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F for Fire Witch

the sound of wood cracking in a bonfire
ash covered hands
random burn scars, but you don’t remember how you got them
charging your crystals by leaving them by lit candles
the smell of fire salts
small bottle necklaces filled with ash
orange sunsets
always having a lighter, but you don’t smoke
clothes that smell like smoke
the rubber on the bottom on your sneakers melting
being able to put candles out with your fingers
going through two boxes of matches a week
taking a shot of fire ball whiskey to light your soul on fire
putting cinnamon and honey in your tea
orange cats
fire inspired makeup
the oohs and ahhs your friends make when you swallow a flame

Fire - Specifically centered on the element of Fire; Using anything fire-related (bonfires, candles, burning objects) in most spellwork, creating and using symbols associated with fire

Fire witch: a whole bunch of scented candles, the smell of incense, cozy warmth, dancing flames, jars of ashes, almost burning the whole house down

Fire is the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products. Fire is hot because the conversion of the weak double bond in molecular oxygen, O2, to the stronger bonds in the combustion products carbon dioxide and water releases energy (418 kJ per 32 g of O2); the bond energies of the fuel play only a minor role here. At a certain point in the combustion reaction, called the ignition point, flames are produced. The flame is the visible portion of the fire. Flames consist primarily of carbon dioxide, water vapor, oxygen and nitrogen. If hot enough, the gases may become ionized to produce plasma. Depending on the substances alight, and any impurities outside, the color of the flame and the fire's intensity will be different.

Warmth, mystical, atmospheric. Fire is my element. Has always been. I have always been fascinated by it. I have my poi´s (the sound when you use fire poi´s.. ah) and I would really love to make my own candles. Fire is positive and lifting, but can be frightening if not controlled. When I moved to my apartment, I really fell in love it because of old stove that I have here. I dreamed firing the wooden stove every winter. But I haven´t used yet, not even once. This makes me sad but I have been so scared of lighting it because of the cats. I am afraid of them to jump on it and burn their little paws. I don´t have a kitchen door so...

Fire is known by many to be the spirit or the soul. It is a giver of life and creativity.

Many cultures has been worshipping the sun and the element of fire. The sun gave life but also fire can burn it as easily. Maybe this reason fire and sun has been seen as a purifier, loosing all the old and bringing life to the new.

Fire can consume everything in it’s path and it is the only one of the elements that cannot exist without feeding on something else. It offers warmth and cooks food, but can get out of control. It has the power to transform everything it touches.  It is the most physical and spiritual of the elements and represents magick itself. Fire is represented in the forms of burning objects, love spells (always preferably self-love spells), baking, and lighting candles and fires.

As the spark of life, it is vital to any form of elemental craft. An element of emotion, it represents the good (love, creativity, hope, passion) and the bad (anger, hatred, ferocity, blood lust, frustration)

This element should be respected and all it stands for. Be sure it does not consume that which it should not, as a bonfire would catch a dry field.

You know you’re a fire witch when…
-You have multiple scars from wax burns on your hands, but don’t really mind
-You make more eye contact than is generally socially acceptable
-Altar? More like candle shelf.
-Normal lamps are boring
-You take naps in the sun like a cat
-You would live at the beach if it wasn’t for all the sand and other people
-There’s like three different fire pits in your backyard
-"Need fire? I have it"
-Bonfires are life
-Fireplaces are life too
-You like to make your own candles


Represents: energy, inspiration, love, passion, leadership, magick
Gender: Masculine
Direction: South
Energy: Projective
Symbols: Flame, lightning, heated objects (stones in particular), volcano, rainbow, sun, stars, lava, heat
Pentagram Placement: lower right
Goddesses: Brigit, Hestia, Pele, Vesta
Gods: Agni, Horus, Prometheus, Vulcan
Spirits: Salamaders, firedrakes
Time: Noon
Cycle Of Life: Youth
Season: Summer
Zodiac: Leo, Sagittarius, Aries
Colors: Red, gold, crimson, orange, white
Sense: Sight
Stones and Jewels: Ruby, fire opal, volcanic lava, agathe
Magick Tools: Dagger, sword, athame, censer, lamp, candles, incense, herb burning, paper requests, knife
Metals: Gold, brass
Herbal: Garlic, hibiscus, red peppers, cinnamon, coffee, beans, seeds, chili peppers
Trees: Alder, Ash, Cashew, Cedar, Chestnut, Fig, Juniper, Mahogany, Oak, Holly, Rowan, Walnut
Animals: Dragon, cat, lion, horse, snake, cricket, mantis, ladybug, bee, scorpion, phoenix, coyote, fox
Instruments: Guitar, stringed instruments
Type Of Magick: Candle, healing, love spells, energy work
Ritual Action: Burning objects, wood, paper, heating, preparing decoctions, cauldron work

