lauantai 31. tammikuuta 2015

Shadow dancer

Shadow dancer

Last year was great modeling year, I gained so much new confidence and did some seminude and nude photoshoots. Now showing skin isn´t a problem anymore and I am over all, more confident about my body. My month without a scale went pass so fast and it wasn´t that hard actually. I tough it would have been harder. You really don´t need to check your weight every day or even every week. Just once in a while is fine, to check is your weight the same. Keep dancing babes, it is awesome! Keep yourself moving, everyday just a while trought the day. It makes all the change.

All pictures by Kari Vuorio

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El kirjoitti...

I am so glad to hear this! Everyone should feel good in their skin because each and every one of us is beautiful in our own unique way. Today's beauty standards are way too unhealthy in my opinion and being skinny is not always desirable!

Saija Sasetar kirjoitti...

Oot kyl upeus! ♡

♡ Frillycakes ♡

Leena kirjoitti...

Ellone Andreea: Thats right! <3

Saija Sasetar: Kiitos muru <3