keskiviikko 7. lokakuuta 2015

31 days of Halloween Day 1 - Nancy Dawns

31 days of Halloween! This is absolutely one of my favorite challenges and I would have liked to start to do this 2 years ago, but always forgot the first days and then I quit.. But this year, although I was just sick (of course..) I am trying to do this epic video challenge, gosh, it is so hard to do something for each day, it takes so much time and effort. Ideas I have for like 3 months worth, so this will be fun month!

Nancy rules, she is little insane but, oh the style, she is a cool witch. If you haven´t seen the Craft, watch it right away!

2 kommenttia:

Larz Vialexx kirjoitti...

Hauskalta kuulostava haaste kieltämättä ja upeat meikkaukset! :)

Satua kirjoitti...

Näitä sun videoita on aina niin kiva katsoa! Jään innolla odottamaan seuraavia postauksia :)