torstai 3. syyskuuta 2015

What a lovely day

I have finally back! (again haha)
After months of self thinking and after a month just being out of everything that includes other people or sitting in front of the computer, I finally feel I am some sort of place where I can do things I love the most. One of them is definitely blogging. Few things made me find myself again. My friends who love me no matter what. My first cover as a photographer just came up three days ago. Love of my life still wants to be with me, although I still think I am a jerk who doesn´t deserve him but I don´t let that be a problem haha. Games. I just love videogames. My love at the moment are scifi and apocalyptic survival games, super awesome, I will be a badass! And movies, tv-series which have been effecting me like my whole life starting with Tank Girl, Waterworld, Mad Max, Blade Runner and The Tribe. Its like cult movies can shape your identity trough the years. No matter how many times you have seen them, you always find something new. Game crushes at the moment: Borderlands, Halo and Mass Effect. So cool so cool. Up coming this week is list about apocalyptic favorites so be prepared to see some badass stuff! And oh, modeling photoshoots coming up with my new look, my hair hasn´t ever been this short and I am all about dystopia. Maybe I will do a post about dystopia too.. feel so inspired at the moment! 

What has happened in blog world while I was gone?

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Few inspiration stuff that I love sooo so much

Lori Petty in Tank Girl
Elena in Waterworld
Mad Max and Dog
Pris from Blade Runner
Jack from Mass effect
Maya from Borderlands 2 (I have the same haircut at the moment)

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