celebrate Imbolc the whole month. 

Blessed be darklings.
Be true to yourself.