Chant To Invoke:

"Here and now,
I evoke the elemental force of fire.
The flames of creativity and passion,
Dancing source of heat, light, and life.
I seek the glowing force within
That I might warm myself with
Desire, excitement, courage, and inspiration.
I call you forth to burn away
All that impedes my highest vision
And to enact change in the world.
Lightning and heart,
Heart and force
Fire, I call thee hence”

Fire Witch things to do
-light a candle to set your intent for the day
-enjoy the morning sunshine, feel it’s warmth
-do some makeup or fashion magic when you’re getting ready
-meditate with the Sun
-take vitamins and/or medications
-stay warm with hot teas, hot showers, blankets, etc. (the morning can be a bit chilly)
-use the sunshine as a positivity and happiness spell and let it charge you for the day
-carry a tealight with you (you never know when you’ll need one)
-incorporate citrus and spices (like cinnamon, peppers, etc) into your breakfast
-make candles
-go to nature/camping and make bonfires (with care of course!)

Fire Grounding 

- To be done near a lit candle, or by a safe bonfire. 
-Practice fire safety when doing this, and do not go too close to the fire! if no fire is available or safe for you, visualization is recommended
-Have a view/hearing of the fire to the best of your ability


The way the fire crackles and burns away at the wood or wick, the negative and stagnant energy burns away from you. it turns to smoke and dissipates into the air. 

The inside of you is dark and empty. there are only ashes left behind, pure and still.

Each spark and flame fills you with new energy. the flames, their brightness and warmth replenishes and re-energizes you.

From the ashes a new flame is kindled within you, and it lives within your chest.

When you are ready, douse the fire you focused on in the appropriate method. you are not ending it, as the fire lives on it you, where its energies have spread.

Fire Witch: Enhance and Energize Yourself

Here are some simple tips to power yourself up for the day. (Or in general)
(Remember: Intent is very important)

Light A Candle/ Fire
Color doesn’t matter unless you want something special. Look into the flame. Allow the warmth of the flame and light fill your chest, your mind, hands, or wherever you need it. Remember to also take a deep breath. 
This can also be used with open flames, like a stove, campfire, chimney, etc.
(Follow safety precautions with open flames)

The luxury of AC can sometimes numb us or throw off our equilibrium. Early morning sun or sunset is best. When bathing, visualize yourself glowing and acquiring energy. Stretch your body and shake off empty vibes.
Early Sun- Used for renewal or change. Allow your inner phoenix/dragon to wake up and warm up. Also, use the cool air to fill you, so remember to breathe in. This could also be used for Blue Fires that do not like the heat.
Afternoon Sun- Since this energy is at it’s strongest, use this for short periods of time. Can also be used to charge certain things quickly. (Wear sunblock if you plan to stay longer!) 
Sunset- Use to charge up before going to bed, or to keep you going for the night. Allow this diminishing light to erase your stress or to let go of physical and mental weight. Embrace the last few rays of light and incoming stars. 
Moonlight- Technically, moonlight is still part of the sun. Also perfect for Night or Moon Witches that associate with Fire. Perfect for Blue Fires to charge up on this cool and soft light. 

Light (Electric, Natural)
If you don’t or can’t use candles, use lights. (Christmas lights, LED’s, lightbulbs, lamps, solar-lights, etc.)
You can charge yourself up using different light sources. Might not be as powerful as the sun or fire, but it can work.
Decorate your altar, personal or holy space with lights and such.
Soak in the energy and vibrancy of light. 
Use different colored light bulbs to match your tastes!
Looking straight into certain lights can hurt your eyes, so close your eyes and use your body to physically feel the warmth and radiance. 

The very known colors of fire are yellow, orange, and red (Combinations with purple, brown, black, white or blue also work). Wearing or touching these colors can also give you a type of recharge. It can be used in blankets, bed sheets, towels, make-up, clothing, accessories, hair dye, body jewelry, etc. Believe that these colors can protect you and give you power. 
If you like to be creative, use paint or materials to play with these colors.

