tiistai 3. tammikuuta 2017

New year resolutions

I am going trough last years pictures and videos, I am making new video diary series, now that I have already shooted everything (episode every week!). I am missing my nails from last spring.. and my long straight red and black hair. My hair is all black now, because I messed up my dyes, damn it! But it will come back soon, I have already bought new silver colors, can´t wait to show you my new style soon!

Last year was very difficult for me, many people left from my life, but I got so many new ones and the old best ones, well they are the best for reason right? I feel the change in me. I am def not the same person I was before. Trust is the main thing these days. I am still super open for my best friends, but other people, opening up is so hard. I can just feel the words and feeling coming up and then.. nothing. I just can´t anymore. Maybe it is a good thing. I am not that type of "normal" finn, I always do what I want, speak everything that comes in mind, I love hugging even strangers and helping is my thing. So maybe, becoming more adult I guess, I can finally understand people who aren´t that open to others. I don´t, still, never want to become cold and selfish, I just couldn´t. If there is so much bad in the world, karma always get its way and there are always someone who´s day you can bright.. yeah, I don´t want become cold, never. So my new years resolution is to become more like me. Again. Love life, love people, love animals, love nature, do the stuff I love the most. I feel better already just thinking about this!

Corset: Sanna Von Steam
Jeans: Spirit store

What else..
  • I want FAM to grow, 
  • I want my own pages to grow.. 
  • I want to get passport and get at least one time in my life go pass my fear of going further from Finland.
  • I will pass one other fear from my never ending list (last year it was the horses)
  • I want to go music festival with my friends
  • Medieval festival also!
  • I will go Tracon with my bestest friends and have uber time
  • More concerts and gigs
  • I will keep my home clean (haha I wish!)
  • We will go more to our summerhouse this summer and I will start my summer garden
  • I will start my herb kitchen
  • More plants in the bedroom
  • Spring cleaning and new balcony 
  • BatFit 2017 will be wicked
  • I pay my loans, all of them (how adult but they stress me a lot)
  • I will full my arms with tattoos (oh yeah!)
  • Do things like I want them to do and stop please people
  • Start streaming games on Twitch and Youtube
  • Do vlogging and Youtube at least once a week
  • Blog at least once a week
  • Paint and draw more

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