sunnuntai 18. helmikuuta 2018

Imbolc 2018

What inspires me the most at the moment is my witchcraft. When I think about nature, wicca, witchy things and all the little details, I just feel me the most. It is very empowering feeling. This year feels so good, all the vibes are just right and everything seems to work the way I imagine it. All the photoshoots goes so well, my way to working life is doing great, my new meds are working and I don´t just cry all the time.. I have this amazing energy in me which I want to use in creative way. 

Imbolc (pagan Sabbath which you celebrate 1.-2.2.) has inspired me to do more crafts and even decorate my home in Sabbath colors and make some certain mood in our home. To me Imbolc represent white, the white snow is so pure, there is no negativity, it is like new sheet of paper, you can write or draw anything you like. Pinterest came my life again in such a big way and I fell in love with the ideas of minimalistic in decor, just little details that makes the atmosphere. Candles, white, curtains, white. I really love the old jars that has been waiting for some new use for my crafting projects, but actually they look perfect as candle holders. After I took these pictures I washed more jars so now our table in living room will be the same mood.

This sabbath inspires me to white goth style and channel some moon energy. I am so into crystals at the moment, I just wish I have money to buy more. I want to learn more about them and make my home energy to have more flow to it. Also I am interested how to use them in healing or in my own personal life. Any gem fans out there?

I also started few bigger projects I will show you after I am done with them, but the beginning/ test run you can see in the window. Last Imbolc I gathered some wood from the forest and I finally got some string and I want some big witchy decor on my walls that I have made myself. There is also coming some dreamcatchers and paintings that I have been thinking on putting to the walls. I am so hyped about this month, can´t wait to show what else I have been doing! I am so gonna celebrate Imbolc the whole month. 

Blessed be darklings.
Be true to yourself.

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Louhakka kirjoitti...

Ihanaa, että teit noitamaisen postauksen! 🖤🖤🖤

Hiidenneito kirjoitti...

Noi oksajutut on kyllä ihan mun lemppareita <3 ja valkogoottius!

Lilly Pierce kirjoitti...

Pitää itsellekin tehdä tommonen ikkunakoriste! Onko tolle jotain virallista nimeä? #keltanokka :D Itsekin aion tänä vuonna alkaa opiskelemaan noituutta vähän enemmän ja tuomaan sitä esille enemmän jokapäiväisessä elämässä. Se on oikeasti voimaannuttavaa ja inspiroivaa ihan uudella tavalla.

Itse löysin UK:sta yllättävän halvan kristallikaupan josta tilasin itselleni ensimmäiset kristallini (5 mini ametistikärkeä, ametistipyramidin ja apophylliitin) eikä maksanut kuin reilu kympin tollaset pienet:

x Lilly
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