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C for Crystal Witch

Crystal - Magick that is worked commonly with stones and crystals, such as during spellwork or for crystal healing techniques. This may also include chakra balance, crystal meditation… anything that uses crystals, really! A crystal witch may also have an extensive knowledge of stones, including how to identify them and using their properties. Their Book of Shadows will most likely have information about the stones, chakra balance, and crystal meditation.

Crystal witch things: keeping crystals in your pockets, crystals sitting on your windowsill under the moonlight, crystalline light reflections.

I am not going to tell what every little crystal will do, internet is full of information. But I am going to tell some basic things about crystals that you might want to know. I, myself, use crystals in healing, while I am dreaming (for various reasons, like getting rid of nightmares or many healing reasons), I use them while I bathe, because you can use them to cleanse and bring things in your life you need, I use them while meditating and also when I feel very anxious and to get calm. My amethyst in my wedding ring is of course always in use for protection of negative energy and keeping my own emotional energy in balance. It is said that in lot of use the amethyst will fade but past 7 years it is still very purple. Of course every crystal jewelry is always handy (and oh so pretty!) in regular use.

´Today´s outfit
Shirt: Second hand
Socks and shoes: H&M
Bag: Second hand
Hat: Second hand
Sunglasses: Borrowed

Witchy things to do with crystals

-Wear rose quartz on a necklace close to your heart to open up your heart chakra or keep it next to the bed to promote harmony and unconditional love in your relationship. Place it in the relationship area of your home or room to manifest a partner!
-Place citrine in the prosperity corner of your office (or desk), keep some in your wallet, or put some in the cash register of your business to get the money flowing!
-Meditate on, visualize, and verbalize your desires while holding quartz crystals. You can also place them on a photograph or list of what you would like to manifest. 
-Use amethyst in meditation to get in tune with your feelings, promote mental clarity, and calm your thoughts. Place it in your home, office, or car to purify the space of any negative energy so you can thrive in your high vibe environment!
-Sleep with obsidian under your pillow to help with mental stresses or use it in meditation to get clear about what's holding you back from manifesting your desires.
-Keep carnelian in your pocket for enhanced creativity and motivation, or place it in your workspace if you're some type of artist.
-Charge your crystals with music. Just pick one song that is fitting for your intent.
-Have a bath with crystals with you!
-Put a crystal in the water you use for watering your plants/herbs to give them an extra boost of magic. Make sure to check that your crystal is safe to put in water, you don’t want to poison your plants or damage your crystals.
-Decorate your place/home with crystals and make it feel magickal!
-Get your own crystal shelf (it´s a thing now in crystal witch community)
-Make crystal grids
-When you feel like you need a new crystal your life, pick the one that calls you. Crystals know that you need them in certain point of life (it´s like the wands in Harry Potter).
-Get a book of shadows that you will include only crystal things.

Below is a list of helpful terms to know when working with gems and minerals. It includes terminology on various crystal shapes and forms. Terms specific to mineral shapes have “(form)” next to them for ease of reference.

Abundance (form): An abundance crystal consists of one long quartz crystal with many small crystals clustered around its base. Its function is to attract wealth and abundance.  

Adamantine Luster: A particularly brilliant shine as shown by a specimen such as a diamond.

Amorphous (form): Amorphous crystals, such as obsidian, have no particular shape. Energy flows rapidly through and amorphous crystal as it has no rigid internal organization.

Aura: The subtle bio-magnetic sheath that surrounds the physical body, providing a protective zone that extends for about 18 inches to 3 feet from the body and contains information about a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state of being. 

Aura Crystal: A crystal specimen, usually of the quartz variety, that has been coated with metal (i.e. gold, titanium) in a vacuum chamber resulting in an iridescent sheen.

Ball (form): Balls are usually shaped from a larger piece of crystal and may have planes or flaws within them. They emit energy in all directions equally. 

Barnacle (form): A barnacle crystal has many small crystals covering a larger crystal. 

Bridge (form): A bridge crystal grows out of another larger crystal. It assists in bridging gaps and bringing things together.

Carat: The standard measure of weight for precious stones and metals. A carat is equal to 0.007 oz (0.2g).

Cathedral Quartz (form): Cathedral quartz may appear to be composed of several convoluted pieces, but these are in fact all part of the main crystal which has multiple terminations with at least one point at the apex.

Channeler (form): A channeling crystal has a 7 sided facet at the front of the termination and a triangular face on the opposite side. It channels healing energy or information from higher sources. 

Cleavage: The way a mineral or rock breaks along a certain plane, or in a certain direction.

Cluster (form): A cluster has many points bedded, but not necessarily fixed, into a base. The crystals may be small or large. 

Companion (form): A companion crystal has two crystals entwined and partly growing in each other, or a small crystal that grows out of the main crystal. 

Cross (form): A cross formation has one crystal at right angles to another, usually larger crystal. 

Crystal: A naturally occurring substance whose atoms are arranged in a regular manner. 

Crystal System: The systems in which crystals are grouped based on their symmetry. There are 6 crystal systems: cubic, monoclinic, triclinic, trigonal/hexagonal, orthorhombic, and tetragonal. 

Diamond Window (form): Flat faces at the top of crystals are called windows. A diamond window is large and connected to the apex and the base.

