keskiviikko 15. marraskuuta 2017

Kitchen makeover!

Last years July I got huge inspiration for decorating the kitchen, I bought new lamp and painted the cabinet doors black. But because I got so depressed for a year, the house has been super chaotic and now I have a phase for cleaning the whole freaking apartment and throw away anything I don´t need.. it´s a very big job and the kitchen cleaning took me 7 whole days, whew! Now nothing doesn´ t stink and everything shines.. it actually looks disturbing. How do you people do this all the time? Keep things this clean? But yeah, this is my little kitchen now, totally loving it, way better than before!

And here is some extra pictures without photoshopping because I just wanted these out and show how the kitchen looks and I feel super lazy lol. Cleaning continues tomorrow though.. ugh. Send me some positive energy! 

maanantai 6. marraskuuta 2017

End of the daylight

Past month has been amazing. Firstly it started with a gig seeing Battle Beast, they were amazing! I was such a fangirl and totally danced the whole thing trough. I remember the waiting and getting super bored, I remember all the new people I talked with, new friends I made, all the cool outfits people wore, how much I wanted to see the band and when they finally came out and everyone started to scream. I felt bad about myself almost the whole day, but when the band started and I felt everyone´s positive vibes, I felt happier than in very long time. It always wonders me how music brings people together so well and how many things you can feel while listening beats and divine sounds. Noora was amazing and now one of my style icons too, she was such a badass.

But mostly I am just happy that I got to share the moment with my love one and new best friend. It never has been hard for me get new friends, I just always find something to say, try to find something in common or just enjoy the differences between our opinions, learning something new from others is always so enjoyable. So, I went to a trip to see my new friend and got even more friends and now I have new nerd friend group which I love so much. We had awesome photoshoot day on a lake, the whole day was sunny and warm but when the sun set, this huge for came and looked super cool. Everything looked so magical and calm. I would have wanted to stay there the rest of the day but it got so cold, it´s autumn after all. Or now it is winter, because the snow has fallen and it has stayed on the ground for 3 days. I love the sound snow does when you walk on it.

Photographer: Annielina Stenberg
Necklace: Hongatar Crafts

So what I am saying here is, the little details I have from this last month, with all the work stuff with beautiful leaves on the cemetery, totally dark mornings when the stars are still shining on the sky, friends, talks that has lasted for hours and hours, all the learning new from my loves, playing everyday Borderlands, playing the first time What remains of Edith Finch (which I hiiiighly recommend to everyone who enjoys good story time and finding out what mystery houses are actually hiding), the game actually made me cry because I enjoyed the playing so much. The music, the backstories, the freaking house! Oh my Goddess, that house is my actual dream house. If you just paint it black I would totally live there. Or I would live there anyway. Although it spooks me a bit because.. well play it so you know why.

"We will fight ´til the end of the daylight
We will stand ´til the dawn of the new day
In the dark times beast awakes inside"
Battle Beast- We will fight

maanantai 14. elokuuta 2017

Winter 2017

After this years Lumous (which was month ago) I realize I haven´t been blogging and seeing few of my blog readers, who are still hanging there (although I don´t post anymore that often) I got such a boost for blogging again and I waited a little for new idea for my blog look and which way I want this to go. I have so many pictures that I haven´t use, this year has been such a great year.

My year started for me to fuck up my redside and dyeing my whole hair black. I was so frustrated about it I decided to change my whole look and do black/grey ombre hair. It looked so nice. I had huge decoration inspiration, I bought new things and changed the whole bedroom look and moved the bed and wanted the whole apartment look like viking/witchy. Fairylights everywhere and candles, it was so pretty and I really liked the atmosphere.

I saw many of my friends and had such a girl bonding moments (add lots of hearts here). I was in a such big depression phase, I don´t even know what I would have done without my friends. I love you hella lot.

Valentine´s day was again amazing, I got a little heart cake and you can see on the corner that even my cat liked it (damn you Freya).

I went in Helsinki (I was again a whole week, partying, photoshoot, friends, tattoos) to Pretty in Ink continue my Harley, it still need some for. My Harley hot pants are amazing, (they are still my favorite hot pants) got them from I have such a big tattoo fever again.. want more! But I still have like 5 tattoos unfinished.. maybe finish them and then new ones? A hella lot new ones!

Glad to be back, love you guys, stay spooky! My blog is in progress for new look, totally in love with Life is strange at the moment. I even have blue nail polish at the moment like wtf man..

keskiviikko 10. toukokuuta 2017

Clothing haul

If you didn´t see my last years haul/try on video, here it is! I already miss my Harley hair.. Anyway, doing finishing touches on my last years video clips, after doing these, time to do more new videos!

perjantai 5. toukokuuta 2017

My Cabinet of curiosities

Biggie is one of my favorites, probably because it is the biggest skull I have at the moment

Beltane is always one of my biggest sabbats and I am used to do Spring cleaning around that time. I am almost finished, but I still need to go trough quite much stuff to throw away.. I am just way too full of all the stuff I have. The limit has come. 
Bedroom has been this years project (last year it was the kitchen, I am taking pictures from it too, but I am going trough few cabinets first and there is little bit of a chaos at the moment..) and I got huge amount of inspiration and power from the Spring  sun. I decided it is time to paint the walls white (I will show some before and afters soon too), because the wallpapers were just.. ugly. White totally brightened the whole room, it feels so much bigger and calm. And I love the contrast of white and black.

Little deers I have all around the house

The old bookshelf (which was brown before I painted it black) got new look this year because I wanted it to be my new cabinet of curiosities. It shows most of my bone collection and few of my witch things. I didn´t move my witch books or tarots, because I have noticed this is a good place for them. The lights has been there from last Yule, they look so pretty that I don´t want to take them off at all.

I just love these birdies

Foxy lady

Chicken bones, a full rat (still on wraps) and a raccoon dog

My healing crystals, which has been loaded with snow magick

Lambie lamb

First dream catcher I made this year

I still want more bottles!

Little glass cup was used on our wedding ceremony and now it has magical herbs in it

sunnuntai 22. tammikuuta 2017

Cinderella (2015)

Sooo... I have been loving classic fairytale movies lately. And some reason the acted ones has been the top thing this winter. Here is few new ones I watched first time ever or after a long time (didn´t even remember the plot). Definitely  must see movies for you too! Or.. maybe I just do this one by one, otherwise this would be too long post for you to read ha! Let´s start with Cinderella!

Ok I know what you guys think, how can this story or movie or what ever, be told any new kind of way, well, getting all beautiful by fashion, scenery, awesome actors, music and directing. It really went trough my feelings and I even cried. I needed to watch the movie twice, first watch wasn´t enough! 
If you have seen Once upon a time, you know how the dressing make you feel all uuu and aahh, well, this movie does that. Sandy Powell just kicked ass by her designs. Earlier costumes I like for her doing (just by examples) was from Interview with the vampire and Gangs of New York. 

And you may know how in Once upon a time they make you understand and love the villains too (like in the Maleficent, you just can´t but love how they make you feel all different about all the characters.

"Have courage and be kind", it is like a new motto for me. It is such a good thing to everyone to remember, that you need to have courage when things get rough and even the hardest times, people need kindness. Ella´s mom is such a great mom. And her dad too. The mansion is totally my dream home, so much nature there too! Stepmom has the wickest style ever, gosh I want to wear her every outfit. And if I had a fairy godmother, I wish Helena (her costume lights up when she cast spells!!) will buff her way in to my life! Oh the glitter in this movie..
Ps. I wish I had the rose garden from the palace.