maanantai 11. heinäkuuta 2016

Witch Island

For a change, my Midsummer festival was purely awesome. We went to our summer house in our little Island next to our lands (that forest is so special to me). We went in to Sauna, we ate a lot, I slept so well, swam the first time in years and felt so serene inner piece. I took few phone pictures from the tree place I think I am making my new ritual place, other side of the island. Jani found raccoon dog skull from there so I think it is just a perfect place. The tree is just as cool and dead as the tree in Blair witch project 2, like how awesome is that. And picture doesn´t show, but around the tree land is all flat and there are space that other parts of island doesn´t have.

Just before going there I watched Blair witch project again, it is one of my absolute favorite movies, it´s still makes me feel so eerie and all. So I think it little made my feeling there feel super nostalgic, inspired and witchy eerie. Just before sun went down one day I took my camera and went to a little adventure and find cool little places to shoot. I was totally eaten by little vampire bastards, but hey, I had fun while playing with my camera. 

It´s almost weird how calm you can get in nature. I think it shows that we are still part of it and belong there. I can´t wait to go back. And I would really like to take creepy videos and do horror mini movies but I really am not movie maker, I get so irritated so fast by little things, I want things go fast and just like I planned them, there is no mistakes in my art world. But that would be good opportunity to learn be more calm and learn how to wait things to happen at their own time.

I hope trough these few pictures you can see little trough my eyes.

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Aallotar kirjoitti...

Viehättäviä luontokuvia. Etenkin tuo kelopuukuva :)

Hiidenneito kirjoitti...

Mäkin haluaisin tommosen oman pläntin jostain <3 Jostain, mikä ei ole täynnä sukulaisia, höhö

Maru kirjoitti...

Upeita luontokuvia! Pitäisi itsekin rentoutua luonnon keskellä vähän useammin :)

Realitaets-Verlust kirjoitti...

So lovely, I miss Finland!