sunnuntai 19. huhtikuuta 2015

Deathly hallows and storm troopers

I have been swollen by a big depression which seem to be bigger than the ocean at the moment. I don´t even remember the last time I felt like this. Nothing seems not to interest me anymore. I do stuff because I still want to keep moving and try to live normally as possible. Weeks and weeks only crying and selfhate, I am starting to hate this part of my illness. Normally I am full of energy and keep going until I am too tired to do stuff and be exited. I have so many things to do and now I feel I am going be even more behind my schedule. Sigh...

Last months I have been busy with my photographing stuff, there is coming some good stuff, all tough I don´t have the power for photoshopping... how irritating. Would you like me to blog more about my photographing pictures on my other blog or here? I have multiple videoideas too but don´t have strength for that either, gosh... And even today is awesome video shooting day, typical. So this became some complain post, oh well haha.

Few things keep me smiling though. I am so in love with Jani again that I didn´t know this kind of love is in the world. I don´t know what I would do without his support. And because my growing self confidence, my closet is becoming more and more like me. My daily clothes and jewelry are those kind of things that you just need to have. I used my Evil cunt hat all winter, it reminds me that even I am not that kind at times. And it has pentagram on it, font is kinda cool too. Cat shirt will be one the most used too, it is so warm and cumfy. Crazy catlady for ever!

Now it is time for my latest addiction, Star Wars comics! Have you seen the newest trailer btw? I got so exited about it that I wanted to do Star Wars marathon yesterday with Jani and now I am reading all the things that happen after the 6th movie.

Moon tattoo is my newest and smallest tattoo

Crystal necklace was a gift, shirt and the hat was second hand from my friends closets