torstai 5. maaliskuuta 2020

D for Desert Witch

  • Magic in the desert is
  • Sunsets more brilliant than anywhere else in the world.
  • Lightning storms that put the fear of the gods in your heart and fire in your soul.
  • Saying hello to the lizards on your front porch.
  • Tumbleweeds.
  • Coyote eyes glistening in headlights and knowing it’s time to turn back.
  • Old tribal legends told around a campfire that your rational mind says can’t be real, but deep down in your heart you know they are.
  • Flash floods that kill.
  • The overwhelming soothingness of creosote smell.
  • Cold mornings when snow caps the mountains and clouds hang too low.
  • Hawks sitting on lampposts just before the lights come on.
  • Abandoned hogans and gas stations.
  • Sandstone in more colors than you ever imagined could be possible.
  • Bats.

  • The constant, oppressive, awesome, comforting, devastating reminder that this desert mother could kill you in a moment and it is only by chance and willpower that we survive here.

  • Desert - Using and utilizing the desert environment. Lots of work with hardier plants such as Cacti or Tumbleweeds. Use of the moon, desert earth, fire, rare water (especially rainwater), wind, local plants and herbs, as well as animals/creatures of the desert such as snakes, spiders, scorpions, and so on.

Red Dirt between your toes. Becoming energised under the blistering heat of the summer sun. Substituting rainwater in spells for 10 months of the year and then forgetting to stock up when it does actually rain. So, much, eucalyptus. And tea tree. And lemon myrtle. Wandering through scrubland and feeling like you’ve hit gold when you discover a small rockpool. Hanging out in your garden in the morning with the birds who flock to your birdbath. Becoming intimately familiar with both the destructive and cleansing powers of fire.

Desert Witch is a witch who lives in the desert, enjoys the natural desert scenery, uses desert plants, bones, sand in their practice, collects desert rocks, and befriend desert animals such as snakes, lizards, and scorpions. They also tend to use the elements of Wind and Fire as well as Earth in their practice. They normally worship desert deities and study desert lore in their area. 

To me, this has been very interesting witch type and I really liked to do the research on it. I really like the desert vibes and everything in it. Sadly there isn´t anything similar here in Finland. But I have my plants and that is good for me now. I wil definately keep doing research on this topic. You may see more today´s outfits and decor about it!

Desert Witch things to do

1. Write affirmations into sand and let the wind destroy them with time

2. Lots of sun powered magick, you could even develop a ‘drawing down the sun’

3. Succulent gardens using life giving water as offerings or leave out water bowls for whatever wandering spirits need a drink

4. Become familiar with desert dwelling spirits and myths

5. Create rock mandalas for meditation or rock protective circles for sacred space

6. Make use of empty space at night to integrate constellations into your practice

Few interview takes:

"I would say that is a more harsh road than witches who do not live in the desert. While resources can still be abundant, we have to be conservative with our regents and things gathered from the outside world. Learning to trust, respect and understand the earth out here is much more vital and challenging as it seem to bite back with every step you take. The vibrations in the sands and rock are lower and therefore trickier to tap into. But the labor is worth it. When we are rewarded, it seems to be even more fruitful than lust farmland. When you´re actually tapped into the energy, you can feel her wanting to work with you, creating a give and take. I feel it look a lot like a monk sitting under a waterfall for training. Except it´s  constant sun instead of water."

"I use water in my practice and to me people think it can be though to use water in my practice because of living in the desert, no sea water, little rain water but I use tap water. I think most witches would be "appalled" because it´s tap water with all the chemicals and such but we have to use what we got. On the other hand I´m lucky that my tap water comes straight from a well so it´s straight from the earth."

"To be connect closer to the desert I have tools, decor mostly from desert areas. My besom  and wands are made of forward items around here. Holders,chalice, offering plates/cups, bell, stones, decor, candles, etc, I get from India."

"My tools are fairly normal things for a witch to have... But I do try to only use things that are found in my area. For example I smudge with desert sage and palo Verde instead of the typical white sage and palo Santo. I do tend to stay on the sun side of icons as well. My altar plaque is a sun. My mask is sun themed. My athame has a gold handle."

"Well the tools that I actively use are crystals, my copper mug (which I´m planning on using it as a cauldron tpye of device), paint and paintbrushes here and there, candles (which I just started to use). I do have a couple chalices and a bell but I don´t really use them."

"I´m originally from Indiana. So far from the desert. I met my now husband in Indiana and when we first started dating he told me he planned to move to Phoenix by the end of the year. I´ve always been more or warm weather person and Indiana was far from the perfect spot to me so I moved with him.

In Indiana, I was an elder of a large pagan group. When I moved to Phoenix I decided to find a smaller group to hone in my skills. At first, my magic almost flatlined. But the more I got out to see nature in the desert, the more enthralled I became with everything. The fact that so much lives on so little was really inspiring to me. I also started to connect to the history of the land and the natives that called it home before I did. 
When I started to put effort in these areas, new doors opened up for me. I felt the earth embrace my presence on her. Which I never felt before in Indiana. (not saying it´s not possible) but after making connections to native shamans here, I´ve really learned the benefits of walking harsh land like this."

