tiistai 30. elokuuta 2016

Dark shadows and vanity table DIY

Feeling all victorian witchy today. Cleaning and decorating is so calming while watching Criminal minds, Hannibal movies and Dark Shadows, which I started to watch again. Only soap opera I am willing to watch! I love the mood in it and how every motion is so over the top and they need to watch in the great distance where nobody else doesn´t see.. Music is amazing and even though I already know the family secrets (because the movie and all) I still love to wait and see how Victoria reveals them. 

60´s Dark Shadows tv- series cast

Tim Burton version of Dark Shadows (2012)

I didn´t tell you guys that I got a chance to go botanical garden in Turku early in this year, I wish I would have took more pictures but what can you do.. It was so beautiful! This little pong even had koi fishes in it! I had never seen them before and they were huge, I wish I had pictures of them too..

And look what goodies I am getting this week! New little babies for my cabinet of curiosity (add zillion hearts here). The little batties are the ones I am waiting for the most, 2 skeletons and 1 dried one, so cute! All of these will look amazing in our bat cave. Little clocks will have transformation to new covers for few skeletons. Few years ago I had 1 globe clock but I think I throw it away accidentally..

My current painting project is my vanity table which I keep in the bedroom. I don´t use it that much and mostly it´s just covered well.. stuff. I decided to make it more me, so maybe it will be in more use. Mu husband found it for me and it is second hand, it was free. So only thing that cost in this DIY for me, is the paints, which I already bought for my other projects and didn´t use that much so this was perfect. Paint was dry after 2 hours and the big black one was so good one for this one. I even have still to paint something else! I still need to fix the drawers.. or maybe I want them to be ombre.. really can´t decide. I got the idea to paint insides red from GIY´s blog (which is amazing, go check it out). I have seen many others to do this too, but I think I first see it on there. Absolutely gorgeous dresser by the way. I think I want the ornaments or something beautifully detailed things in my vanity table too. And later on I am going to get new nobs, maybe crystal or victorian detailed, which I love oh so much.

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Bane kirjoitti...

Gorgeous outfit! I think crystal knobs would be perfect for your vanity table.

Nebula kirjoitti...

Heheh, ihanaa kun kisukin mukana pöydän tuunailussa.. :D

Neiti Kumma kirjoitti...

Mä niin odotan mitä keksit noista kuvuista ja millain järkkäät kotiasi taas eteenpäin :).
Mäkin koetan oman blogini raapaista kesäkuulumisten jälkeen henkiin niin, että aletaan kalloilemaan oikein kunnolla :)