sunnuntai 1. maaliskuuta 2020

I moved! Living room and life situation

So.. life happened and I moved. By myself. Just me (and my 3 cats, rip Minni). Oh my Goddess, this is still so weird. It has been a month and I feel super weird still. I have never been just by myself, it is a big learning curve. When I moved I realized how much  stuff I actually own. Somehow almost everything has fitted here. I got a fleamarket table for 2 weeks (to get started) and I am gonna get rid of a lot of stuff, phew. 

First I slept with the air mattress that I got from my friend.. but it got broken so I got second hand mattress. I am sorry for the quality of the pictures, I took them with my phone when it was dark (mostly) because I forgot to vlog and take pictures when it was bright outside.

I would really love to be a minimalism person, but I think I can´t never achieve that. Little part of me still hopes that it can happen but oh well.. maybe you should never say never. Like the marriage I had. I thought we would never break up. Things happen. It´s still rough, I keep myself busy and try not to think about it. But real world is still there. Trying to figure out who I am and what I want in life is super big thing for me. I want to achieve a lot this year. New changes are still coming. First of all I want to be single the whole year. Let´s see how that will go. I have never been single longer than few months.

I have this image in my head how I want my life to be now and in the future. I feel that I am changing. My apartment look is even gonna change. You can see everything is basically black right. Well, in the future everything is going to be full of color. Gosh, I love my idea of bohemian, colorful, different kind of home.. which is still me. Just different side of me. You guys are gonna see so much decoration stuff in my blog.

Awesome wallcloth is second hand (got it from Milla).

Pink time! I chose pink to be the first color in the new home. I am super happy about the results I had with the paint.

And here is the situation today. A lot of stuff is already find their place and This is starting to look like a home. You can also see a little kitchen project, the chair is gonna be the same pink as the table. I really wish I will find a new tv soon. If you have one that you want to get rid of, let me know.

I also made a new look for a foot stool that is also second hand. I just love the fabric. I found it on Eurokangas, it costed me 11 euros and I still have left overs, don´t know what to do with them tho. Ideas? Pillows, tablecloth, or what?

But yeah, back in business with the blog, I have a lot of new stuff for you guys, can´t wait!

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