tiistai 22. joulukuuta 2015

31 days of Halloween- Day 3 & 4

Because in this household Halloween is everyday, I still keep doing this although October is far gone. So here was our Samhain kitchen and how I dyed my hair red and black, I loved it so much I still have this!

Toxic Vision inspired photoshoot

Jacket: Poizen Industries Borrowed from Ravenoaris
Hoodie: Second hand
Top: Second hand 
Leather pants: Vero Moda
Shoes: Blanco

Photographer: Tomi Vitikainen

So, my biggest inspiration at the moment is leather, big hooded shirts and studs. Of course best designer and style inspiration for that is Toxic Vision. Her pictures are so cool, always true to her style and I just needed to get my first real leather pants, finally! Also I have started to use leather jackets again. My last shorter leather jacket just wanted to finally quit after 9-10 years, so I decided to get few more new ones by second hand (basically from my friends closets ha) and order brand new Killstar jacket with studs and all, I hope it will get here soon!

Of course I loveeeeee my hair. Half and half is the best. I want some color and I want black, this is perfect. Ravenoaris colored my hair before this photoshoot, red shade is just on point to my extensions.

What do you think, more of this?

tiistai 13. lokakuuta 2015

31 days of Halloween day 2 - Wasteland inspired look

I have no idea why this keep happening. Every damn time I try to keep in some sort of schedule and I have very strict plans, I get sick (or something). My Halloween challenge doesn´t seem to be any exception, because I have been sick.. a week now! Argh, I want to clean my house and decorate it for Halloween and shoot a video it for you and do all kind of styles and things I had planned.. I have this camera karma or something, doing videos just doesn´t work for me haha. So, I just hope I get well soon, I hope even tomorrow I could do something.. this weekend I go to Helsinki (tattoos and photoshoots and friends yeeeyy!) and don´t have a chance to edit anything in many days (for obvious reasons).. Well, this sucks, just can´t say anything else.

Anyway! Some of you may know, if you follow me in Facebook and Instagram (@leenaflinck), my style crush at the moment is dystopia, apocalyptic and altogether end of the world looks. I watched all the Mad Max´s again, start to watch series called 100 and I have been playing Borderlands 1 and 2 like a crazy person (eooo!). Many of you suggested black version of my road warrior make up so here it is! This time it reminds me little bit of cyber goth style. But I think cyber style is very much apocalyptic style anyway. I have never get that good touch for it, trough all the goth styles, but now, I feel like I can do it my own. Mix dystopia and cyberpunk together, very cool!

I hope you liked this style and I am doing many many more, if you have suggestions for up coming posts, I have room for your ideas!

keskiviikko 7. lokakuuta 2015

31 days of Halloween Day 1 - Nancy Dawns

31 days of Halloween! This is absolutely one of my favorite challenges and I would have liked to start to do this 2 years ago, but always forgot the first days and then I quit.. But this year, although I was just sick (of course..) I am trying to do this epic video challenge, gosh, it is so hard to do something for each day, it takes so much time and effort. Ideas I have for like 3 months worth, so this will be fun month!

Nancy rules, she is little insane but, oh the style, she is a cool witch. If you haven´t seen the Craft, watch it right away!

torstai 17. syyskuuta 2015

September wishlist

Hello sweet darklings! I really really try to blog every week at least once, this is a real try this time haha. At the moment I am totally in love with alternative fashion, Killstar and all. And because I do certain shop posts time to time, it is time to let you know one of my favorites at the moment. As you may know, I love little shops and people who starts with nothing and build their way up with hard work. So, Totentanz has really made me in their regular costumer in good costumer service and very good quality products. I would like to buy everything from the store, but here is few of my favorites.. Just wait, when I get money to buy my autumn clothing, you might see some of these... 
Hot things at the moment (for me), back bags, Wednesday Addams dresses, leggins (what?!), maxi dresses (all around the year), hoodies and some sort of harem pants, pentagrams, moons, capes, different kind of accessories I need to photoshoots. All these with high heels, platforms or chunky heels, I am good thank you. 

torstai 3. syyskuuta 2015

What a lovely day

I have finally back! (again haha)
After months of self thinking and after a month just being out of everything that includes other people or sitting in front of the computer, I finally feel I am some sort of place where I can do things I love the most. One of them is definitely blogging. Few things made me find myself again. My friends who love me no matter what. My first cover as a photographer just came up three days ago. Love of my life still wants to be with me, although I still think I am a jerk who doesn´t deserve him but I don´t let that be a problem haha. Games. I just love videogames. My love at the moment are scifi and apocalyptic survival games, super awesome, I will be a badass! And movies, tv-series which have been effecting me like my whole life starting with Tank Girl, Waterworld, Mad Max, Blade Runner and The Tribe. Its like cult movies can shape your identity trough the years. No matter how many times you have seen them, you always find something new. Game crushes at the moment: Borderlands, Halo and Mass Effect. So cool so cool. Up coming this week is list about apocalyptic favorites so be prepared to see some badass stuff! And oh, modeling photoshoots coming up with my new look, my hair hasn´t ever been this short and I am all about dystopia. Maybe I will do a post about dystopia too.. feel so inspired at the moment! 

What has happened in blog world while I was gone?

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Few inspiration stuff that I love sooo so much

Lori Petty in Tank Girl
Elena in Waterworld
Mad Max and Dog
Pris from Blade Runner
Jack from Mass effect
Maya from Borderlands 2 (I have the same haircut at the moment)

tiistai 21. heinäkuuta 2015

Summer June

Hello dear darklings!
I have had such an amazing summer. In the good and the bad. Feelings had gone trough the roof and straight to the ground, gosh, life really can surprise you right? June went really fast, basically I had been all over Finland to see my friends and being happy about the sunny days. Exercising, walking a lot, using clothing that make me feel happier. Oh, and June was pink month. Some reason my try to get light purple back fired and my hair wanted to be pink, too much red in the coloring process I think. Oh well, I still loved it. I felt like a little llamaunicorn haha. Ignore the bad quality of my pictures, I normally carry only my cellphone because I always forgot to take my little blogging camera with me, damn it. I try to be better blogger on the future.

About this month more later on... now I try to remember what happened last month. My head is so weird, when bad things happened, my mind wants to forget things and now I can´t even remember all the good things well, god damn it. Well, anywho, I don´t know what to do without my friends, you are the rock beneath my feet.

Vivica Vanilla

Lady Laurenn