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Razor Candi: Beneath the surface

Picture: Pennangalan

I had a chance to interview one of my idols, Kym. You may know her as Razor Candi. Since 2003 people all around the world has fallen in love with her deathrocker style and her self-conficense shows even trought her pictures in media. She doesn´t fear to show her body or be herself, do what she wants. Kym is really open, gentle and answers to her fans. Even though she has a busy life, she had time to talk with me and aswer my questions.

Her art, pictures and clothing has made her famous but I wanted to know a little bit more about her. What lies beneath the surface and does she think that she is a celebrity in a goth community.

Pictures Eden Prosper

How would you describe your style?
It probably sounds a bit predictable but I’d simply call my style alternative. I don’t generally like to be labeled because labeling puts you in a group which usually means you have to then follow strict textbook rules in order to be ‘cool’ within that group of people and I don’t like rules or limitations when it comes to my style which is why I choose to just call it alternative which essentially means different, and I like that.

How did you found modelling world and why did you started it yourself?
When I first started out with modeling my main focus wasn’t to become famous or anything like that, it was merely a hobby to express myself. I had been posting my images and artwork online since 1999 but in 2003 with the launching of sites like Myspace and then Facebook my work found recognition in the alternative scene. I had photographers contacting me from all over, I was able to achieve a decent professional portfolio and gain experience early on before the big bang of oversaturation. 

What are your biggest achievements in life and your modelling career?
You’re probably looking for something more in the lines of fame but to me the biggest achievements I’ve accomplished is the creation of art and inspiring others to create art.

What beauty means to you?
Beauty to me is definitely not based on how someone physically looks but how they decide to use their features. This generally will give you an idea about their personality and who they are upon first communication. Personally I don’t find myself to be very beautiful by ideal beauty standards, I’m actually quite ugly and quite aware of it, however I chose to dress the way I do and mod myself the way I do because it makes me feel more comfortable in the skin and body I was unwillingly born with. This is why I find beauty in individuals who are willing and brave enough to go under the needle, knife or what have you to modify their bodies because to me they are honestly being who they want to be and not setting for who they were forced to be without choice. I see beauty in people who are not afraid to change things they don’t like about themselves and who chose to be the true selves they want to be inside. 
Pictures 1. From 50 shades of pink photoshoot 2. Aristocouture 3. Calin Moldovan

What do you do when you feel unsure?
Anytime I am feeling unsure, pressured or just down about things I like to paint. Painting is my therapy, it helps me escape, it’s almost like a form of meditation for me.

Where you find your inspiration? Are they some sort of music, movies etc. that makes you modify your style?
Most of my inspiration comes from music and movies but I also find art very inspiring. I see a lot of things created in art that I love to bring into real life.
Picture: Retinschi Andreea

What was your favorite photoshoot/photographer and what do you like the most in modelling?
I’ve worked with a lot of really great photographers in the past but currently I’m working with a personal photographer (who happens to be my husband) and it just makes work so much more convenient. I have a lot of fun during my shoots because my husband is my best friend and we make a great team.  I’m very relaxed and I can really concentrate while I’m on set and it’s really important to have that connection with the photographer. What I love most about modeling is that it is an artistic outlet and release for my emotions and creative ideas. It’s very rewarding to create inspiring and artistic imagery.  

What else you do besides that?
Besides modeling I enjoy painting and watching documentaries. Other than that my life isn’t so different from most people’s. Even though I know I come off like I’m an outgoing party animal I actually really relish my time away from crowds and people. 

Oil Paint 20 x 28(in) June 09, 2009

Is there a make up artist or do you do your make up yourself for photoshoots?
I do all my own make up and hair for photoshoots. I’ve worked once with a make up artist and I wasn’t too happy with the result. I really felt like I wasn’t contributing much to the shoot without my own personal touches.

What 5 things are your favorite style/beauty tips?
Try applying eye shadow with a damp brush/sponge
Crimping your hair will give it more volume and will make it easier to tease / back comb
Make up contouring is really great for enhancing features
20 minutes of cardio a day and small portions will keep you feeling and looking fit while still maintaining a healthy diet!
Birth control will keep your skin flawless and also keep babies away!
Pictures 1. Israel Kendall 2. Pennangalan 3. Criss Cross
What future plans/ model jobs you are having next?
I currently launched my members only website – so I have a lot of plans and shoots lined up for the site along with releasing some new merchandise for 

You can also visit Razor Candi´s Official Facebook page
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