Double Terminated (form): A crystal with two naturally faceted ends. 

Dull Luster: A shine that reflects very little.

Earthy Luster: A non-reflective mineral luster.

Egg (form): A crystal cut in the shape of an egg. 

Elestial (form): An elestial has many natural terminations and folds over a multilayered crystal. 

Etched (form): An etched crystal that looks as though hieroglyphs or cuneiform writing has been inscribed on its faces. 

Faces: The External flat surface that make up a crystal’s shape.

Fault Line: An inner flaw or break in a crystal that refracts light and appears to divide the crystal into sections. 

Fluorescence: The optical effect whereby a mineral appears a different color in ultraviolet light than in ordinary daylight. 

Fracture: The distinctive way a mineral breaks.

Friable: Minerals that easily crumble are referred to as friable.

Gemstone: A mineral, usually crystal-like, which is valued for its color, rarity, and hardness.

Generator (form): A generator crystal has six facets meeting equally in a sharp point. 

Geode (form): A geode is contained within an outer form. When opened, it is hollow with many crystals pointing inward. 

Geologist: A scientist who studies the Earth and its structure and composition.

Gridding: The placing of crystals around a building, person, or room for protection or enhancement energies.

Habit: The general shape of a mineral.

Inclusion: Any material that is trapped inside a mineral during its formation, often producing a rainbow.

Iridescence: A play of colors that looks like oil on water that occurs when light reflects off internal elements of a rock or mineral. 

Layered (form): Plate-like crystals such as lepidolite are referred to as layered. 

Luster: The way in which light reflects of the surface of a mineral.

Manifestation (form): One or more small crystals are totally enclosed by a larger crystal. 

Matrix: The bedrock on which crystals are formed.

Metallic Luster: A shine like that of polished metal.

Mineral: A naturally occurring solid with specific characteristics, such as a particular chemical composition and crystal shape.

Mineralogist: A scientist who studies minerals.

Mohs Scale: A scale of hardness used in classifying minerals. It runs from 1 to 10 using a series of reference minerals, and a position on the scale depends on the ability to scratch minerals rated lower.

Occlusion: A mineral deposit within a crystal, which usually shows up as cloudy patches, spots, or a ghostlike image depending on the color of the material.

Opaque: A substance or material that does not let light pass through it.

Ore: A rock or mineral from which metal can be extracted

Phantom (form): A phantom crystal appears ghostlike within the body of a larger crystal. 

Pleochroic: In a crystal, appearing to have two or more different colors or shades of color, depending on the angle from which it is viewed. 

Point (form): Points may be natural or artificially shaped. A single crystal point has a faceted pointed end and the other end tends to look ragged where it has been separated from a cluster base. 

Prism: A solid geometric figure with a set of faces parallel to one another.

Pyramid (form): A crystal with four sides on a base, but the base itself may be squared off if the crystal is natural (i.e. apophyllite) rather than artificially shaped.

Record Keeper (form): A record keeper crystal has clearly etched pyramid shapes on its side or sides. 

Resinous Luster: A shine like that of resin.

Scepter Quartz (form): A scepter quartz is a large central rod around one end of which another crystal is formed. 

Seer Stone (form): A seer stone is a natural, water polished stone that is cut to reveal an inner world. 

Specific Gravity: The ratio of a mineral’s weight compared to the weight of an equal volume of water.

Square (form): A square crystal consolidates energy within its form. It’s useful for anchoring intention and grounding. 

Streak: The color of a mineral’s powder. It is less variable than the color of the mineral, so is a more reliable identification tool.

Striation: One of multiple, usually parallel grooves or scratches on a rock surface, produced by abrasion associated with glacial movement, stream flow, a geologic fault, or meteoric impact.

Tabular (form): A tabular crystal has two wide sides resulting in a flat crystal which may be double terminated. 

Transmitter (form): A transmitter crystal has two seven-sided facets with two perfect triangles between them. 

Tumbled (form): Refers to stones that have been polished in a large drum with grit, resulting in a smooth and often shiny stone.

Vitreous Luster: A shine like that of glass.

Vogal Wand (form): A crystal with specially created, indented facets with specific angles down the sides of a quartz wand. 

Wand (form): A crystal in the shape of a wand, either naturally occurring or artificially cut.

Crystal grids

What is a crystal grid?

-Simply put, a crystal grid is an arrangement of crystals that helps set, focus, and amplify intentions 

What can a grid be used for?

-There are several things you can use a crystal grid for
1. To increase the power of your crystals
2. To cleanse and/or charge your crystals
3. Create protective boundaries
4. Raise the vibration of your space (good for work flow or meditation) 
5. To bring in luck, happiness, wealth, love etc. (any intention you can put into a spell, you can put into a crystal grid) 

Different Parts of a grid 

The Perimeter
–an optional outer ring of stones that are used to protect your grid. 

The Desire Stones
–Gather the energy of your stones and send it out into your space

The Way Stones
–Organizes and modifies the energy set by the focus stone

The Focus Stone
–Usually the stone in the center of the grid, sets your intentions

How to cleanse your crystals

-You can leave your crystals under running water and visualize water taking away all the energies that no longer serve the crystals.
-You can put them in a bowl with salt and leave them outdoors under the sunlight and the moonlight for three days. Then, you wash them with running water. 