"My favorite thing about the desert is the rock formations and structures."

Desert Magic - Solar Cleansing Spell (found on Tumblr)

What you need: 
A clear and sunny day (note: this spell is designed for those living in a desert. If you do not, a day with a high UV index will work. weather websites will tell you the UV index for your area for the day)
a place to lie or sit comfortably in the sunlight (be safe; wear sunscreen as this can take some time)
What you do:
Get yourself into a comfortable position lying down or sitting in the sunlight. Close your eyes and feel the sun’s intense energy on your skin.

The sun is harsh and anything blocking its light casts long and obvious shadows. Focus on the shadows within you if you know them, or just envision a tree made of shadow, roots reaching far down and branches tall, blocking the light and natural energy flow.

Focus on the overwhelming energy and light outside of your body and bring it inwards, watching it burn away the shadows leaving nothing but raw sunlight across a flat plane. Feel the heat of the sun on your skin burn away any shadows creating chains on you in this realm. Sit/lay there until you feel that any spiritual, emotional, and magical gunk has been burnt away.

This is easily modified to break any spells cast on you and to reveal hidden truths. It can also be modified to use for banishing where instead of focusing the energy to burn away things clinging to you, you direct the pure solar energy to burn away and destroy the thing you want banished.

For more intense cleansings I like to incorporate creosote aroma either by burning it or via oil aromas to help strengthen the initial cleanse

Desert Correspondences

Sand : protection, banishing, harmony, the ocean (a truly ancient one)
Creosote bush : aggravation, binding, distancing others, balance, rain  
Ocotillo : binding, protection from evil, aggression, death, spirits
Aloe vera : healing, love, health, prosperity, growth, sensitivity
Barrel cactus : harmony, protection, endurance
Prickly pear cactus : protection, family, spiritual growth
Prickly pear fruit : love, romance, support, idealism
Yucca / Cassava : protection, protection, dispelling evil, 


Sunflower, hibiscus, poppy, chamomile, chrysanthemum, aster, marigold, calendula, snapdragon, cactus flower, prickly pear blossom, carnations, poinsettia, st John’s wort

Magickal properties of desert rain water

Spring is fast approaching and I have been seeing a lot of posts about magickal correspondences such as flowers and trees that are not easily found in the desert especially water.

In other parts of the world rain water is easily accessible because it just rains, almost on cue. In the desert, rain is rare and usually each storm is months apart. This makes it very special in witchcraft.

Rain water in general is used for purification, protection, and energy.

Desert rain is a gift that quenches the earth’s thirst and provides life for the wild life that has gone without for probably months at a time.

Dessert rain can come both peacefully and with awesome storms and immense power.

Desert witch tip
Use the spines of a cactus for protection spells and curse work.

Desert witch tip 2
Grow aloe plants in your home for peaceful energy and protection. It also gives good luck to have it in your kitchen.

Music I listen to while doing this:

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I moved! Living room and life situation

So.. life happened and I moved. By myself. Just me (and my 3 cats, rip Minni). Oh my Goddess, this is still so weird. It has been a month and I feel super weird still. I have never been just by myself, it is a big learning curve. When I moved I realized how much  stuff I actually own. Somehow almost everything has fitted here. I got a fleamarket table for 2 weeks (to get started) and I am gonna get rid of a lot of stuff, phew. 

First I slept with the air mattress that I got from my friend.. but it got broken so I got second hand mattress. I am sorry for the quality of the pictures, I took them with my phone when it was dark (mostly) because I forgot to vlog and take pictures when it was bright outside.

I would really love to be a minimalism person, but I think I can´t never achieve that. Little part of me still hopes that it can happen but oh well.. maybe you should never say never. Like the marriage I had. I thought we would never break up. Things happen. It´s still rough, I keep myself busy and try not to think about it. But real world is still there. Trying to figure out who I am and what I want in life is super big thing for me. I want to achieve a lot this year. New changes are still coming. First of all I want to be single the whole year. Let´s see how that will go. I have never been single longer than few months.

I have this image in my head how I want my life to be now and in the future. I feel that I am changing. My apartment look is even gonna change. You can see everything is basically black right. Well, in the future everything is going to be full of color. Gosh, I love my idea of bohemian, colorful, different kind of home.. which is still me. Just different side of me. You guys are gonna see so much decoration stuff in my blog.

Awesome wallcloth is second hand (got it from Milla).

Pink time! I chose pink to be the first color in the new home. I am super happy about the results I had with the paint.

And here is the situation today. A lot of stuff is already find their place and This is starting to look like a home. You can also see a little kitchen project, the chair is gonna be the same pink as the table. I really wish I will find a new tv soon. If you have one that you want to get rid of, let me know.

I also made a new look for a foot stool that is also second hand. I just love the fabric. I found it on Eurokangas, it costed me 11 euros and I still have left overs, don´t know what to do with them tho. Ideas? Pillows, tablecloth, or what?

But yeah, back in business with the blog, I have a lot of new stuff for you guys, can´t wait!