sunnuntai 31. toukokuuta 2015

Lumissa fever

How fast this year goes! Every morning when I wake up I realize, other day just passed (I never think that when I go to sleep). My summer started with good company, Isa and Kari came to town, we took few pictures for Lumissa´s  jewelry, drank very good wine and had a blast. I wanted to be Wednesday, it was kinda weird to dress up to take pictures, but Kari is so good photographer that I wanted few pictures for myself too.

Couple of weeks ago I went to Helsinki to do Alternative bloggers meeting, see my friends and took some pictures for FAM. Vivica started to do my new leg tattoo, it will be so rad! Tricky trips, here I come again!

First pictures by Kari Vuorio

Vivica finishing my new tattoo sketch

Portrait I made for Vivica, this was really fun to do because she is so hot haha! And I missed drawing so much.

Blog meeting at Prkl club, love you guys!

If you want to have some of these goodies go here: Lumissa´s purple octopus

Taking new promo pictures from my FAM girls, you pretty ladies!

Picture by Lennart Takanen