If you want, you can consider in which phase the moon is and leave them under its light to charge them with the energy you are looking to work with:

-Waxing Moon: Activation
-Waning Moon: Receiving
-Full Moon: to amplify the energy and bring light and awareness to situations
-New Moon: Fill them with potent energy. Positive vibes and manifestations.

- Lay your crystals on the earth or bury them. If you have pointed crystals, you can hammer them into the earth. 

-You can use the smoke of incense or burning herbs to cleanse your crystals (sage and lavender are great for this). The smoke of charcoal disks, or  copal resins is also useful for this.

-You can quickly pass your crystals through a candle’s flame. If you choose to do this, make sure you do it fast so crystals do not overheat. Please be careful, SAFETY FIRST!!
-There are lotions, oils, and sprays that are specially made to cleanse and purify the energies of a space, or people. You can use these to give your crystals a quick cleanse and recharge.

Other crystals

The vibration of other cleansed and charged crystals can help to reprogram or cleanse your new crystals. You can put some (or all) the crystals you already have in a plate, and place your new crystals on top of them. You can leave them for a few hours or days.

There are some crystals (like calcite, selenite, and pyrite) that cannot be submerged in water or be cleansed with salt. Crystals like amethyst should not be left under direct sunlight.

Witch Tips

-Rose quartz is a great stone to have when bathing/showering. It helps cleanse one emotionally while being cleaned physically, it also brings a light airy feel to the atmosphere and the water can help cleanse the stone itself as well.
Bonus- if you worship Aphrodite it’s a good way to honor her, being a love goddess closely associated with water, and rose quartz is a love stone.
-Don’t leave your crystals directly in salt, this can erode them very easily. Instead place them in a bag first or on a plate over the salt.
-Never leave them in water or create elixirs with them. This will erode and cause them to dissolve, if crystal water is your goal, place the crystals around the water or on top of the lid, or once again, place them in a bag first. (Definitely don’t consume water that has been in contact with the crystals either, as they can be highly harmful.)
-Be very careful, or avoid using them with children and animals entirely, this can be very dangerous as they can easily get swallowed or choked on, as well as being toxic to the little guys.
-When placing them in a safe space in times of being unused, you may want to keep similar crystals and stones nearer each other rather than mixing them with opposing vibrations.
-Keeping in mind that some crystals are receptive as others are projective, their vibrations can be quite opposing as well, this can be a hassle when making grids or incorporating many crystals into a ritual or spell, so always be knowledgeable of your crystals!
-If you have any of these:  Aquamarine, Turquoise, Pyrite, Ruby, Moonstone, Lapis Lazuli, Halite, Garnet, Fluorite, Amazonite, Desert Rose, Gypsum, Talc, Calcite, Angelite, Malachite, Witherite, Cinnabar, selenite, celestine
PLEASE DO NOT PUT THEM IN WATER. The bolded ones are especially dangerous as they release toxins when exposed to water!
-Keep your amethyst out of the sun while charging it (it will fade), instead use moonlight (you can also put a circle of salt around the crystal. Do not put the salt on the ground, use plates etc).

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C for Cottage Witch

“From a golden broom pluck five long straws, 
Light them as tapers at the fire;
Carry them through the house, and cause
Their subtle smoke to thicken the air–

Then summon good fortune with this spell:

Wraiths of the house,
Take heart and live:
To every chamber
This light I give,
To every corner 
This breath I send–
Approve and favor
My willing hand

If you would please them doubly well,
Sprinkle the floor with leaves of tea
And orris powder and grains of salt–
Then sweep with the broom, until you are free
Each crack and crevice from speck or fault.”

— From Crone’s Book of Magical Words  by Valerie Worth 

Cottage / Hearth - (A slight variation from kitchen) Magick that is weaved, worked, or someone who is into mundane tasks around the house or for loved ones. Cottage/Hearth magick may be worked into daily tasks such as cleaning, cooking, or any hobbies. A Cottage Witch is a witch whose magickal practice focuses mainly on the home, similar to a Kitchen Witch but with less of a specific food/kitchen focus and more of a general home focus. A Cottage Witch considers her home sacred space and housekeeping a sacred act. A Cottage Witch may follow any religious or spiritual path or none.

Do you respect your home? Do you take care of your home? Home is our sacred place, where we let in only the ones we want to. It is our safe haven  from the world outside. It is the place where we spend most of our time and we should make it to feel our own, make it feel that the word "home" has an actual meaning.

What to tell about Cottage Witch? It´s my jam. Like Kitchen Witch is also, I made another post about Kitchen Witchery, so just wait a while for more information if this interested you. Anyway, what Cottage/Hearth mean to me, is my basic lifestyle. You can be a cottage witch no matter what kind of place you live, you can live in a mansion or in a tent, it´s all fine. 

I am not that ritualistic witch, I like to do little things in my life that has magic in them while making it, such as cleaning and decorating my home. So my rituals are in the making, in living, in every day life. I think our kitchen is very magickal and I do a lot of cooking and baking, I dry herbs and I want to kitchen to be the heart at my home. I have little kitchen altar (I also have bigger altar in the bedroom, which I use in my rituals and I decorate to match each Sabbat) and I believe in home deities and I often leave gifts for them. I love feng-shui, I need to do more with it again, I need to put it on my to do list... I think it is very important to keep things in your life that only brings you joy or you actually need. When everything has it own place and things are in certain order, the energy in the home will flow more fluently. It will effect on your mood and energy level. It also makes you stress less.

