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F for Faery Witch

Faery (Fairy) Witch: An eclectic witch who seeks to commune with faery folk and nature spirits in their magick workings, spells and rituals. They have no organization or tradition and it has developed of its own accord through common practice. (Not to be confused with the 'Feri Movement'.) Usually, those who work with the fey may also leave offerings regularly, as thanks for the assistance of a faery in their spellwork. They tend to be lone practitioners unless they can find like-minded witches to practice with.

Faery witchcraft is a beloved relationship with one’s human community, but even more importantly, it includes the local plants, animals, streams, and hills in all their aspects (physical and spiritual), as well as the Gods who manifest through the land and through our flesh. Faery witches seek harmonious relationship with the land and people where they live. 

At times, of course, seeking harmony may require conflict, as they are called to defend human or other-than-human beings in our community who are in danger. Faery Craft is a practical approach of work and collaboration with the Faery realm.

How to live like a fairy:

- Grow flowers, walk and dig in the soil
- Eat wild strawberries and blueberries, have fruit picnics
- Dance your heart away while the moon is shining upon you
- Drink water infused with lavender and honey
- Collect things that call to you, let them whisper their secrets and long history to you

Fae work guide: types of witches

This is a guide on which fae work best with certain types of witches.
-Healing/garden/floral witches- garden fae, floral fae (These fae are the most gentle and sweet)
-Kitchen/cottage/hearth witches- gnomes and brownies, hobgoblins, leprechauns, banshees, herb fae, spice fae and fire fae (live in the hearth and the candles you light.)
-Water/sea/lunar witches- mermaids (duh), selkies, lunar court/moon faeries, naiads, and the faery Queen Nimue
-Green/earth/animal witches- forest fae, gnomes, knockers, The Greenman, pixies, brownies, dryads, dwarves, herb/plant fae, leprechauns, goblins, tree fae, trolls, giants and Cerridwen
-Fire/solar/glimmer witches- sun court/solar fae, dragons, salamanders, will-o-the whisps, Brigid
-Air/storm witches- Vila, Queen Arianrhod, rainbow sprites, weather fae (storm fae, wind fae), nephelai, butterfly and dragonfly sylphs
-Cosmic/star witches- cosmic fae and stellar fae
-Ice/winter witches- Jack Frost, snowflake faeries, winter court, and Holda

Fairy Folk And Their Kin

There are many types of fairy folk that are commonly experienced and fun to learn about. Here are few of my favorites I have tried to find for years.


Dryads are the indwelling spirits of trees and are able to slip out of their  at trunks and limbs at night, appearing as tall, tree-like white or gray shadows in the moonlight. They silently roam through homes, specially ones made of wood or old ones where rough wood was hewn for posts and beams. While inside a home, they may stand at the window peering out at the moon lit night, humming softly, getting a new perspective of their own wooded habitat from interior spaces. They are kind, gentle, and grandfatherly.

How Dryads Help Us  
Dryads want to keep the trees they inhabit healthy and looking good and are sensitive to all the creatures that depend upon them remaining well-rooted and stable, so they need our conscientious care and appreciation of trees. They do not like when limbs fall from the trees they inhabit and prefer that their human counterparts collect and branches and twigs that may fall (it actually embarrasses them or makes them sad to have their own dead branches beneath their canopy). Dryads appeal to us to help them maintain the base of their trunks keeping it all tidy and delightful, and will acknowledge our care for them in return by keeping us safe as best they can. Dryads will not allow the tree they lodge in, or its heavy branches, to fall upon homes or people if they can help it. And they often convey mystical messages to anyone looking up at them or caring for them in appreciation. Messages such as “It is time for you to move on in life,” or “Great change is coming.” Conversely, they will deliver messages you may ask them to send out, to change the weather or to send thoughts or warnings to loved ones.

How To Attract Dryads 
Clear any underbrush and broken twigs or limbs from any trees nearby. Inspect the tree for damage, look closely at the bark and even place a rock circle at the base surrounding the tree to let your residential Dryads know that you are focusing on them and wish them well. Be kind to animals that live in their branches and don’t be too shy to talk, sit with, hug, or sing to trees that live among you. Try it and see what happens. These deeply compassionate, aged spirits are there to help us.

Elemental Fairies

The four elements are Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire, and they each have different attributes and personalities. So,too, do the fairies associated with each element differ in vast and small ways. 

Earth Fairies 

Remember playing in the mud as kids, maybe making mud pies or getting covered in it, and feeling happy to squish it between your fingers and toes? Fairies of the Earth are at work underfoot; they’re the entities that govern the turn of soil, helping the insects and worms that keep soil aerated and healthy. They encourage seeds, helping them germinate, and then coax the roots, urging them to have bold confidence to claim the soil for themselves. Earth fairies are stocky with dark green,clay red, or brown hues. They have wings that resemble beetles, shiny wings. They’re dense in appearance rather than holographic. They’ll brush against your ankles as you walk, playfully tugging at you through the mud or pricking your bare feet with tiny sticks or thorns, just out of rambunctiousness. They are seen best in the gloaming light at end of day, as  they like to catch a glimpse of the residential Fairy Queen who passes by in twilight.

