tiistai 22. joulukuuta 2015

31 days of Halloween- Day 3 & 4

Because in this household Halloween is everyday, I still keep doing this although October is far gone. So here was our Samhain kitchen and how I dyed my hair red and black, I loved it so much I still have this!

Toxic Vision inspired photoshoot

Jacket: Poizen Industries Borrowed from Ravenoaris
Hoodie: Second hand
Top: Second hand 
Leather pants: Vero Moda
Shoes: Blanco

Photographer: Tomi Vitikainen

So, my biggest inspiration at the moment is leather, big hooded shirts and studs. Of course best designer and style inspiration for that is Toxic Vision. Her pictures are so cool, always true to her style and I just needed to get my first real leather pants, finally! Also I have started to use leather jackets again. My last shorter leather jacket just wanted to finally quit after 9-10 years, so I decided to get few more new ones by second hand (basically from my friends closets ha) and order brand new Killstar jacket with studs and all, I hope it will get here soon!

Of course I loveeeeee my hair. Half and half is the best. I want some color and I want black, this is perfect. Ravenoaris colored my hair before this photoshoot, red shade is just on point to my extensions.

What do you think, more of this?