sunnuntai 22. tammikuuta 2017

Cinderella (2015)

Sooo... I have been loving classic fairytale movies lately. And some reason the acted ones has been the top thing this winter. Here is few new ones I watched first time ever or after a long time (didn´t even remember the plot). Definitely  must see movies for you too! Or.. maybe I just do this one by one, otherwise this would be too long post for you to read ha! Let´s start with Cinderella!

Ok I know what you guys think, how can this story or movie or what ever, be told any new kind of way, well, getting all beautiful by fashion, scenery, awesome actors, music and directing. It really went trough my feelings and I even cried. I needed to watch the movie twice, first watch wasn´t enough! 
If you have seen Once upon a time, you know how the dressing make you feel all uuu and aahh, well, this movie does that. Sandy Powell just kicked ass by her designs. Earlier costumes I like for her doing (just by examples) was from Interview with the vampire and Gangs of New York. 

And you may know how in Once upon a time they make you understand and love the villains too (like in the Maleficent, you just can´t but love how they make you feel all different about all the characters.

"Have courage and be kind", it is like a new motto for me. It is such a good thing to everyone to remember, that you need to have courage when things get rough and even the hardest times, people need kindness. Ella´s mom is such a great mom. And her dad too. The mansion is totally my dream home, so much nature there too! Stepmom has the wickest style ever, gosh I want to wear her every outfit. And if I had a fairy godmother, I wish Helena (her costume lights up when she cast spells!!) will buff her way in to my life! Oh the glitter in this movie..
Ps. I wish I had the rose garden from the palace.

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