torstai 17. syyskuuta 2015

September wishlist

Hello sweet darklings! I really really try to blog every week at least once, this is a real try this time haha. At the moment I am totally in love with alternative fashion, Killstar and all. And because I do certain shop posts time to time, it is time to let you know one of my favorites at the moment. As you may know, I love little shops and people who starts with nothing and build their way up with hard work. So, Totentanz has really made me in their regular costumer in good costumer service and very good quality products. I would like to buy everything from the store, but here is few of my favorites.. Just wait, when I get money to buy my autumn clothing, you might see some of these... 
Hot things at the moment (for me), back bags, Wednesday Addams dresses, leggins (what?!), maxi dresses (all around the year), hoodies and some sort of harem pants, pentagrams, moons, capes, different kind of accessories I need to photoshoots. All these with high heels, platforms or chunky heels, I am good thank you. 

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Ahh..Killstar ❤
On vaan kaikkee aivan liian ihanaa!!

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