torstai 1. syyskuuta 2016

Favorite blog of the week - Kriss Poison

So I am finally back in blogging world! Your blogs truly inspires me and I decided to continue my favorite blogs posts! And of course I wish to hear from your favorites too!

So, this time, I read Kriss´s blog in 3 days and now my head is full of:
beautiful gardens of Australia, 
castles and mansions, 
cute things, 
I started drink tea again (I love my herb Clippo teas!), 
I am waiting fall to come, I have few new movies to watch, 
inspired feeling to learn more about witchcraft and my own gifts.. 
coffee and teashops, I need to go those more,
thrift stores,
and all kreepy cute is soooo cute again to me! 

So.. what am I still writing, just look at these awesome pictures about everything awesome, blog just can´t get better than this!

All of this from Kriss Poison
And check out my other favorite blogs

2 kommenttia:

Aallotar kirjoitti...

Kyseisen verinoidan blogi on todella tunnelmallinen ja siitä on tullut yksi minunkin suosikkeja näiden muutaman kuukauden aikana mitä oon seuraillut ♥

Kriss Poison kirjoitti...

You've done an amazing job! Thank you for writing about me <3