How Earth Fairies Help Us
Earth Fairies know that we come from dust and shall return to it, and that all living things on Earth eventually break down into the soil, in one form or another. While we are alive, the Fairies of the Earth long to claim us as the Earth’s gravity and magnetic pull show us that our place is naturally the ground we walk on. They help us understand intrinsically that we thrive from the root  up, and need a foundational base in which to grow truly strong. The electrons and healthy bacteria emitted through the earth have great health benefits to us, shifting our moods and regulating bodily organs. Children instinctively run outside barefoot, and adults should, too! Earth fairies want us to be and feel grounded, to receive the gifts from the core of the Earth into our own core, and their mission is to give us reason to stabilize our lives through real depth; they want us to take root and know we belong.

How To Connect With Earth Fairies
Go outside as often as you can and walk barefoot. Try to get your feet against the actual ground, and simply feel yourself there, your weight sinking in or being fully supported by it. Earth Fairies will be present as you are infused with pure energy in the form of electrons, receiving and connecting with the biological rhythms of your planet. And don’t be shy about digging, tending to gardens, and reaching with bare hands into the earth. You may not be making mud pies or sand castles anymore, but there are great benefits of getting dirty and standing upon or getting into the rich soil.


If you want to be at your utmost desirable, Nymph vibes are there for you. Sultry, sensual, sexy, and most alluring are creatures known as Nymphs. They get our hearts quivering as they tease us with their mysterious charisma. Enchantment and starlight appeal is their essence. They’re seen in quick flashes of light upon water, or heard at times as whispering or gentle rustling in the night, like pillow talk whispers. They’re shimmery apparitions of lust and their giggles sound like one who has known desires fulfilled. They may inhabit land, forested areas, rivers, trees, and even more cultivated areas of orchards, loving to roam on high in the groves of fruit or nut trees. Their loveliness gives wisteria and lilac their beguiling aroma.

How Nymphs Help Us 
Similar to Mermaids, Sirens, and Selkies, these nature spirits express a sexual fecundity that permeates matter. They are shy but curious, playful and uninhibited in their seductive temptation and will charm you into your best, most captivating self. Fruitful, young, budding, and irresistible, they appeal to the passion within those they encounter. Humans may find themselves as if in a dream or with ravenous appetite for pleasure when Nymphs are near. Sitting quietly in the shade of a tree near a gentle spring, that sense of yearning and longing for love and fervor for life may peak within when a Nymph sets her gaze upon you. Nymphs want you to fall in love and have love.

How To Attract Nymphs
When you have a keen desire to be loved and to love another, Nymphs will draw near. If you wander through a wood or nearby a spring or brook, singing softly about love, Nymphs will hear you and follow. Where there is a desire for love and ample sexual tension, a Nymph is not far off. See and especially touch everything outside, the leaves (are they glossy or velvety?), the flowers (are they satiny or plush?), and close your eyes as you feel the contour of rocks and the limbs of trees. Everything is sexually charged in a Nymph’s world, and reacquainting yourself with textures is primary to stimulate your carnal nature. Nymphs wake you up to love making, and generously tantalize your basic sense of pleasure.


These fairies look like old women, and the term is often used interchangeably for spirits as well as for human crones with magical powers. Folklore often holds them responsible for nightmares, and some stories say they sit on sleeping men’s chests, causing a feeling of immobility known as sleep paralysis. In other tales, hags transform themselves into beautiful young women and sneak into men’s bedrooms at night as succubi to have sex with sleeping mortals.

Hags turn up  in the myths of many cultures, as the Irish banshee, Eastern Europe’s Baba Yaga, and Japan’s Onibaba. Perhaps the most familiar hags in the English-speaking world are three witches in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, who chant “toil and trouble”. while stirring their strange brew. Although folklore acknowledge their powers as healers, sometimes linking hags with Hecate and the nature goddesses of winter, neither mythology nor modern literature has much good to say about these beings. Like witches, hags for centuries have been portrayed almost universally as ugly, evil creatures who consort with the devil and other demonic forces. This misconception may have contributed to the murders of countless human women and children in Europe and the American colonies from the fifteenth through the eighteenth centuries.

Meditation: Get Into A Fairy Reverie 

We want to have knowledge of our natural world, of the land, the stars, and the tides, but even more so, to revel in how it makes us feel as it powerfully draws us forth, to swim, to play, to immerse ourselves as we once did as children. We climb summits to feel a stronger, triumphant sense of self, and we explore caves to go deeper into what is not commonly known or experienced, Nature becomes symbolic of and entwined with our inner knowing and concept of who we are, and that inner knowing tells us the spirit of life is inherently one and the same as fairy life. It is mysterious and ethereal, likes us, even more than we are physical.

