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Picture by Laura Takala

Whole name:
Leena Maarit Flinck

28.11.1988 (25)

Where are you from?
I was born in Espoo and I moved to Pori in 2007. I live in Finland.

Describe yourself in three words.
Sensitive, loyal and totally romantic person.

Why did you start blogging?
My friend had the most beautiful and inspiring blog so I wanted to give a shot myself. When I started I said my family I wanted hundreds of readers and they look my like that never gonna happen. But now I have many hundreds of readers! Thanks to you lovely darklings I can show everyone I can do anything I want and accomplish my goals.

What dreams do you have?
Being alternative model would be one of my biggest dreams. I am also writing a book which tells of my life with eating disorder and depression. I want to have a child with my true love and live happily ever after. Really, I do!

Picture by Milla Kouhia

Picture by Laura Takala

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Picture by Heidi Järvi

Where do you get your inspiration?
In goth fashion, from other bloggers, art, burlesque, 80 's goth rock style, steam punk, from my friends.. just about everywhere. 

What religion means to you?
It means comfort, help and some kind of peace of mind. Nature gives me what I need. I think I have been wicca my whole life. I love sound of trees and smell of forests. Sometimes I can watch water for hours and it feels very soothing. Deities and different religions have always interested me.

What is goth for you?
It is a darker side of life. It is that kind of beauty which inspire and make you happy. Things you like. I like black in clothing and decoration. I love fantasy movies and books, dragons and fairies makes my day. I love black and white stripes, velvet and lace. Corsets, middle-age, 1800's, high heels. It is how I express myself. I don't feel good in any other style. I think it is a state of mind, a life style. You can't just decide you are a goth or decide next day you are not a goth because you got bored and it just irritates me when some one says "I was a goth when I was teen". Ha, like it is a phase you go when you grow up. You are or you are not. It is that simple.

When did you find your style?
When I was young there was nothing where to find inspiration or anything so I look very terrible at the first years.. It was about then when I was 14- 15 years. It took a lot of time to find my own style. I found the style I have now about 4 years ago.

How long have you been vegetarian?
Almost 4 years now. But I am not full vegetarian, I eat eggs, dairy and fish. I need these to keep my body working. If I ditch these too I would feel very bad all the time.

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Picture by Lisa McWhirter

How long you have had  bulimia?
I got sick when I was 10- 11 years old so I have been sick about 12- 13 years. It is a long time to think only your weight or how you look in others eyes. I want to live my life, not to fear it. I hope I inspire many people who have had eating disorder or bad self-esteem and just enjoy living and love yourself! That was my goal at the first place when I started blogging and writing my book.

How many tattoos and piercings do you have?
I have 11 piercings and 12 tattoos . I am having moreand more tattoos everytime I have time and money.

What makes you happy?
A lots of things, animals, my husband, my dreams (my dreamworld is Leemalandia.. yeah I am little bit odd), nature, music (Nightwish!), goth culture and friends of course. Little thing in life keeps me sane. And I watch many many movies (horror to romantic) and books, I have like 200 books and about 300 movies in my shelf.

Future plans:
More photo shoots! I am still trying to find more peace in my mind, calm life is such a luck. And I want to achieve my perfect body figure, so there is more Bat Fit in my life.
New challenges, here I come!