keskiviikko 1. lokakuuta 2014

I can smell the autumn

I really needed a holiday trip with my friends. Last week so many things started to do wrong again and my stress level was getting higher and higher. I even had one day delay and I was very close to not even going anywhere. Sometimes it is too easy to give up and just stay home and cry all the things that has went wrong that you forget that life isn´t that bad after all. I am really glad I left because I had awesome photoshoots, I saw 3 my top 5 persons (why they all live in Turku?), had such awesome dinners, movienights, makeovers and animal cuteness that I can´t even stand it. I even remembered to photograph few of my daily outfits. This was my Saturday outfit. 

My two days with Anna was full of kittycats, hugs, hours and hours of loud talking and laughing, Ghibli movies (I can´t get Totoro theme song out of my head), tortillas and candle light. I even had I extra bag full of clothes from Anna. I really recommend to change clothes with your friends for free, it is so fun. How has your autumn started? Can you believe, it is finally October...

Today´s outfit

Shirt: H&M
Skirt: Second hand
Shoes: Second hand
Hat: H&M

3 kommenttia:

Magda kirjoitti...

Beautiful you, your clothes and the landscape behind you! Happy October!! <3

Milla // Moon shaped little box kirjoitti...

Ihania kuvia, hieno ja rento asu! ♥

Leena kirjoitti...

Magda: I loved the city and my outfit too <3 October was the best <3

Vivian: Kiitos! <3