The realm of fairies is open when we allow ourselves a more fluid sensibility and acceptance of it, simply being in and with nature, to allow love to freely flow to and from our hearts, overriding our impulse to mentally control, characterize, and classify everything. Inhabitants of our environment beyond our textbook labels will tell us who they are if we listen and watch with a hint of expectation. This is not a mental process so much as an intuitive opening through creative, imaginative interplay with nature. However, this is not to say that fairy ways are only whimsical or trifling.

Fairies are fun, yes, and jocular and frolicsome, yet in their way they are very serious, somber, and tempestuous. They’re as changeable as the weather. Inwardly, we know we must respect nature and the power within it to aid us or destroy us. Fairies are one with this natural momentum of the elements as we watch it do what it does. Fairies are playful and high-spirited, but not to be disregarded. As has been passed down to us through time, we know not to tick them off, these fairy folk- there is mischief in them when we do. They are not just passive presences, they are a prevailing life-force energy that we cannot deny, and yet they’re elusive. Being engendered into fairy wisdom takes a willingness to open and develop the inspired, visionary, artistic, and mystical mien of our human essence.

We need a little bit of daring and a lot of friskiness mixed with quiet awe to engage properly with fairies. Fairies are entities that baffle,confuse, delight, and even aggravate, agitate, and throw tantrums until they get their way. They are the energy of “the will to thrive,” and that’s spunky. Fairies are helping life prosper, by aligning with it to funnel beauty and longing and love into each living particle. Watch anything grow and you will recognize it; you’ll see tenderness, innocence, and also a dauntless presence of flourishing zeal. All growing life knows no other than to strive to prosper. Fairies are made of this abundant spirit of life. Look at a leaf as the sun bathes it. The leaf is more than willing to receive all it needs and ask for nothing less. The sun gives all it has to boldly give. This same simple determination to blossom, bloom, and triumph is fairy essence.

For this boldness, fairies are often seen as demanding and spoiled, full of spite if less than desired is given. Fairies , in their machinations, want what they want. A fairy will demand whatever it may need to survive and anything else it wants is expected to be given (for optimal blossoming, and more)- or else!

Source From : “ A little bit of fairies, An introduction to fairy magic

” Book by: Elaine Clayton

Gift ideas for Faery Witches

-If you are an artist, a drawing or painting of a faery would be amazing
-Visit a gardening store and look at the faery garden section, they can never have too much decor
-A faery tree ornament if they celebrate christmas/yule 
-Research what kind of plants attract faeries, and buy one if they have the space for it.
-fae statues 
-Colorful stones or aquarium gravel for their garden
-some faery jewelry 
-If you do choose to buy them a new faery house, please be sure its usable and has a working door, you’d be surprised how many houses are fake
-A table and chairs for the fae to sit and eat or just rest
-Those little christmas lights for your room, faeries prefer dim lighting and also it makes the room look beautiful
-a cute little sign that says something like “fairies welcome” 
-If they have a record or CD player, get them some calming music, or even music specifically for fae (yes its a thing!!)
-If they’re young at heart or just artistic, get them a fairy coloring book
-crystals that attract faeries such as: clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, moss agate, and goldstone

Faerie guidance oil
Oil is to be used by dabbing a little on the third eye. It will increase your ability to sense the faeries and hear their guidance. You may even see faeries in your minds eye. Good to use before tarot or other divination techniques or before sleep to induce dreams of the faery realms.

Rose petals for attracting faeries and their loving guidance
Dandelion fluff for increased psychic ability
Elderflower to produce dreams of the faerie realms
Lavender to attract faeries
Daisy petals to create psychic awareness of nature spirits
Chamomile for attracting wealth- essentially the spiritual essence of “shiny things” that are known to attract faeries
Wormwood to induce visions and calling up spirits (Please add a very tiny pinch only of this, it is toxic in large amounts)
Rose essential oil for psychic visions
Olive oil carrier
miniature jar or bowl

In your jar or bowl mix your olive oil and rose essential oil. No need to go overboard with the rose oil, just add a few drops until it becomes fragrant. Mix your herbs into the oils and seal your jar. It will be fine to use straight away but it will become stronger over time. Leave out in the moonlight on the next full moon for added strength.  Dab on the third eye when you wish to communicate with the faeries during tarot readings, divination, and meditation.

Faery Witch Tip
Hold a magnifying glass up to your eye to blur your vision to help you to better see faeries. Something about blurring the world around you makes it easier to sense their presence.

Witch tip 2
If you don’t want to attract the fae, don’t buy too much honey at once.

Witch tip 3
Moon is the perfect time to connect with the Fae. The full moon awakens the spirit realm, strengthens intuition and deepens your connection to divine magick.

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