sunnuntai 29. kesäkuuta 2014

Forest spirit

All pictures by Laura Takala

I am in the place where I know who I am and what I want. Still, when you have feelings going like a rollercoaster (or like a carriage in Gringotts) you need to find calming things that won´t loose focus on who you are. I myself, have find that being close to nature and talking to the old Gods make me feel like I can be one with the universe again. When the hard times comes, I wrap myself in my celtic planket, light a candle and think about all the things around me. I am so chagrined about the fact that I couldn´t go to our summer house  a week ago when it was midsummers party, I would have really liked to hear soothing water, sough sound of trees and the calming effect of the forest. Well, maybe next month. I want to run free in the forest and feel myself like a nymph or swim hours and the big lake which feels like a velvet. Or just lay down in the swing and watch clouds go by.

Today´s outfit:
Pentagram necklace: A gift
Ukko pentagram: Medieval market
Earrings: Second hand
Jacket: Only
Shirt: Second hand
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Kenkämarski

lauantai 21. kesäkuuta 2014

Gh3tto Bla5ter- Only sky is the limit

Picture by Richard Briseño

-How did you became a model and how long have you been doing this? 
I've been modeling since 2009 and I started off my first shoot with a first time photographer. It was a perfect match.
-I could not but love your style. How would you describe your style yourself and where do you find your inspiration? We want to know all about your awesome closet! 
I really get my inspiration from my roots which have always lied in metal, goth, and punk subcultures and that's where I draw everything from and just kind of mix it all together to create my own style. My closet consists of some bigger brand items but mostly a lot of it is from small name artists and designers.

Picture by Richard Briseño

-What is the one thing that you are the most proud of? 
What I'm most proud of is what modeling has done for myself as an individual. I've always had anxiety issues and modeling has helped push me out of comfort zone and pursue my dreams.

-Do you have some sort of exercise routine, do you watch how you eat or do you just go with the wind? 
Ideally I like to go to the gym 3x a week where I focus on cardio and weight training. I love food though so it's hard for me to stick to a particular diet. I try to eat light and healthy during the weekdays and then have cheat meals on the weekends.

Picture by Noize Faktory

-What do you do besides modeling? 
For the most part I'm a home-body and I like to read, play XBOX, and watch movies. But I occasionally go out and go-go dance at industrial clubs in LA. I also have gotten into altering and making clothing which I do off-and-on and sell on my etsy shop.

-When did you start doing gogo dancing and what do you love the most about it? 
I don't really recall a time or place where I started. I think at one point a promoter had mentioned for me to get on the go-go box and that's what basically started it. I really just go-go dance for fun, the part I love the most is definitely the extra space on the go-go boxes or stage to move and dance without bumping into people.

Picture by Richard Briseño at Linda Vista Hospital

-What photoshoot has been your favorite so far? 
That is so hard to say because every photoshoot has something special about it and the amazing photographers I've worked with all deserve credit. If I had to pick one though it would probably be the shoot I did in 2013 with Richard Briseño at the infamous Linda Vista Hospital in Los Angeles. I've always wanted to visit that abandoned hospital and I was so fortunate he was able to get us in.

-Who is the person you would love to be working with? 
There are a lot of great photographers I follow on facebook that I would love to work with, too many to name, but some of whom I hope to work with in the future.

-What are the most important things in life? 
My family. I live with my amazing boyfriend, our little French Bulldog, and our black cat. They mean everything to me.

-Tattoo time! Tattoos can tell a lot about the person who is carries them. How many tattoos do you have and do they have stories behind them? 
I feel like I have just one large tattoo that just isn't fully connected yet. My tattoos do have significant meaning that would really only make sense to myself. They have a lot to do with my family, upbringing, and just things I personally adore.

Photographer: Dave G.

-What do you think about beauty, what things define it? Do you have something to say to those people who still fight to discovering themselves? 
Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. It can not be defined and it's up to each individual to define and create themselves. If you feel lost, you're not the only one. We all start somewhere and eventually evolve.