So make your home your own, care for it, so you can also care for you too.

Today´s outfit, all from Flea market except the shoes

Small Town Hearth Witch Aesthetic

Has an apron for every outfit.
Knits while waiting.
Does not know of a problem that can’t be solved with the right magical tea blend.
Soft and round at the edges.
Favorite movie is Little Women.
Hair always smells of woodsmoke.
Big sweaters and wool socks.
Has lost count of the bird feeders in her backyard.
Everything she owns is old but loved and well-maintained.
Laughs a lot.
Long, meandering walks.
Collects Depression era glassware, like the kind her Grandma always had.
Favorite month is October. 

Hella cozy

Basics of Kitchen and Cottage Witchcraft

Kitchen witches believe that the kitchen is a sacred place where all of the magick happens. They focus on the use of edible ingredients and kitchen tools.  A cottage witch is a witch that brings magick into the house and are protectors of the hearth and home. They bring cheer and warmth to every room they enter. Their focuses are on the family, home, and daily needs. Both the cottage and Kitchen witch believe that by honoring the home it honors the Gods and Goddesses. They bring magick into everyday life and daily chores.

Cottage Witch things to do

-Create a kitchen altar
-Stock your shelves with herbs and spices
-Bring maximum feng-shui to your home
-Keep the home physically and spiritually clean
-Paint the house walls in colors that bring happiness, warmth, and coziness
-When making a sandwich put mustard or mayo sigils on it
-When making meals add herbs that correspond to your magickal needs
-Decorate the home according to the sabbats
-Brew some special teas
-Make your own candles, salves, and tinctures.
-Make offerings to Gods and Goddesses of hearth and home.  
-Ask your deities to keep your house safe and healthy.
-Create your own recipes and add your own touch of magick to them
-Put intent into everything you cook and clean
-Make an incantation or short song to sing while you stir.
-Inscribe your wooden spoons with sigils  
-Carve your wooden shelves with sigils - carve them at the bottom of the cupboard to remain discreet
-Craft oils, incense, soaps, potions, and salves.
-Make herbal remedies
-Chant while cleaning or preparing a meal
-Use numerology in your practices by the number of times you stir or the number of times you knead dough.
-During the mead moon, brew mead with magickal intent.
-Decorate the home with your own art or art done by your children, poems, knits, woodcraft’s, paintings, quilts, diy’s, or tapestries.
-Enchant your crafts.
-Use weather magick, candle magick, ribbon charms, and anything else used to add magick to your home.
-Honour the ancestors.
-Bless the home.
-Start a garden and will it with organic and in season fruits and vegetables.
-Charge herbal oils by moonlight or candlelight to heal, bless the home or to clean and protect the woodwork she polishes with it.
-Scatter charm bags, witches ladders, chimes, and bells around the home.
-Grow an indoor jungle
-Learn herbal remedies to treat MINOR injuries
-If you work with meat make sure to thank and honor the animal it came from.
-Sing or play music to raise good vibrations
-Bake and cut cookies in shapes to match your intentions
-Provide someone in need with a free meal
-Volunteer at a local soup kitchen to bring magick into it
-Sweep with a broom (besom) regularly. To the mundane eye, you’re clearing away dust and crumbs, but any witch knows you’re really spiritually cleansing and charging your home.
-Put a line of salt on your windowsill for protection.
-Forage fallen sticks to tie into a pentacle with twine. Hang as a wreath on the front door.
-Candles in every room.
-Call it “aromatherapy” if you’re still a secret witch, but utilize scent as the powerful thing it is! Burn incense. Have asthma? Try essential oils and scented candles. Budgeting? You can always put herbs and teas into the wax of a melting pillar candle to release the scent.
-Bake bread. Knead it with intention, cut a sigil in the top before baking, indulge in the act of creating.
-Open windows to bring in the element of air and purge your home of bad or stale energy.
-Collect and display little things from nature: pinecones, stones, crystals, dried flowers, acorns, feathers (if you’re permitted). Altars don’t need to be obvious, they can just be things that make you grounded and glad.
-Live. Always remember that anywhere a witch lives is magical, whether you feel it or not. Do these little things for yourself, to cherish feeling connected, but witchcraft is not about pressure or conforming.
-Burn a candle on your stove (or wherever you consider to be the heart of the home) to symbolize the hearth fire of ages past. This can be used a daily ritual to connect to your ancestors, those who came before us, and (if you have any) your deities, especially if you have a patron home and/or hearth deity. It also fills the home with love, warmth, and intent. Feel free to match the color and scent with your desired intent! 
Not in a position to burn candles? Have no fear! You can absolutely use a battery powered candle, or one of the LED ones. After all, the intent is what makes this meaningful.