Known herbs associated with fire are: Basil, Bay Laurel, Cinnamon, Cumin, Juniper, Saffron, Rosemary, Rue, Pepper, Coriander. (Among others)
Foods that are red, spicy, or bitter.
Preparing food with these herbs can also enhance your energy. 
Or drying them and keeping them in your altar or around you also work.
(Cooking food in itself is use of heat and energy. Use it to your advantage)

Sometimes burning things can help you lighten your energy.
On a piece of paper, write down your stress, worries, or anything making you feel negative. Fill a whole notebook if you need! Or keep it small, this is up to you. When you burn it, release the negative emotion associated with it. Allow yourself to feel lighter and at peace.
Burn incense and run your hand over the soft, delicate smoke. 
(For more precise results, choose incense with meaning)

Believe it or not, Fire Witches can also feel a longing for water. Warm water does a great job in helping you cleanse yourself or releasing mental weight. 
Whether it be a warm bath, swimming outdoors in the sun, or even boiling water for tea, use the warmth and strength of the warm/hot water to help you relax.

Much like flames, our body requires us to stay active to allow energy to flow through us. You can go from extensive cardio, to simple workouts or stretches. Stand, sit, or lay down. Raise your arms, or legs, and stretch. Allow your blood to flow. Rub your hands together. Rubs your legs or thighs, arms, head, shoulders, feet. Fires use oxygen to grow, so raise your head and take deep breaths. 
Meditate after stretching or vice versa.
(Dancing to your favorite music works too!)

They need sunlight and warmth just like we do. Plant flowers, herbs or trees. I personally love daisies. (Plus, gardening can also be beneficial in several ways to you, the earth, and life. Good karma all around.) Once your flowers bloom, plants bear fruits or vegetables, or when leaves start sprouting, touch them and feel the energy they radiate. Go to parks, botanical gardens, garden centers, or take a walk. Spend time with plants and really absorb the power they carry. I love to put my forehead on the flowers, without hurting them, and fill my need of energy.

Candle spells

BLACK CANDLE:  Protection

You will need:
One Black Candle
Sheet of Paper


Write down what it is you wish to protect, be it your home, your family, yourself, etc.
Light the candle.
Chant the following ten times:
By the time this black candle has waned,
the blessing of protection be gained
by all that fall beneath its wax
be safely guarded from attack.
Until the next waxing moon appears,
protect all that I have written here.

Allow the candle to burn completely down and the wax to spread across the paper. 
Fold it and keep it until the next waxing moon.
Repeat as often as needed.

WHITE CANDLE:  Spirit Communication

You will need:
One White Candle
Photo of the Person you wish to speak to


Before bed, light the white candle and focus on the flame.  Let’s its warmth ignite the love you feel for the person you wish to communicate with.
Say their name allowed.  Speak of the memories you have with them.  Let the memory of them come to life in your mind.
When you are ready, recite the following spell:
Before I rest my head for the night,
I ask that my heart’s call to you,
(say their name), be answered.
In dreams, let us be together again
and share the embrace of love.
I await your visit
and, for it, you have my deepest thanks.

Blow out the candle and visualize their face in your mind’s eye.
Once the wax has cooled, place it and the picture together near your bed.  You are free to sleep.  Enjoy the visit!


You will need:
One Pink Candle
Piece of paper (cut into a heart shape)
Pencil or pen


On the heart paper, write down the positive aspects and assets you have.  It can be anything (from pretty eyes to being compassionate.)  Fill up the paper and fold it into a half heart.
Hold it in your hands and shut your eyes.  Deeply breathe, and focus on your pulse and the things you wrote.  Focus on yourself.
Recite the following incantation:
I am who I am
flawed, challenging, human
I am who I am
soulful, in communion with the universe
I am who I will be
ever-changing and growing
And I bow to the purpose that resides in me.

Light the heart paper on fire, allow it to turn to ash, and blow out the candle.
Anoint your forehead and the center of your chest with hearts made of ash.  Meditate on the self and what your purpose might me.
Anytime you feel the need to revisit self-love, use the ashes and light the candle again.

PURPLE CANDLE:  Accessing Gifts and Talents

You will need:
One Purple Candle


On the night of the New Moon, sit in a quiet, dark room.  Light your candle and concentrate on expelling all the static energy from your mind.  
Focus on your the gifts you would like to explore.  An example?  If you are drawn to Tarot, have your deck nearby and envision yourself shuffling the cards.
Repeat the following chant 13 times:
My mind is clear, my heart is too
Reveal my gifts, deep and true

Open your eyes and stare into the flame.  Let the fire of inspiration illuminate the talent you want to access.
Invoke the gift by whispering:
On this night, and all nights to come,
I will open myself to this ancient power
and allow discovery of my true potential.

