torstai 13. lokakuuta 2016

PunkRave, you rock my world

I am super happy to tell you my new blog collab PunkRave Store. I thought this would be great chance to show few outfit ideas I have had in planned for the future and PunkRave was on my planned wishlist, so this is just like meant to be happened! The brand combines so many style together that I like, it even has awesome mens clothing (so classy by the way!). So let´s get few outfits together, few wishlist items and details about things that are in in general fashion and in my personal life.

Outfit 1 

When the new Mad Max movie came out, the whole world went wild for apocalyptic style. Dystopia, ripped clothes, leather, dusty look has always appealed to me. Loose and tight clothes together combines with the way that always looks good. At the same time you feel like you are save from the world, look badass, it is also so comfy style to use. I once had ripped knitted shirt but I threw it away thinking I don´t need it anymore.. and now I have searched new one, that is just right. I think this would be great for every day use. And because red is my color, I really need these leggins/pants. They are just the right dusty red color I would like to use on my apocalyptic style. With some badass boots, this look is a killer.

Outfit 2

Lets face it, this short leather jacket with tassels, rivets and hood just screams my name, "wear me at bars and photoshoots"! I already see myself using it with tight leather pants or ripped jeans. And I would totally use high heels or wedges, leather kinds of course, with studs maybe. And I would use my leather stud bag which is my favorite bag at the moment when I go outside. I am just beyond words with this jacket and how many jeans and pants there are at PunkRave that I want.. Like the ones on the right with lacing all the on the front. Just gorgeous.

Little Morticia Addams style would be good add to my closet. I love these 2 looks, just timeless classic goth. Left to the fancy events and right for witching hour.

These I just want to use for looking gorgeous and fab.

What can I say? Boleros are my thing right now. Fluffy and lace too. Maybe it is the fall, you just need to get them both to use.

Collars haven´t never been my thing before. But after watching Once upon a time so much, I really would like to look like Regina. Every kind of of big collar would do the trick. Every girl needs a chance to be evil queen once in their life.. right?
Batty ponchos has been going all around internet for years and I still don´t own any, why is that?! I already see myself flabbing my arms up and down and pretend that I can fly and embarrass my friends repeating "look I am a bat!"... yeah.
 And capes.. who would have enough capes..? I already have satin version but I want lace and velvet and.. well.. every kind and color there is.

Well, what are your experiences with PunkRave? Do you think they are just as gorgeous as I think? What would you like to get from there? What do you like to use when autumn kicks in and your mind is all about Halloween and candles with hot tea, warm blankets, layering outfits, up coming winter wanting you just stay inside..?

keskiviikko 5. lokakuuta 2016

Oh deer!

So! I headed towards Rauma to get new tattoo at ChAosInk. I wanted a chestpiece, something that is so me and not that everyone have. Animal skulls has become more kind of a thing lately, but not that much I guess.. And it is totally cool to see what others have took! Anyway, every kind of horned animal is symbol of God to me, so this one really mean a lot to me. Wolfie and deer is now part of Finland´s nature, directly on me, I am so happy! I feel like I have the forest on me. I wanted deer to be realistic, just as the wolfie is, it came up even better I hoped for! Now I am thinking should I get something on the backround.. my first idea was just a skull but.. maybe little vines would look cool?

Last month.. oh what can I say? I am back on my eating and workouts, today is arm day. My cleaning and decorating is finally getting somewhere, I can do kitchen and bedroom post pretty soon, yes! My little cabinet of curiosities is getting bigger and bigger and my friend came by for a coffee the other day, she just kept watching all the little things I have on the shelf, I really love when people like them just as much as I do.

When I am outside and waiting the bus or visiting my friend and stay the night, I keep at least one book with me, lately I have been reading Hannibal trilogy, loooving it! I have read them 3 times now, 4th time, here we come! And when I go to visit my bestie Vicky I always buy icecream and then read my little Pony comics on her sofa. If you like the show, you like the comics too, they are so amazing!

And I finally learned how to make cookies. Of course mine are colorful and all Halloweenie. The tasted so good! When I am baking and waiting what ever I am doing to get done, I read Harry Potter on the kitchen (or some other book) and drink cocoa or coffee from my newest favorite mug which I got from Tracon, Friendship is magic, but magic is heresy, I love crossovers! The print reminds me of me and my husband, he hates MLP and I don´t like his game that much so.. It is just perfect. And it got blood and rainbow coming from Pinkie Pie, come on, that is insanely wicked!

