maanantai 8. syyskuuta 2014

Style inspiration: Pastel goth/Creepy cute

Latest year has been full of inspiration. And I am hooked on Pinterest. When you get there, you realize that you have been there last 3 hours... Anywho, my biggest stylecrush at the moment is pastel goth (as you may have noticed on last post..). Creepy cute style is what it sounds like, creepy and alternative style with cute stuff in it, hints of color or lots of it. Shock colored hair is almost must have thing with the style and you of course need to have it long. Oh I wish my hair was long already. For more inspiration pastel goth pictures on my Pinterest. I don´t own any of the pictures and I am really sad I don´t know the real sources of these. Whoever you are girls, I absolutely adore your styles.

3 kommenttia:

Alexandriaweb kirjoitti...

I have been finding this style really inspiring too :)

Ophelia of Harts kirjoitti...

This is a style I have really been loving recently, nice inspiration~!

Leena kirjoitti...

Alexandriaweb: Me too!

Ophelia of Harts: It is sooo nice <3