maanantai 26. huhtikuuta 2021

April favorites

 Playing with friends in BDO and recording my games. Gonna make some videos for new Youtube channel soon! I have been so exited about it. Nääärrr, Atte!

Clothing design and drawing. I have been thinking about new hobby, which is making clothes. Yeah. I don´t have enough hobbies, right? Gonna go in fabric store tomorrow and check out some fabric and few little things I need. Also.. maybe this might be a bigger thing if I don´t loose my mind with the machine. Exited and very nervous.

Finnish folklore. Specially Hiisi obsession. Finnish nature. Finnish Swamps. Just Finnish stuff.  I wish I could go to forest or swamps again. Like, daily. Really want to take new pictures and get inspired by nature and use it on my music and art.

Hedgehogs! Specially Freddie. She/He came to sleep by the door every night. So cute!

Movie nights with my friends.

Making your own twist to already made clothes. This shirt got new hood.

My crystal deer skull painting obsession.

Podcasts. On Spotify. Obsessed. 

My art thing about depression has been on going art project aswell. Here is few what I have been working on lately.

Comic stuff. Still want to do some comics, but they keep taking time because I don´t like anything I make. This is sketch version about the time that my boyfriend was being himself again. I dunno.. wanna see my comics more?

Remember to keep safe!

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