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Witchy self care

I had my own first retreat with my witchy friends this weekend, I feel all balanced and I want to share the feeling with others.

How do you feel today? Like I said about in Cottage Witch post, do you take care about of castle, your home, now I ask, do you take care of YOU? Sometimes we are so busy we don´t have time for ourselves and our body and mind aren´t in balance anymore. Even if you already feel quite good, it is really important to take care of yourself, to do some self care. Loving our best friend (that is you) is the most important thing. It doesn´t need to be anything big and expensive, do things that you actually enjoy. Here is few things I do when I feel little bit down, stressed out or just when I want to pamper myself. Every little small thing you do for you, is important.

You can use things that are supposed to use in love spells, to make your own self love feel more effective. If spells doesn´t work for you, you can make a love altar or a little magick pouch full of love related things in it. And why not even make a witch ball? Get crafty! Use them in your kitchen, use as incense, hold a crystal, anything that works for you.

Herbs for love

Apple leaves and seeds
Geranium (pink)

Incense for love


Crystals for love

Rose quartz
(Remember that Rose quartz fades in the sun and same goes for Opal when in contact with salt)

Day of the week

Friday or Tuesday

Time of day

Sunrise or Sunset

Moon phase

Crescent or Full


Red and Pink

Other things

Himalayan salt
A bed
Heart emoji
Apple pie
A pearl necklace

My first rose petal bath. For self love and feminine feeling. It felt so awesome, highly recommend herb baths. You can also wash your hair with herb oils that you can simply do by yourself (coming soon in a post)

Witchy things to do when feeling stressed or depressed:

- Take a nap
- Sit in the warm sunshine
- Cuddle a pet
- Go to bed early
- Meditate and imagine the negative energy fly away with bursting golden light
- Forget all the yoga and just lie down for however long you need
- Put on body lotion (you can also dry brush your skin, it makes your skin feel super smooth!)
- Change your clothes into something more comfortable
- Wash your hair
- Light some candles
- Write a love letter to yourself
- List 10 good things about yourself
- Watch a childhood classic on TV
- Clean your room: make it cozy and safe
- Care for yourself the way your guardians would when you were a sick child
- Do a small task or hobby that you used to love - listen to old music
- Play a game from your past
- Eat a healthy meal
- Put on some upbeat music (and dance with it!)
- Drink ice cold water
- Change into clothes that make you feel good but aren’t pyjamas (probably also your absolute favorite clothes, even though you are not going outside)
- Go for a walk
- Challenge yourself to do the things you want to do and reward yourself after
- Get in touch with a friend
- Go to a public place, like a coffee shop, read a book or just chill and enjoy the coffee
- Say hello to a stranger, you can just smile too, you have no idea what effect the simple smile has
- Call your mum (or other family member, or a very close friend)
- Message a long lost friend (they might also be missing you)
- Arrange to meet someone you love
- Join online groups of people with similar interests
- Do some light exercise
- Drink a glass of water (use moon or sun charged water for extra boost)
- Do some yoga or stretches
- Go to bed early
- Eat something healthy and tasty
- Clean your home
- Write about how your feelings
- Dance to your favorite music
- Sing
- Put on makeup
- Paint or draw
- Bullet journal
- Write a story, some poetry or a diary entry
- Change your hairstyle (go wild if you like!)
- Drink something warm
- Go somewhere you feel safe
- Spend time with safe, loving people
- Watch a lovely tv-show or movie
- Get under some blankets
- If it’s cold, sit by a fire
- Cuddle someone or something
- Give yourself a little hug
- Do some shadow work, don´t be scared about it!
- Burn Frankincense, Orange Peel, and Sage if you are having creative blockages or feel yourself slipping into a depression, these will help lift your spirits and feel motivated again!
- Take a cleansing shower, imagine your worries going down the drain
-Carry some charged crystals with you or hold it in your hand and feel the positive power flowing inside
-Watch something that makes you laugh
-Buy yourself flowers
-Brush your hair slowly and carefully, making sure not to cause any accidental breakage
-Rub a scented lotion into your hands, elbows and heels while humming a happy song softly to yourself
-Anoint yourself with your favorite essential oil (diluting if necessary) on your throat, the base of your neck and behind your ears
-Massage your feet while listening to calming music
-Make yourself dinner (or dessert!) and fill it with love and good energy
-Take a hot bath in a dimly lit room and imagine the thoughts passing through your mind as clouds passing over the moon. Acknowledge them without judgement, and allow them to drift freely onward.
-Get a new plant and place it somewhere where you can see it often and feel happy about it
-Ask for help if you need it
-Damiana is a love herb. You can use it for self love and confidence. Smoke it or make it into a tea.
Make the tea and squeeze a little orange in it. Oranges are really good for lifting spirits and giving a feeling of happiness. It is so good with a lil bit of honey.
Damiana is used to treat headache, bed wetting, depression, nervous stomach, and constipation; for prevention and treatment of sexual problems; boosting and maintaining mental and physical stamina; and as an aphrodisiac.
-When it rains, go outside and stand in the rain. Feel the rain refresh you.

 Cleansing Routine

-Clean your room; focus on each individual section, dust and purge
-Clean your eating habits; try to stick to plant-based meals and don’t eat anything processed or junk food
-Delete old texts and clean your phone out
-Clean up social media
-Clean your sheets, shower, and wash your clothes
-Throw out or consolidate old bottles of lotion, perfume, etc.
-Clean out your herb supply, throw out moldy or old potions and spell jars
-If you have a carpet, pour a mix of herbs onto it and vacuum them up
-Take a shower or bath and use an enchanted scrub to get rid of dead skin and cleanse yourself
-Take out the garbage and freshen it up
-Light a few candles and change out your pillowcases
-Move furniture around, move plants and items to bring new energies in
-If your altar is messy, clean and organize it; cleanse or charge your crystals and throw out old candles
-Make new playlists and delete old ones you no longer listen to
-Be as kind as you can not only to others, but to yourself
-Donate old books or materials, old clothes, etc.
-Wash your shoes
-Draw sigils inspired by your name and cleansing and burn them
-Learn something new, and teach something new
-Trim your nails and moisturize your skin
-Clean pieces of jewelry you wear often
-Throw out or reuse old pill bottles; put crystals in them, paint them, use them as spell jars
-Renew good relationships and remove yourself from old ones
-Write down things that bother you on a piece of paper and burn it. Just burn things.
-Delete unnecessary contacts
-Drink plenty of water and ingest a lot of plants; cleanse your internal system

Blessed be darklings, take care of yourselves! 

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