keskiviikko 5. lokakuuta 2016

Oh deer!

So! I headed towards Rauma to get new tattoo at ChAosInk. I wanted a chestpiece, something that is so me and not that everyone have. Animal skulls has become more kind of a thing lately, but not that much I guess.. And it is totally cool to see what others have took! Anyway, every kind of horned animal is symbol of God to me, so this one really mean a lot to me. Wolfie and deer is now part of Finland´s nature, directly on me, I am so happy! I feel like I have the forest on me. I wanted deer to be realistic, just as the wolfie is, it came up even better I hoped for! Now I am thinking should I get something on the backround.. my first idea was just a skull but.. maybe little vines would look cool?

Last month.. oh what can I say? I am back on my eating and workouts, today is arm day. My cleaning and decorating is finally getting somewhere, I can do kitchen and bedroom post pretty soon, yes! My little cabinet of curiosities is getting bigger and bigger and my friend came by for a coffee the other day, she just kept watching all the little things I have on the shelf, I really love when people like them just as much as I do.

When I am outside and waiting the bus or visiting my friend and stay the night, I keep at least one book with me, lately I have been reading Hannibal trilogy, loooving it! I have read them 3 times now, 4th time, here we come! And when I go to visit my bestie Vicky I always buy icecream and then read my little Pony comics on her sofa. If you like the show, you like the comics too, they are so amazing!

And I finally learned how to make cookies. Of course mine are colorful and all Halloweenie. The tasted so good! When I am baking and waiting what ever I am doing to get done, I read Harry Potter on the kitchen (or some other book) and drink cocoa or coffee from my newest favorite mug which I got from Tracon, Friendship is magic, but magic is heresy, I love crossovers! The print reminds me of me and my husband, he hates MLP and I don´t like his game that much so.. It is just perfect. And it got blood and rainbow coming from Pinkie Pie, come on, that is insanely wicked!

My place to work is just perfect this time of year

I went to see my other besties new apartment few weeks ago. Forest on her back yard just blew me away. And she adopted new little kitten, El Diablo, he is purely little devil I can say. Even cuter that way! Breakfast was great everymorning, I really need to get the same toppings on my bread, it tasted so good and I would have never realized it was vegan if I didn´t knew that already. My breakfast times included reading Sandman and Lenore, perfect way to start the day right?!

I wish you have had just as great starting of autumn as me! And it is not over yet, Samhain is coming fast!!

I started to play Tera, altought I changed my name to Pinkamena

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