perjantai 1. tammikuuta 2016

New years day

First outfit of the year will be my New years eve outfit! Killstar has totally steal my heart, as the big part of my wardrobe. I think soon most of my clothing will be Killstar, oops. I feel so much myself, gosh that feels good. Last year was being lost and finding the inner me, I think this year will be just loving life and all the good in it. I am full of energy and plans. Sponsors, photoshoots, interviews, videos, friends, love and places to go. I really hope I can finally conquer my fear of traveling, I want to go England, Iceland and Thailand. I really really want to go everywhere. After being locked in my own head for so long, it is time to get really scared and do the stuff I want. I think I will die, but hey, we all die anyway some day.

Things I am exited about right now:
My bad ass witch clothes, finger tattoos, red and black and my hair of course, it is perfect!

All things in here:


Gotham, I want Harley in it though, only flaw in the damn show.

Supernatural. Because all the badass supernatural stuff and actors. Dean I want you. Just watch all season in big many week lasting marathon.

New years day and Ashley Costello 

Borderlands the Pre-Sequel
I am playing this with Athena, she is some badass gladiator vault hunter.

These 3 pair of shoes, I want to use them all the time. Middle ones was in my yesterday´s outfit, although you can´t see them that well...

Back to watching Gotham! What are your interests at the moment?