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A for Augury Witch

Augury Witch: Similar to a shaman in practice, the augury witch will help to direct those on a spiritual quest by interpreting the signs and symbols the traveler encounters. The term derives from the official Roman augurs, whose function was not to foretell the future but to discover whether or not the gods approved of a proposed course of action by interpreting signs or omen such as the appearance of animals sacred to the gods. It is important to note that augury witches are not "fortune tellers", as their gifts are of prophecy and not divination. In the context of prophecy, in his Scottish play Shakespeare's witches appear as augury witches.

Time to continue my Types of witches- series!
When I started to plan this post I had this huge idea for pictures with this shaman kind lady and snakes. My friend have snakes so I asked her if we could do a photoshoot with them and she said yes. Unfortunately snakes want to do what they want and the pictures ended up not happening.. But atleast I got this picture with amazing head piece made by Mhelin.

And what comes with Augury witches.. I never had even heard the term before, so this was a huge opportunity to learn something new. The info was really hard to find and there was very little. I really enjoy the idea of these prophecy witches. I would have wanted to make something more with this but I guess this is it. Enjoy!

The Roman term ‘augurs’ stands for someone whose task is to find out whether the gods approve of a particular course of action taken by an individual. These witches can find this out by interpreting sacred signs and omens that the individual has encountered on their spiritual journey. An Augury Witch can thus check whether the traveller is on the ‘right path.’ It’s important to distinguish an Augury Witch from a Witch who performs divination and tells prophecies – an Augury Witch is an interpreter between the mysterious cosmic forces and a person on a spiritual quest.

Usually, it was performed using the movements of birds and other animals or the direction of thunder or lightening.  The main purpose of augury was not to predict the future but to determine whether the gods approved certain actions.  Therefore, it is similar to divination but different in that it doesn’t predict the future, rather it is done to advise an individual on a spiritual journey.

Augurs were advised in important decisions regarding commerce, trade, and religion.  Their opinions were highly valued so much so that they were consulted before matters of war and peace.  It appears that some augurs (augures publici) dealt with only public and state matters.  Unfortunately, the exact rites the augurs used was kept in extreme secret at the time, and therefore records of their exact methods are unknown today.

A witch who focuses on signs from the gods (especially the appearances and behaviors of sacred animals) could identify as an augur.  Also, a modern augur could provide a unique system for developing prophecy through interpreting symbols and omens.  This might best suit a witch who takes pleasure in giving advice to others and helping people formulate plans of action.  Perhaps, a witch who is looking to branch out from divination might enjoy to develop a system of augury..

During a storm, sit quietly and think of an important action you intend to take.  If thunder or lightening appears to come from your left, it is an omen that the gods support the action.  If the storm hits on the right: beware!

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