lauantai 3. tammikuuta 2015

Hair update

Some reason I always forget to buy enough just one hair colour.. so now when my hair up to shock colors, I end up being with empty jars and then realize I have like 10 other colors except the one I really need. And with no money and same time wanting to color your hair, this happens. And there is some weird thing with my hair. When calender hits December, I want my hair be violet (this happened last time on couple years ago) and when it hits January and I am thinking about Spring, I want to have green hair.. But because my hair is violet/blue at the moment, I think I am really trying to stick with this.

Second hot thing for me, beside my hair, is Jessie J. Keep listening that gorgeous woman everyday and finding strength for my own life trough her lyrics. And her music videos are total inspiration mecca.

Third, got my photography published on magazine again, how cool is that! Mia was great model and I was so honored to ask to be in first issue of Gilded Magazine, thank you so much.

December went fast with many of my closest friends SuviJenni and Niina. And today today I surprised myself going outside on the rain and do new photoshoot. How can your friends make everything so good? My friends are my family. I love you guys.

Ps. I am on Instagram people! You can follow me if you like: @leenaflinck

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