What their altar may display:

Tools used for sacred use
Four elements
Statues of the honoured deities
A doll weaved of corn
A kitchen witch’s altar is often displayed in the corner of the kitchen and is not permanent
Food made by the witch left as an offering

Some beliefs followed:

-Magick is not used to inflict pain on others or block anyone’s free will
-Believe in living simple lives
-Believe in using organic items, products that aren’t animal tested, recycling, and composting.
-Creativity is a form of devotion
-Keep peace in the household
-May the home always contain good food, good talk, and good company
-Welcome guests into the home with open arms

Cottage and Kitchen witch superstitions/wives tales:

-Stir clockwise to bring good luck
-Never stir with a knife as it is considered bad luck
-Place a piece of amethyst near the stove top to make the food cooked there tastes better
-If an apple bursts in the oven while baking it means good luck is on its way for the cook
-Eggs that are cracked while they boil is a sign that visitors are on their way
-Dropping silverware means that company is coming
-Spilling water on the table cloth means that rain is on its way
-Seeing a spider in the house is good luck, killing it is bad luck
-Wild animal tracks in the snow encircling your house is a sign of good luck and protection
-When your cupboard doors are left opens it means that people are gossiping about you
-If a broom drops across the doorway it means that you will soon head off on a journey
-If you spill salt throw it over your left shoulder to undo any bad luck
-To keep evil spirits away chop an onion in half and place it on the window sill

Chosen tools:

Wooden spoons
Cooking pot or cauldron
A ritual knife used to only cut spiritual ties
A Fire place
Mortar and pestle
Jars and bottles
Sewing kit
Cook books

Spells are cast to bring:


Howl´s moving castle
Energy Cleansing Through Cleaning

Have you been feeling down? Too tired to get up and do things? Try these:

Vacuuming - Oh the smell of a room after it’s been vacuumed. Cleaner but also a little empty. Vacuuming is a good “lets whip the slate clean of everything”. It sucks up the energies in your home leaving it clean and blank.  After a good vacuuming is a perfect time to do some home blessings and protections!

Sweeping - Banishing! Now go go go, the broom shrieks as you brush away dirt and old leaves. Sweeping is a perfect way to banish energies. Not suck them up and get ride of them. Oh no, banish them. Forcibly remove them from your place cuz those nastiest aren’t allowed to stay around. You can also put charms on the broom so it lays down goodness as it banishes the not so good stuff.

Window Cleaning - Opening the mind to inspiration and clear thinking. Whipping away the muck from the windows allows the home to be charged and energy flow in smoothly. It also can bring in more inspiration and clearer intuition. 

Cleaning The dishes - Time to help harmony move around. Spreading love and charm with eat spoon, plate, and bowls. Allowing fulfillment of the stomach and the soul! Wipe away the muck of the day, and bring in time to for better days!

Enjoy your cleaning!

Vintagehoneybees on Tumblr

Witchery for the hearth.

-Lay thorny branches on your doorstep to drive away evil.
-Put thyme in your last meal of the day to have pleasant dreams.
-Place coins and cedar chips in a box for an easy money spell.
-The bark of the willow tree is a natural painkiller.
-Put almonds in your pocket to recover a lost object.
-Light candles throughout the house regularly.
-Sprinkle oats over your garden (especially herbs) to ensure good growth.
-Honey is a natural antibiotic and antibacterial. Got a cold sore? Put that stuff all over that. Got a cold? Eat a tablespoon every few hours.
-Place lilacs all over the house to get rid of unwanted spirits.
-Drink cranberry juice to get a good detox when in need of grounding.
-Hang dill over your door to keep people who wish ill on you out.
-Place half an onion in the room with someone who is sick to draw out disease.
-Place morning glory seeds inside your pillow to get rid of bad dreams.
-Pour salt in your bath (or shower floor if you don’t have a bath) to cleanse and ground yourself.
-Use chili peppers to break a curse.
-Plant rosemary next to your front gate or door for a little good luck.

Laundry magic

-Charm your washing machine, or your favorite machine in your building or at the laundromat.
-Put a water and heat safe object in your pocket before you put it in the laundry. You can cleanse while you clean.
-Laundromats are serious crossroads. A great place to spread or dispel.
-Use a washable marker to write a sigal on a dryer sheet.
-Or on your detergent.
-Sprinkle your detergent into the washer counter clock wise.
-Divine using the window in the dryer. 
-If you use a laundromat try divining other people’s fortunes using the window in their dryer.
-Detergent scents are based on herbs and flowers and they have great names. I use Gain for money, Tide for luck, Snuggle for love, Bounce for resilience and OxyClean for confidence.
-Always remember there is magic in the mundane.

Washing dishes

-Dip your finger in dish soap, draw a sigil in the sink, fill sink to activate sigil.
 -Sing a song or whistle while you work.
-Open the nearest window while washing dishes for double cleansing via water & air.
-Practice mindful breathing.
-Make an offering of your chore any way you choose.
-Wash your dishes by candlelight. This is super Witchy feels if you add music + wine!
-Listen to a Witchy podcast.

asf-arte from Tumblr

Domestic or hearth goddesses from various mythologies include:

