lauantai 31. tammikuuta 2015

Shadow dancer

Shadow dancer

Last year was great modeling year, I gained so much new confidence and did some seminude and nude photoshoots. Now showing skin isn´t a problem anymore and I am over all, more confident about my body. My month without a scale went pass so fast and it wasn´t that hard actually. I tough it would have been harder. You really don´t need to check your weight every day or even every week. Just once in a while is fine, to check is your weight the same. Keep dancing babes, it is awesome! Keep yourself moving, everyday just a while trought the day. It makes all the change.

All pictures by Kari Vuorio

keskiviikko 28. tammikuuta 2015

Lace wondering

Some reason I have huge lace crush.I need to have it more and more. Few newest lace items are the top I got by second hand and the white dress that my friend helped me to get from Ebay. The top was free and the dress was only 15 euros, totally awesome. Both fit me perfectly. Lace shirts are perfect for normal daily wear and dresses for photoshoot and events. The rosary necklace is new, I bought it from Cybershop, it was half priced, needed to have it right away. White dress is going to be on my up coming photoshoot, which was inpired by one of Kerli´s photos. The awesome photoshoot set is here if you want to check out some awesomeness. I even got the crown, I just need to DIY it. And find cool white shoes. Today´s outfit is from yesterday and dress picture from today, I was just out walking so I didn´t have any make up and all the light was gone because rain (yeah where is the winter). Totally need to get my husband to take outfit pictures because its really hard to do by yourself sometimes.. Let CSI marathon continue, with some blueberry pie I just made! 

sunnuntai 25. tammikuuta 2015

In or out part 5 - Horns

Horns, all kind. Have you got the fever yet? I myself think they are awesome and can even be super cute or give the wow effect. Because of my religion, horns has little different meaning to me than just being cute or demonic. But basically, they are awesome, aren´t they?

Daring inspiration from the subject of the Met Ball, Alexander McQueen; inspiration for Episode 10 of Bravo's 'Mad Fashion'


perjantai 23. tammikuuta 2015

Bad things don’t always spoil the good things and make them unimportant

Picture by Lauri Majamaa

Lately my life has been all about modeling and traveling. When you got the spark to do something, it is so inspiring. And sometimes you just need to do something you love and get your mind out of things that cause stress and make you feel.. well blah. I have doubled the photoshoots this year, so there are many more pictures to come for you! And I still don´t do this for money, I do it just because I like it. I think being front of camera makes me understand more me and my body. Everytime I learn something new. These pictures are from last summer. It´s weird to see these and see how my body has changed from these.. I hope you aren´t bored to see my modeling pictures haha.
Pictures by Lisa McWhirter

sunnuntai 11. tammikuuta 2015

Feeling gloomy

I am feeling all gloomy gothish if you could say that. I have been watching hundreds and hundreds of pictures from Pinterest including dark mori and witchy style. So listening Two Witches is just the thing for me today. Also feeling quite nostalgic have watched old Cradle of Filth music videos, can´t but still love them. Maybe next outfit post will be with my new dark mori clothings... What do you think about my lamb skull, it is the cutest thing ever right? 

Got some mail with CDs with signatures

lauantai 10. tammikuuta 2015

Lace photoshoot

Pictures by Kari Vuorio

Last year went by so fast being in photoshoots and traveling to see my friends that I didn´t have that much time for blogging. But now I do and here is few modeling pictures again which I took with Kari last summer. Lace was actually really hot and the best feeling was to getting undressed haha. But I really liked the style, it has little romantic effect although you can see my underwear. Shooting with Kari was probably one of the greatest photoshoots I have had, I can´t wait to do new ones with him. The whole day went smooth and we laughed a lot. By the way, thank you Ravenoaris from the behind the scenes pictures.

Check out more Kari´s pictures on Facebook.

keskiviikko 7. tammikuuta 2015

Style update

All pictures by Laura Takala

My style at the moment is some sort of mix up with nugoth, pastel goth and I have a thing I want to show my legs. After hating my legs almost all my life I finally realize they aren´t that bad. So shorts and miniskirts, different pattern stockings, here I come! And why my miniskirt phase always come when it is winter..? Freezing for style? Of course. By the way the backbag is dreamiest I have ever had, it has so many pockets and all my stuff fits in it perfectly. Love at the first sight! When you are adult you don´t need so many christmas presents, only the best ones.

My hair has like 4 shades at the moment, pastel pin, purple, blue and grayish blue. I couldn´t be anymore love in it, I feel like a gothic mermaid or My little pony haha. Sidecut needed cutting after 2 months, still loving it and haven´t hesitated my decision to shave it at the first place. Yeah, feeling fab.

Now it is time for Sailor moon (because I already watch all the episodes of Fairy tail.. I wish it was Saturday already), Luna is super cute! If you have any animeserie suggestions, I would like to watch something new, which has many episodes and something magic, wizards or something related.

Today´s outfit
Top: H&M
Jacket: Second hand
Shoes: Second hand
Backbag: Christmas present (Backstreet, Killstar)

maanantai 5. tammikuuta 2015

Bat Fit 2014, success

All pictures by Kari Vuorio

When everyone else are wetting on gym, trying to quit smoking or having a month without drinking, I am doing a personal challenge with Tina Leaf and living without scale and living like I don´t give a damn about my weight for a while. I was thinking the pictures which I took with Kari would be good with the post because this is me when I was size 14 and when I was biggest that I have ever been. And yet don´t feel that ugly or fat like I thought I would. Since last year I drop one size because I wasn´t eating healthy, bulimia is still part of my life and I went and went eating too much all the time. It made me felt tired and when my favorite clothes didn´t fit anymore I decided to really take full charge change with my eating diet and started eating more normally. It really wasn´t that hard, I just didn´t that much crap (but I still eat it like once a week) and had like normal exercise. I don´t have, unfortunately any pictures to show how I have changed, but basically all the buffyness has gone and now I am just focusing to keep this weight and how I am thinking. 

Loving yourself doesn´t start when the year start, month start, week or even day start. It starts the moment you realize you are worth for something else than feeling sorry for yourself. And that is not being selfish, it is how you are supposed to live and think. You can give so much more for yourself and others when you do that. Start is always the hardest, but actually it goes like.. when you do like yourself, you are wondering what you have been thinking before? Everyone has parts of their body they don´t like, everyone has difficulties with their skin or hair or weight. But even when your body changes, you are still you and only way that you change, is your heart growing. There is nobody else like you.

lauantai 3. tammikuuta 2015

Hair update

Some reason I always forget to buy enough just one hair colour.. so now when my hair up to shock colors, I end up being with empty jars and then realize I have like 10 other colors except the one I really need. And with no money and same time wanting to color your hair, this happens. And there is some weird thing with my hair. When calender hits December, I want my hair be violet (this happened last time on couple years ago) and when it hits January and I am thinking about Spring, I want to have green hair.. But because my hair is violet/blue at the moment, I think I am really trying to stick with this.

Second hot thing for me, beside my hair, is Jessie J. Keep listening that gorgeous woman everyday and finding strength for my own life trough her lyrics. And her music videos are total inspiration mecca.

Third, got my photography published on magazine again, how cool is that! Mia was great model and I was so honored to ask to be in first issue of Gilded Magazine, thank you so much.

December went fast with many of my closest friends SuviJenni and Niina. And today today I surprised myself going outside on the rain and do new photoshoot. How can your friends make everything so good? My friends are my family. I love you guys.

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