tiistai 30. joulukuuta 2014

Diamonds are the girls best friend

Yule wasn´t that great this year. Like Halloween, it was mostly only the day among the other days. It is so true, when you feel blue, holidays sucks. Because I have had such big mental things and even big fights in my friends and all, everything else seem to be just too much. So I have had just normal days and I made the best of the eating times. Gosh I think I ate like 3 peoples food this Yule hah. There was even snow and -20 c for a while but now its too warm again and snow is melting. I went to post office today to get my new shoes and almost crack my head because it was too icy. Finland weather is always changing and you never now what comes next. Actually I think i am the only one who loves that. Even the mother nature want the life gets hard and make it an adventure. It never gets boring you know.

So yeah, what I got on post office was one Yule present from my friend and new shoes, gosh, they are like perfect Kerli shoes. So good to wear and very light. Platform is 14 cm, I feel like a giant in them. And finally got one of my birthday gifts, giant crystal diamond weight like a ton and fit in my whole hand. Wow its just gorgeous. I need to use it on some photoshoot or something. With lots of bling and glitter of course.

The year is changing soon. Tomorrow. It feels kinda weird because I just realized how fast this year went by and I am like, did I even do anything this year? But I guess I did. I need to do recap post next, even to make myself remember the best parts from this year. Because so many painful things happened, so painful that I haven´t even has the power to think about them that much. When people close to you die, you feel so helpless and you are very aware of time. I hope things will makes more sense after I let my let to feel the pain. I want to let go the past. 

New favorite shoes, second hand from my friends closet, love love!

I never think I would like diamonds but I must admit, this was pretty cool gift.

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5th Avenue Goth kirjoitti...

Love those shoes and your hair

Suski kirjoitti...

Melkoset spaissari kengät xP

Leena kirjoitti...

1666 X 30: Thank you! <3

Suski: Hahaa no niinpä! Ihan mahdit <3