perjantai 29. heinäkuuta 2016


On January my Killstar jacket was on my first real use in sort of Harley photoshoot. I liked it so much I decided to brand my modeling me to be even more Harley and my hair hasn´t change at all. It´s kinda weird to have same hair color almost a year now. But I love this look and I love my rebel me, crazy me and I have something very sick inside of me, which come outside only very rarely. And my baseball bat is so wicked, I am totally in love with it, it´s my little baby. 

All pictures by NKM Photography.
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torstai 14. heinäkuuta 2016

Metal leather jacket and kitchen update

Because I have 6 months of blogging material this will be fun haha!

January I got my first Killstar leather jacket, it cost so much but hey, it looks so badass. Every time I use it I feel like Porcelain Black/Harley Quinn/Maria Brink/Toxic vision, yeah, the feel is awesome. The jacket weights 4 kilos (9 lbs), it is so heavy to take with me to photoshoots and when I wear it, I feel like I am having a workout or bulletproof vest (which reminds me of Once upon a time newest season, people you need to watch that show). But because it is just so beautiful, I don´t mind that much.

I tried to find better picture for me using this from my selfie collection but hell, they are all so dark and taken with a phone..

Anywho, today´s plan is to continue my kitchen renovation, I am washing weeks of dishes (yeah I am not that clean person, but I am trying to be... being depressed almost all the time isn´t helping either) and I think that all though everything is how they were before I started, it is nicer to see the change. I also feel so much cleaner in my mind, cleaning and doing painting work makes me go the same place as meditating, I feel calm and my mind is all clear from normal stuff I stress about. So as the home get cleaner (and cooler), I feel like I am changing with it. So, this will be a fun thing to share with you guys!

First day

Second day

I also found new lamp to kitchen, which I am totally in love with. I think I will get pictures from new kitchen this week, with the chandelier. It was on sale, I just couldn´t but buy it. I still need new drapes, maybe next month. If I don´t find nice enough, I need to go to fabric store and make them myself. Can´t wait to show the full before and after pictures.

Mine has only 3 light bulbs

Today´s song

maanantai 11. heinäkuuta 2016

Witch Island

For a change, my Midsummer festival was purely awesome. We went to our summer house in our little Island next to our lands (that forest is so special to me). We went in to Sauna, we ate a lot, I slept so well, swam the first time in years and felt so serene inner piece. I took few phone pictures from the tree place I think I am making my new ritual place, other side of the island. Jani found raccoon dog skull from there so I think it is just a perfect place. The tree is just as cool and dead as the tree in Blair witch project 2, like how awesome is that. And picture doesn´t show, but around the tree land is all flat and there are space that other parts of island doesn´t have.

Just before going there I watched Blair witch project again, it is one of my absolute favorite movies, it´s still makes me feel so eerie and all. So I think it little made my feeling there feel super nostalgic, inspired and witchy eerie. Just before sun went down one day I took my camera and went to a little adventure and find cool little places to shoot. I was totally eaten by little vampire bastards, but hey, I had fun while playing with my camera. 

It´s almost weird how calm you can get in nature. I think it shows that we are still part of it and belong there. I can´t wait to go back. And I would really like to take creepy videos and do horror mini movies but I really am not movie maker, I get so irritated so fast by little things, I want things go fast and just like I planned them, there is no mistakes in my art world. But that would be good opportunity to learn be more calm and learn how to wait things to happen at their own time.

I hope trough these few pictures you can see little trough my eyes.

perjantai 8. heinäkuuta 2016

Bat Fit 2016 Progress


So I started from 70 kg again, I was bloated and I felt tired every day. Bad eating and no exercise. Suddenly I got huge spark to do carp cycling and Jillians Banish Fat boost metabolism and after few weeks my butt started to look awesome.

I was totally hooked and started to do squats, jumps and more cardio.


So, after the first month, second was pretty easy, I was inspired by Instagrams training videos and all the fit models, I wanted to be just like them. Tattoo model is what I want to be for now on. After asking few of my friends what to do and how to do this thing healthy (because bulimia is always behind the corner)

I was way happier about myself and started to even show my stomach in the pictures after very long time. I guess it shows in the pictures how I felt after realizing that.


In March I bought new working out clothes from my friend and I felt so good about fitting in size S that I took like zillion pictures of me wearing fitting workout pants. These are so comfy and good to do squats with, faaabbb!!

I was traveling a lot that month, but my food was always healthy and mostly salad, because it is so handy and I want something fresh when I am on the move. We had a tortilla night with Lisa, we always eat tortillas, so good!

I did few very sexy photoshoots and of course, I wanted to show little bit of my legs because, I love them now. I got my very first long nails, I felt so girly and badass with them. Some reason I can´t live without long nails right now.


April was just a normal month, did a lot of walking and cardio, I went in Helsinki at Tattoo convention at the first time with my friends and had a blast.


On May I realized I am wearing workout clothes almost all the time, specially at home. It also motivates me to do stuff more while wearing them, I clean and I am altogether more active. Ignore my long drink in the picture, I was drinking day before haha.

At in our date night with my husband we went to Italian restaurant, this food was so good I can still taste it.

I was also all about Asian food, noodles and wok yam yam.

It was also starting to get really warm and when month was turning in to June, I ate a lot of ice-cream, why? Because summer is all about ice-cream.

Being best friends with Vicky and going insane about My little Pony and Pinkie Pie, yeah, I love my treats time to time, everyone should enjoy little moments in life. While walking home from Vicky I buy something good time to time. Btw loved these nails.

Janni Hussi said "Hi" to me, I was watching Fitness päiväkirjat (Fitness diaries) and my friend was doing a photoshoot with Janni and I went total bananas when I got the video, I watched it like thousand times and cried. Such fangirling.


Last month I started to do P90X again, gosh it is hard work! After doing my first arm workout (which is like hour long) my chest and arms was hurting like a week, oh gosh.. I started to do more upper body workouts because my arms doesn´t have any strength in them.

I took my first bikini pictures after my childhood, I don´t know why it is that hard for me, but now I can be so proud of myself. I can see clear change in my body and I definitely feel it. My waist is smaller but my curves is still there. It´s awesome to know I can still be me, after I move a lot and eat better. I have not vomit almost 5 years now and I am almost as the same size as then. It is just amazing feeling. I don´t ever want to be super small, but I guess I am going to the way I want to be in.

Orange is the new black. I watched all the seasons in one week.


This month just started but it feels kinda good, some drama in it, but it is just part of life. I am back on track with my carb dieting eating and workout, feeling good after sleeping a lot last night, did hour and a half walking, had awesome food. Today feels good to just be for a while and watch Biggest Loser and So you think you can dance (I started it from the beginning).

How is your Bat Fit lifestyle going?