Aitvaras in Lithuanian mythology
Berehynia (originally a river spirit, since 1991 has become a hearth goddess in Ukrainian Romantic nationalism)
Brighid, a goddess in Celtic paganism
Brownie or Urisk in Scottish folklore
Bwbachod in Welsh folklore
Cofgodas in Anglo-Saxon paganism
Domovoy in Slavic paganism
Frigg, a goddess in Norse paganism
Gabija, a goddess in Baltic paganism
Haltija, or Haldjas in Finnish paganism, Finnish folklore, and Estonian folklore.
Heinzelmännchen in German folklore
Hestia, a goddess in Greek paganism
Hob, Lubber fiend, and Puck in English folklore
Jack o' the bowl in Swiss folklore
Kobold in German folklore
Lares in ancient Roman religion
Lutin in French folklore
Matka Gabia, a goddess in Slavic paganism
Monaciello, Monachiccio, Mamucca, Lu Laùru, Aguriellu, or Mazapegol in Italian folklore
Pūķis in Latvian folklore
Tomte, or Nisse in Scandinavian folklore
Trasgu in Spanish folklore and Portuguese folklore
Vesta, a goddess of traditional Roman religion, both state and domestic

Bes, a god in Egyptian paganism
Ekwu, a god in Igbo Odinani

Anito in prehispanic Filipino culture.
All Gashin, the most prominent being Teoju, Seongju, Jowang, or Samshin.
Kamui Fuchi, a goddess in the Ainu folklore in Japan
Hearth God in Chinese folklore
Ông Táo in Vietnamese folklore
Tudigong in Chinese Folk Religion
Zashiki-warashi in Japanese folklore

North American
Chantico, a goddess in Aztec mythology

Witch house from Moomins

Cottage Witch Tips

For those among us who, value the simple little things we can do to keep our homes and hearths happy, healthy, and still magical!

• Make a spray of salt, water, vinegar, and herbs you associate with protection (pepper, lemon, and rosemary- and a variation of Thieves oil, if you’re interested in also cutting down on germs and such) to use when cleaning to add a magical boost to protecting your home.
• Through many of us don’t have the traditional old school hearth setup, I like to light a candle to symbolize the hearth fire burning in my home. I use this ritual to honor my gods and their presence in my home. This also helps me feel connected to the hearth fires of old and to all those who came before me, allowing me to be here.
• Timing your chores with moon cycles can be an effective way to get witchy and remember to actually do certain chores, which we all forget from time to time (no? Just me? Alright then.)
• Enchanting your throws, blankets, and miscellaneous comfy things to be loving, comforting, and reassuring for those who need it is always a nice touch.
• Making a charm for a healthy, happy, and protected home! I made a little witch ball out of a plastic Christmas ornament and some items that matched my intent and it’s been good.
• Don’t underestimate the magical nature of mundane chores. Sweeping? I like to visualize that I’m sweeping out all of the gross energy and vibes along with the grime. Vacuuming? Same deal. Airing out the house? Inviting in clear and flowing energy. As long as you make it meaningful, it is.
• If you’re into home decor, switching out wreathes and interior decorations is a good way to stay in tune with the feel of the season.
• Warding your home! This can take many forms, such as a witch ball, wind chimes, a rock guardian, or whatever else you see fit!
• Adding charged water to your cleaning supplies can really help intent and usher in the seasons. I like to use solar water with some lemon to welcome in the spring and summer and moon water with some chai spices to welcome in fall and winter. Some people like to use this method for a magical mopping scenario, I just use it for the front door.
• Laundry magic is real, y'all. Even if you don’t make your own detergent or fabric softener, you can buy scents that correspond with certain intents (citrus for joy, lavender for relaxation, etc).
• I enjoy working my crystals and plants in my home decor. Our little rock and plant friends are great for keeping a home feeling happy and healthy. They raise the energy of the home, but also make it a bit more inviting in feeling and appearance.
•Stir your food clockwise to banish negative spirits.
•When cleaning, sprinkle salt on the floor and go do something else. Come back to the salt after a while and sweep, so that all the negative energy is gone.
•Put dried rosemary in your home to purify and cleanse the space.
•Need your fridge to stop smelling bad?
Leave a saucer of baking soda on the bottom shelf to absorb odor or cut a lemon in half, stab the halves with a fork a few times, place both halves in the fridge. It will absorb all those nasty smells!

Kitchen and Cottage witch
Cottage witchcraft

Blessed be my dear darklings!

sunnuntai 23. kesäkuuta 2019

Litha 2019

Litha (Date: on the summer solstice, Jun 20-23)
A Sabbat for celebrating the longest day of the year, as well as for mourning the shortening days after. Some Witches burn bonfires or light candles to represent the Sun.

Litha (pronounced “LEE-THA”) is known also as the Summer Solstice, and Midsummer. It is a Sun and fire festival that marks the longest day and shortest night of the year. In the Wiccan Wheel of the Year, the height of the summer and the height of the God’s powers are celebrated on Litha. It is one of the Germanic festivals of the year and was most likely not observed by the Celts. The Christian holiday of St John’s Day coincides with the summer solstice, its date is the 24th of June. The summer solstice is still widely celebrated in Sweden, where it is known as Midsommar. In Finland we have Juhannus. This is my first Litha post so I will give you bunch of information.

