lauantai 7. helmikuuta 2015

Choker love

Today´s outfit

Chokers: Kalithea
Shirt; Second hand
Corset: Second hand
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Second hand

Some reason my head keep going all messed up again. I feel super exited about few things but the same time I can´t focus on anything or I feel like total loser. I have really bad mood swings and I haven´t gone on therapy over a month because I keep forgetting it and I think it is starting to effect me.. never realize how important it is to me. So I am just trying to do things that make me happy and still try, maybe with little force, do something. Fashion and style things always make me happy so.. I have been watching hundreds of lifestyle videos on Youtube, read awesome blogs and I want to evolve my style and go even further with this.  I hope my depression phase go away soon because I have (again) million ideas but.. kah, this is just so irritating that I can´t do all the things I want. But I am happy that I am going on Helsinki this month, only 2 weeks and I am back on tracks again with doing things and seeing my friends.

5 kommenttia:

5th Avenue Goth kirjoitti...

your hair! it's amazing!

HuggyHare kirjoitti...

Ihanat hiukset, kauniisti liukuu violetista mustaan. Tuo vaaleanpunainen choker on tosi suloinen :)

Saija Sasetar kirjoitti...

Chokerit ❤
Oot taas nii upee! ^___^
Silmämeikki on hieman erinäköinen..nice :)

Kivaa ku innostuu ja on ihan höpönä ja tuli persuksen alla, mut se on kyl ärsyttävää ku ei millään ehdi kaikeee!! Ääääh!
Yayy! Nähään pian! ❤

~ Frillycakes ~

linnea-maria kirjoitti...

That shirt is so lovely! Great hair. I'm thinking of shaving my hair once again but as I have changed profession I'm a bit scared of doing it.

Leena kirjoitti...

1666 X 30: Thank you!

HuggyHare: Violetissa oon nyt pysynytki vähän pidempään, on toi vaan niin kiva väri <3

Saija Sasetar: Niinpä! Olispa aikaa kaikkeen haha xD

linnea-maria: Did you cut your hair? ^_^