tiistai 13. lokakuuta 2015

31 days of Halloween day 2 - Wasteland inspired look

I have no idea why this keep happening. Every damn time I try to keep in some sort of schedule and I have very strict plans, I get sick (or something). My Halloween challenge doesn´t seem to be any exception, because I have been sick.. a week now! Argh, I want to clean my house and decorate it for Halloween and shoot a video it for you and do all kind of styles and things I had planned.. I have this camera karma or something, doing videos just doesn´t work for me haha. So, I just hope I get well soon, I hope even tomorrow I could do something.. this weekend I go to Helsinki (tattoos and photoshoots and friends yeeeyy!) and don´t have a chance to edit anything in many days (for obvious reasons).. Well, this sucks, just can´t say anything else.

Anyway! Some of you may know, if you follow me in Facebook and Instagram (@leenaflinck), my style crush at the moment is dystopia, apocalyptic and altogether end of the world looks. I watched all the Mad Max´s again, start to watch series called 100 and I have been playing Borderlands 1 and 2 like a crazy person (eooo!). Many of you suggested black version of my road warrior make up so here it is! This time it reminds me little bit of cyber goth style. But I think cyber style is very much apocalyptic style anyway. I have never get that good touch for it, trough all the goth styles, but now, I feel like I can do it my own. Mix dystopia and cyberpunk together, very cool!

I hope you liked this style and I am doing many many more, if you have suggestions for up coming posts, I have room for your ideas!

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Unknown kirjoitti...

A great look and your Makeup is awesome! Have a nice weekend ;)