This years Litha was amazing, we were in sauna every night, ate so much I couldn´t move, I practiced my poi (fire thing) tricks, I cleaned, took pictures, we listened music, I read books, did some sketchings, picked flowers and made a flower crown and we just enjoyed our surroundings and chilled. Sometimes you don´t need much, you don´t need to talk. You just need to smell, see and feel the summer and nature vibes. I picked so much things to our trip but ended up doing nothing in the end most of the time. I couldn´t have been any more happier. I wish I would be still in our little cabin in our little island. I hope we get there soon again. Try not to be without your phones, computers or tv´s for a while, you end up being happier. Connect with the Mother Earth, I bet you will enjoy it.

The Midsummer sunset was creating such a macigkal light, no edits needed

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Historic Litha/Summer Solstice Traditions:

-Traditions in ancient/pre-Christian Rome:

In the run up to and during the Summer Solstice, ancient Romans celebrated and honored the goddess of the hearth, Vesta, during an aptly named festival - Vestalia. During this festival, alongside generic merriment (eating and drinking), women would leave offerings for Vesta in her temples hoping to bring blessings to their families.

-Traditions in ancient/pre-Christian Greece:

Around the Summer Solstice a festival named Kronia was held to honor and celebrate the god of agriculture, Cronus. It was a time of merriment and feasting, and during this time the social structures of Greece were flipped on their head: slaves were not required to fulfill their duties as slaves and were allowed to enjoy the festival alongside those of higher standing. 

-Traditions in ancient/pre-Christian Europe: 

In Europe, it was customary in many faiths and religious circles (including Slavic, Celtic, and Germanic) to celebrate the Summer Solstice with bonfires. Bonfires were believed to bolster the energy of the Sun and ensure a bountiful harvest come the end of the harvest season. The fires were believed to drive away and banish negative energies and evil spirits. 


In the UK, bonfires used to play a central role in the celebration of the summer solstice and St John’s Day. The etymology of the word “bonfire” is unclear. Possible origins are “bone”, “boon” (a gift of goodwill), “bane”, or the Old Norse “baun”, which means “beacon”.

In 14th century Shropshire, three fires were lit on Midsummer Night:

A bonfire made out of bones
A wakefire made out of wood
A St John’s fire made out of both
The bonfires were for protection and luck, since crops are especially vulnerable to diseases and bad weather at the time of the festival.

Wheel of Fire

Another tradition at the summer solstice is the Wheel of Fire. A haystack was lit and rolled down a hill. If it burned all the way down, a good harvest was to come. A text from 4th century France first mentions the custom. By the 19th century, it was widespread in Europe. (Here is a short video of a similar German tradition that gives you an idea of what it looks like.)

Plant Magic

Litha has always been a potent date for plant magic. St John’s Day celebrations often included processions were flowers were carried. In 16th century London, doors were decorated with birch twigs, fennel, St John’s wort, orpins, and white lillies.

Source: Hutton, Ronald, The Stations of the Sun (Oxford : Oxford University Press, 1997)


-Take a bath with gold/yellow bath bombs or corresponding herbs and flowers. 
-Leave offerings for the Fae. 
-Try divination using fire scrying. 
-Meditate in the morning (or when ever)
-Listen to happy music
-Light yellow and orange candles
-Make rose oil
-Pick flowers and herbs
-Bake a cake, cookies or make other sweets
-Eat them with your loved ones
-Surround yourself with light
-Wear or make flower crowns
-Cleanse your room/home with light
-Clean out cobwebs
-Admire Summer: Whether it’s a hot, bright summer day or a summer storm, enjoy the Solstice! Stop to smell the flowers, bask in the weather and full bloom of nature, or just enjoy the longest day of the year. 
-Make a fire when it’s dark (or light a candle or incense if you can’t do that). As Fire is the primary element, simply lighting a candle is a great way to celebrate! Some choose to light it during the day and allow it to burn throughout the day. But it is way better to watch your fire and not get your place on fire, so don´t leave your candles alone! Praying to the candle is another aspect to consider. Bonus if you a light a candle that is made from beeswax!
-Use Summer herbs.
-Color-coordinate and accessorize: Yellows, oranges, and other similar summer colors are a low-key way to celebrate. Wear these colored clothing or accessories in celebration. If you have accessories or clothing that have butterflies, bees, other pollinators, and birds, even better! Got sun-theme jewelry? Also good! Wear warm colors or any bright color that makes you happy and what makes your own light shine!
-Watch the sunrise/sunset: Many suggest watching the sunrise on Litha, and others say watch the sunset. Your choice! Just enjoy the beautiful colors and scenery of a sunrise/sunset.
-Focus on yourself: Figure out what you want to let go. We’re 6 months in and it’s time for a review. Are you happy? Are there things you can let go of? Take the time to review yourself, your path, and your life. See what you want out of your life and make a plan to achieve it.
-Celebrate love: Love yourself, your family, your friends, and/or your partner. Single? Say a prayer to search for love. Cast a love-magnet spell, or a self-love spell. Hell, do some divination on the topic of love (romantic, platonic, and/or familial) Most importantly, express your love. Do things that promote self-love. Tell your family, friends, and/or partner you love them. 
-Do something outside! Litha is the longest day of the year, so go into nature and spend some of those hours doing something you enjoy. 
-If you have an altar, decorate it to celebrate. Use the symbols and colours and other things listed in this post to decorate your altar for the sabbat.
-Have a bonfire! You can have a big one, or a little one, but bonfires have been a big part of celebrating Litha for as long as we know. The bonfires are cleansing, energising and purifying.