My place to work is just perfect this time of year

I went to see my other besties new apartment few weeks ago. Forest on her back yard just blew me away. And she adopted new little kitten, El Diablo, he is purely little devil I can say. Even cuter that way! Breakfast was great everymorning, I really need to get the same toppings on my bread, it tasted so good and I would have never realized it was vegan if I didn´t knew that already. My breakfast times included reading Sandman and Lenore, perfect way to start the day right?!

I wish you have had just as great starting of autumn as me! And it is not over yet, Samhain is coming fast!!

I started to play Tera, altought I changed my name to Pinkamena

torstai 22. syyskuuta 2016

Anywhere (Every dream’s a journey away )

Last January happened something super special to me. I took my most beautiful victorian style outfit and styled it with my Purple octobus moon necklaceSanna von steam victorian skirt looked so good I wear it the whole day, even at home. Anyway.. Heidi came in Pori and I had a chance to get on a horse first time in my life, with amazing support from my best friend.

It was so hard to get on the horse, Pihla was so big! I needed a stoole and still Heidi needed to pull me on the other side, with corset, satin skirt and high heels.. and no saddle. It was so amazing to do my first horseback riding experience elf style. I felt like I was on Lord of the rings! After I almost pass out for getting so exited about finally getting on and then get scared about the fact that I am on, I started to grin so much my face almost stayed that way. I soon realized how much muscle you need to ride the horse and stay on it, my butt hurt even the day after.. corset helped a little with the posture but it still needed a lot of work I didn´t forgot that. It was amazing, although I didn´t ride that much and only in little circles because everytime Pihla moved I got freaked out she will throw my over, gladly she just wanted carrots from her owner haha. Pihla was so calm and beautiful, I totally fell in love with her. Earlier

I had just pet horses a little and I have a memory of me trying to get on a little horse when I was a child but got scared so much I started to kick the saddle and crying.. poor horsie, gladly even that horsie didn´t mind. My fear isn´t about that I am scared horses all together, but the fact you need to get on it. I just like to watch big animals, not get killed or force them to do anything. But after my experience, I can gladly say, horsies and ponies loves the riding just as much as human. Pihla would have wanted to ride with me, shoot was so boring for her haha. I bet she was thinking "why are we just standing here, when we can eat or run?".

 After the shoot and now that the time has passed so much, I can truly say, I am not afraid anymore, everytime I even think about doing it again, my heart start racing and I start smiling. It was so amazing, soooo amazing I say. Now that I watch the bts pictures I look so happy and I remember how magnificent it felt to hug Pihla while being on her back. She was so furry and big, I felt all of her muscles and she felt mine too. It was so other world experience to communicate without any words, only with your body. Because I didn´t have a saddle I needed to hold on horse´s mane and bridle at the same time, while I did that I was just thinking was Harry thinking the same thing that I am when he was riding on Buckbeak in third book.

Have you ride a horse? Or is it your hobby, life already? I want to hear all about your experiences!

And the song which starts to play in my head everytime I see the picture.. I listened it so much when I found Nightwish. I had my headphones and cd player in my parents summer house, the whole year went by while listening Nightwish and imaging the world Tuomas have made in my head.

The days were brighter 
Gardens more blooming 
The nights had more hope 
In their silence The wild was calling 
Wishes were whispering 
The time was there 
But without a meaning

Away, away in time 
Every dream’s a journey away 
Away to a home away from care 
Everywhere’s just a journey away

The days departed 
Gardens deserted 
This frail world 
My only rest ?

The wild calls no more 
Wishes so hollow 
The Barefoot Boy 
weeping in an empty night

Cherish the moment 
Tower the skies 
Don’t let the dreamer 
fade to grey like grass

No falling for life 
A gain for every loss 
Time gathered me 
But kept me flying

“For this gift of dream I must pay the price 
with the loss of life’s pleasures”

torstai 1. syyskuuta 2016

Favorite blog of the week - Kriss Poison

So I am finally back in blogging world! Your blogs truly inspires me and I decided to continue my favorite blogs posts! And of course I wish to hear from your favorites too!

So, this time, I read Kriss´s blog in 3 days and now my head is full of:
beautiful gardens of Australia, 
castles and mansions, 
cute things, 
I started drink tea again (I love my herb Clippo teas!), 
I am waiting fall to come, I have few new movies to watch, 
inspired feeling to learn more about witchcraft and my own gifts.. 
coffee and teashops, I need to go those more,
thrift stores,
and all kreepy cute is soooo cute again to me! 

So.. what am I still writing, just look at these awesome pictures about everything awesome, blog just can´t get better than this!

All of this from Kriss Poison
And check out my other favorite blogs