Blow out the candle and keep by your bedside.  When you practice a gift or talent, light it until there is no more wax.

ORANGE CANDLE:  Calling Your Inner Child

You will need:
One Orange Candle
Divinatory Tool (Suggest: Tarot or Oracle cards)


Light the orange candle and begin shuffling your cards.
When you feel that you have shuffled enough, hold the cards in your hand and focus on the flames.
Say the following spell:
Bring future to past
with this candle’s light
and provide for me
childish insight.
One card to tell me of my woes,
another about the child within,
a third cast to bring us together
so that we may begin again.

Draw three cards.  The first will represent your position right now (who you are and what you have been going through); the second will represent your inner child and what insights they can provide through their innocence.  The third and final card will show you what will happen if you allow the present you and your inner child join together.
Light the candle whenever you need guidance from your inner child again.

LIGHT BLUE CANDLE:  Fortune and Glory

You will need:
One Light Blue Candle
Money (coins or paper money)
An Award or piece of Recognition (trophy, certificate, etc.)


Anytime on a Sunday (the day where workings for wealth, achievement, goals, and promotions correspond), place your candle between your representations of fortune and glory.
Put one hand on each item, and say:
I humbly ask for the Universe and all the powers within it to look upon these representations of fortune and glory.  I light this candle to honor you and ask for the following blessings…

Light your candle and return your hands to rest on your items.  Recite:  
By the light of this flame,
sweet fortune I do claim.  
Wealth and wisdom I do gain.
By warmth of this flame,
glory granted to my name.
Recognition I do gain.

Allow the candle to burn until there is no more wax.  Collect what is left, store in a jar, and keep in a place you conduct business.

YELLOW CANDLE:  Invoking the Spirit of Air

You will need:
One Yellow Candle


At 3 PM, go outside and bathe in the light of the middle of the day.  Light your candle and place it in front of you.
Fisting your hands, place them on either side of the candle and say the following incantation:
Here and now, I call the element of Air.  Summer breeze and roaring wind, echoing melody and lifting wings, ever-dancing.  I call you forth to infuse my intention with your swirling fits of both song and silence.  Carry my will on your back and raise my purpose into your sky.  Breath and cloud, sound and song.  Air, I call you to me.

Open your fists and allow for the spirit of Air to translate through your palms and into your center.
Let the candle burn for five minutes and then blow it out, keeping it when you need it again.

GREEN CANDLE:  Invoking the Spirit of Earth
You will need:

One Green Candle


At night, go outside and bathe in the light of the moon.  Light your candle and place it in front of you.
Fisting your hands, place them on either side of the candle and say the following incantation:
Here and now, I call the element of Earth.  Soil of fertility and growth, fecund source of stability, stillness and health.  I call you forth to filter away all that is impure, and to stand rooted in this world.  Mountain and dust, footstep and stone.  Earth, I call you to me.

Open your fists and allow for the spirit of Earth to translate through your palms and into your center.
Let the candle burn for five minutes and then blow it out, keeping it when you need it again.

DARK BLUE CANDLE:  Invoking the Spirit of Water

You will need:
One Blue Candle


At twilight, go outside and bathe in the light of the fading sun.  Light your candle and place it in front of you.
Fisting your hands, place them on either side of the candle and say the following incantation:
Here and now, I call the element of Water.  Tranquil and powerful, rippling and deep, abundant resource of life.  I call you here to infuse my intention.  Wash my will in your flow, carry my purpose on your current.  Dewdrop and lake, clarity and storm.  Water, I call you to me.

Open your fists and allow for the spirit of Water to translate through your palms and into your center.
Let the candle burn for five minutes and then blow it out, keeping it when you need it again.

RED CANDLE:  Invoking the Spirit of Fire

You will need:
One Red Candle


At sunrise, go outside and bathe in the light of the new dawn.  Light your candle and place it in front of you.
Fisting your hands, place them on either side of the candle and say the following incantation:
Here and now, I call the element of Fire.  Heat and flame, passion and love, anger and wildfire.  I call you forth to burn away all that impedes my highest vision and to enact change in the world.  Lightning and hearth, heart and forge.  Fire, I call you to me.

Open your fists and allow for the spirit of fire to translate through your palms and into your center.
Let the candle burn for five minutes and then blow it out, keeping it when you need it again.