Daisies, Marigolds, Carnations, Sunflowers, Chamomile, Parsley, Frankincense, Lemon, Lily, Hydrangea, Orchids, Sandalwood, Thyme, Sage, Peonies, Mint, Myrrh, Pink /White Roses, Red Clover, Chili Powder, Chamomile, Cumin, Arnika, Valerian, Mugwort, Yarrow, Verbena, Clover, Bay,
Chicory (Endive), Cinquefoil, Elderflower, Eyebright, Fennel, Lavender, Mistletoe, Pine, St. John’s Wort, Vervain, Oak, Lemon, Heliotrope.



Light Pink
Light Green




Sea shells.
Oak leaves.
Symbols of the sun.


Seasonal foods are always the best for sabbats.

Seasonal fruits (especially berries)
Sweet cake
Fruit salad (any kind of salad actually)
Fruit tea
Sunflower seeds
Wild rocket
Wild fennel
Wild mushrooms
Broad Beans
Fruit & veg
Herbed bread
Honey cakes
Ice tea

Oils and Scents:



Moon Stone, Amethyst, Tiger Eye, Red Jasper, Citrine, Fluorite, Agate, Carnelian, Sunstone, Aventurine, Topaz, Jade.,Garnet,Fire opal., Pyrite, All green stones (esp. jade and emerald), Diamond, Quartz, Fluorite, Pearl


The Sun.
Oak trees.
Oak leaves.
Sun wheels.


Litha is a time for abundance, cleansing, creativity, divination; fertility; growth; healing; power; and manifestation. Any magic[k]al workings pertaining to these will be appropriate during this sabbat. Your workings may be somewhat amplified during thie time of heightened magic[k].

Spells to Do:

Happiness and Joy
Personal Growth
Glamour and Beauty

Campfire ritual

-Perform ritual at midnight preferably on a full moon
-Make a campfire in a safe area (check the weather broadcast!), or alternatively light a white candle. have a bucket of water nearby just in case.
-Leave out an offering (food, drink, flowers) for the local spirits near the fire.
-Play music or sing and dance around the fire (naked is good). empty your mind and let there only be music.
-Speak a prayer to your ancestors. ask, if you have questions.
-Listen to the sounds of nature in silence.
-Put off the fire before leaving the spot.

Altar ideas: 
Symbols of the Sun and the Moon, feminine and masculine symbols if that’s a thing in your tradition; decorate with black and white to symbolize the night and day.
Celebration ideas: Get up before the Sun rises and go to sleep after it sets, so you can experience the day and night; have a bonfire (again, safety is important); have a picnic; just spend a lot of time outside.

Litha Altar Decorations

- Lots and lots of flowers that grow native in your area this time of year
- Sunflowers, roses, lavender, dandelions
- Flower crowns and flower garlands
- A bowl of fruit and vegetables, especially anything citrus like oranges 
- Lots of candles (Litha is a fire sabbat)
- Colours like yellow, gold, and orange
- You could have a vase of sticks with fairy lights in it to represent a bonfire
- Maypoles are still a thing for Litha
- A cute offering dish to leave out sweets for the fae
- A jar of local honey
- Anything that represents the sun
- Incense (sandalwood, rose, lavender, frankincense, dragon’s blood)
- Oak leaves and acorns
- Anything that reflects the sun like suncatchers, glass beads, and mirrors

Things to enjoy while celebrating Litha:

-Sunshine, sun flowers, bright clear sunny blue skies, cold lemonade, soft yellows, candied lemon peels, bubbles and sparkles in the air and dandelions. Water balloons and hot air balloons. Honey bees and warm breezes
-Bonfires, sparks, barbecue, flame dancers, roasted peppers, loud drums, the smell of charcoal, heat, charred marks on grilled food, hot sun and bright orange day lilies. Orange paper plates, dragons, smoke and habaneros. 
-Fire flies, thick emerald and lush greenery and woods, camping in the backyard, the soft glow of lanterns, cool melons and cucumbers, the musical chirping of crickets, a lakeside party in the middle of the woods, a softly playing guitar the golden glow of the setting sun layered on everything.
-The crashing shores, mermaids and bejeweled bikinis, a bonfire by the sea, fries and seafood, soft colorful shawls billowing in the wind, blazing sun, sunscreen and colorful towels. Salt water taffies and gummy candies. Sea shell tea lights and sparklers.
-An open field and a hot oppressive heat, an bright blue sky, the screaming sounds of cicadas and the smell of frying food. Colorful tents, neon colors, funnel cakes, tie dye, a lute playing, a summer festival with carnival-like qualities. Electric lights, holographic scales, neon black lights.
-Strawberries, pink lemonade, sunset skies and sweet smelling candles in glass lanterns. White linen, rose petal infusions, hanging votives from trees, elderflower wine and lemon glaze icing. White lace dresses and flower crowns. Bouquets of summer flowers, the countryside’s grass of many streaks of colors.
-Gold tiara chains, blood oranges, tiki torches and flame flag dancers. Night skies with thousands of stars, hibiscus iced tea, Gold rings, chain jewelry, bohemian cushions and sheer veil canopies. Warm summer nights, fire pits, story telling and spiced liquor.

Don´t worry, be one with the nature.
Blessed be darklings!