sunnuntai 15. joulukuuta 2013

My day pictures

My style now days

I took pictures from my friend Varpu

And spent time at Annis, even carbage corner is cool

Cat is my favorite

Teatime! This is my favorite teacup

I draw Violet

And wanted cool doors back in fashion

I am using my new bracelets almost every day

Sex and the city, nice wine and new Trendi magazine, perfect

And movies with popcorn!

Now, I am making photoshoot plans for next year so "see you later" (just watched Scream 3).

Today´s song:


4 kommenttia:

Unknown kirjoitti...

Upea banneri!

Violette B. kirjoitti...

Popcorn and a good movie at home, just my fav combo. I hope to see many fantastic photoshoots over here in 2014 too ^_^

Nee kirjoitti...

What tha fuk did I just watch?

Leena kirjoitti...

Pia: Kiitos! <3

Violette B.: It is just great. And yes you will see awesome stuff this year!

Rotten Illusion: Juurikin näin! xD