torstai 14. heinäkuuta 2016

Metal leather jacket and kitchen update

Because I have 6 months of blogging material this will be fun haha!

January I got my first Killstar leather jacket, it cost so much but hey, it looks so badass. Every time I use it I feel like Porcelain Black/Harley Quinn/Maria Brink/Toxic vision, yeah, the feel is awesome. The jacket weights 4 kilos (9 lbs), it is so heavy to take with me to photoshoots and when I wear it, I feel like I am having a workout or bulletproof vest (which reminds me of Once upon a time newest season, people you need to watch that show). But because it is just so beautiful, I don´t mind that much.

I tried to find better picture for me using this from my selfie collection but hell, they are all so dark and taken with a phone..

Anywho, today´s plan is to continue my kitchen renovation, I am washing weeks of dishes (yeah I am not that clean person, but I am trying to be... being depressed almost all the time isn´t helping either) and I think that all though everything is how they were before I started, it is nicer to see the change. I also feel so much cleaner in my mind, cleaning and doing painting work makes me go the same place as meditating, I feel calm and my mind is all clear from normal stuff I stress about. So as the home get cleaner (and cooler), I feel like I am changing with it. So, this will be a fun thing to share with you guys!

First day

Second day

I also found new lamp to kitchen, which I am totally in love with. I think I will get pictures from new kitchen this week, with the chandelier. It was on sale, I just couldn´t but buy it. I still need new drapes, maybe next month. If I don´t find nice enough, I need to go to fabric store and make them myself. Can´t wait to show the full before and after pictures.

Mine has only 3 light bulbs

Today´s song

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Bane kirjoitti...

That is a fabulous jacket!

I have a very similar chandelier! :D Good luck with your kitchen. I look forward to the "after" photos.

inka nitta kirjoitti...

Siis vau toi tukka! <3