-What kind of dreams do you have? 
I've modeled for clothing companies before and I'd love to work with some of my favorite brands. I also just got my first publication in a magazine and my next step is to work towards being on covers. Honestly the sky's the limit!

Photo by Rico J C Photography
Dress by Violaceous Latex

-Tell us your 5 best beauty/style tips you use: 
1) Perfecting makeup takes a lot of trial and error, there is no top secret miracle, you just have to keep trying and find what works best for you. 2
) You don't have to buy expensive clothes to stand out. A lot of my outfits are fairly simple but I accessorize the hell out of them and it turns into a whole new look.
3) Never be afraid of trying something new and different, it's what'll make you stand out from the crowd.
4) Don't always go for big brands, support independent artists because that's where the hidden treasures are.
5) Be yourself. The term is cliché for a reason, it's true. You should always feel comfortable with what you're doing and express what makes you happy.

-Is there any future plans/photoshoots you are waiting for? 
Yes, there are a few photographers I've been talking with recently and we're in the works for some upcoming shoots so stay tuned!

Official pages:


torstai 12. kesäkuuta 2014

What is up

Blogin puolella on ollut hiljaista. Koska se ei oo tälle blogille hirveän normaalia ni aattelin vähän kertoa kuulumisia. Eli alotin kuntoutuksen viime kuussa, se alko tosi hyvin ja viihdyn siellä, mutta mulle vaihtu maanisten vaiheiden sijasta masiskausi ja oon tässä jo pidemmän aikaa vaan koittanu kestää sen yli ja nauttia elämästä silti. Viime viikolla kuoli yksi läheisistä kavereistani ja se muutti tilan jotenkin tyhjäkäynnille. Olen niin väsynyt ja tuskissani, etten oikeen jaksa kiinnostua mistään ja kaipaan vaan kaikkia jotka olen menettänyt. Läheisten tuki on ollut viime aikoina siis erittäin tärkeää, enkä tiedä kyllä miten tässä muuten oikeen pää kestäiskään, ilman että joku muistuttaa elämässä olevan positiivisiakin juttuja.

Jos mun normityyppiset blogihöpötykset silti kiinnostaa niin on pari postausta tullut tehtyä Underground model blogin puolelle.. Vielä olis pari viikkoa aikaa äänestää mua facen puolella tossa kilpailussa, tykätkää musta siis tästä.

Uusimpia postauksia on luvassa tässä piakkoin, tulossa mm. uusi haastattelu, päivänasukuvia ja lisää kuulumisia.

It has been quiet lately. I have been really depressed and my friend died last week so it put me even weirder state, I keep going but nothing interest me that much. I am really grateful for my friends and family from all their support and I hope this will get better soon.

New post coming up soon: new interview, today´s outfits and update about my life. 

Remember to like my contest picture in facebook. I would like to go in the finals, only couple of weeks left!


torstai 5. kesäkuuta 2014

New tattoo

Niina drawing my tattoo

Meninpä hommaamaan uutta tatuointia Pretty in Inkin Niinalta, ehdottomasti suosittelen häntä jos sattuu Helsingissä pyörimään. Oli siinä alussa vähän aikaa leikkiä kamerallakin, kaikki kuvat on muokkaamattomia niin näette vähän, että laatu on vihdoinkin hyvä myös sisätiloissa, jes! Korpista tuli tosi siisti, sitä pitää tosin jatkaa loppukesästä, nyt jäi vähän kesken, kun kipukynnys tuli taas vastaan.

I went to get new tattoo from Pretty in Ink, Niina is great artist. I had a chance to play with my new camera a little, all the pictures are not photoshopped (the last tattoo picture was taken with Niina´s phone), so you can see I have a better camera now haha. My little crow tattoo came out really great, we still need to continue end of the summer, I had my limit again too soon.