Candle Flames and how to read them in your spell work

A lot know about Candle magic as far as candle colors, but some may not entirely understand the meanings behind the candle flame itself. And the flame has a significant meaning when doing any spell work, Divination, channeling, even just speaking to spirits or guides. But not just the flame, the smoke as well, and how it burns.

I also see passed around that you must pinch out or snuff out the flame. Not blow. But I think it’s how you create the spell and the energy you put into it that matters most.

•Clean, good, burn- a quiet, decent flame, without much smoke, movement, and dripping is a good sign. The spell you are working on will go as expected.

•Small, steady, low burning- not as much energy is being used to create the spell needed. But this flame isn’t necessarily a bad sign. Try using more energy as you’re working on the spell. It will grow if the energy increases. If not, be patient, it may take a while for the results to manifest.

•Small flickering flame- this flame may bend a bit also. Your timing may be off or the spell you are working at may not have an outcome that will workout for you. If it drowns in the wax it’s not meant to be.

•Strong flame- There’s a lot of energy in your spell works and the outcome will be good and happen fast for you.

•Dancing flame- high chaotic energy is behind the spell work. Large=potential complications Small=overwhelming opposing forces. There could be outside forces working consciously or unconsciously against you. Just keep an eye on the flame for further signs.

•Flickering flame- If used in spiritual or religious work with God, Gods, Goddesses, Angels, Guides, then your invocation has worked and was acknowledged. It is also a sign a spirit is near. You may also use it for Divination and scrying.

•A flame that pops- more concentration and energy is needed in the spell work. But outside forces may be working against you if it’s uneven. The popping and noises mean that outside forces are communicating or interfering. If you hear other sounds than pops, listen as it may be outside forces like family or guides communicating.

•Candle goes out- This can mean only two things… one: an outside opposing force has ended it and so you should ground yourself and let it alone. It’s not going to happen. Or two: the spell or what you were working for has already been attained.

•Quick burn- there’s a lot of passionate energy in your spell work.

•Blue flame- A sign of spiritual presence, usually angels, and divine spirits.

•Red or Yellow flame- smaller but still powerful energy is fueling your spells.

•Candle will not light- The spell you desire to work on is unattainable at present. It’s outside of your control or may have already been decided. Not everything can be influenced by spells. Take some time to reflect on yourself on why you were stopped from attaining your spell work. Meditate, ground yourself, do a spiritual cleansing, do Divination and ask questions as to why you weren’t able to. After meditation, cleansing, grounding, you might be in a better mind frame to go forward with it again.

•Flame will not go out- YOU ARE NOT DONE. You are being told to go back. You either missed a step, a message, something along the way and need to do more.

•Dense Black smoke- Typically means negative energy. Meditate, ground yourself, and do a spiritual cleanse before continuing because there may be opposing purposes, forces at work, bad luck, and conflict.

•White smoke- signs of benevolent spirits and blessings. Sometimes it comes as a puff of white at a certain moment.

•Lots of smoke- The air element is at work with your spell. Watch the smoke to see if there are any signs for you.

•Smoke moving towards you- A good sign that you will gain what you seek. The exception is hex, vex, and negative spell work. If this happens or it fills the room, this is a sign that you will pay the consequences for your spell and there is no escape. Threefold/karma is tricky. And truly there is nothing that justifies any type of negative spell work.

•Smoke moving away from you- usually not a good sign in spell work as this means your loosing what you tried to obtain. But in healing and influence spell work, this is a good sign as it means everything is going according to plan. Watch the smokes direction, speed, and shape.

•Candle soot- You can actually read into your spell work by the soot left from your candle and flame. Black soot can be a sign of negative energy or outside interference at work. You want to read the amount and the locations of the soot to tell you the outcome. If the soot covers the entire surface, your workings have been foiled and you’ll more than likely need to redo it. If it’s only on the top, the obstruction has more than likely been overcome. White soot indicates spiritual assistance and communication.

Fire Witch Tips

-Birthday candles: if you don´t have access to large candles of every color then birthday candles are a wonderful substitute

-Tea light holders: another colored candle trick is that craft stores and dollar stores usually sell very cheap little tea light holders in a variety of colors that you can put plain tea lights in so that they act how a colored candle would in a spell(plus these are reusable and a lot cheaper than colored candles).

-Write wishes on bay leaves and then burn the leaves to make sure they come true.

-Candles have longer lives when they’re kept in the freezer.

-If you need a small boost of energy or a quick way to ground yourself on the go, carry a lighter with you and light it whenever you need. Draw on the energy from the flame to help you focus or do whatever you need.

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