tiistai 21. heinäkuuta 2015

Summer June

Hello dear darklings!
I have had such an amazing summer. In the good and the bad. Feelings had gone trough the roof and straight to the ground, gosh, life really can surprise you right? June went really fast, basically I had been all over Finland to see my friends and being happy about the sunny days. Exercising, walking a lot, using clothing that make me feel happier. Oh, and June was pink month. Some reason my try to get light purple back fired and my hair wanted to be pink, too much red in the coloring process I think. Oh well, I still loved it. I felt like a little llamaunicorn haha. Ignore the bad quality of my pictures, I normally carry only my cellphone because I always forgot to take my little blogging camera with me, damn it. I try to be better blogger on the future.

About this month more later on... now I try to remember what happened last month. My head is so weird, when bad things happened, my mind wants to forget things and now I can´t even remember all the good things well, god damn it. Well, anywho, I don´t know what to do without my friends, you are the rock beneath my feet.

Vivica Vanilla

Lady Laurenn