tiistai 17. syyskuuta 2013

Style inspiration: Emilie Autumn

"When I am mad.. I am fucking gorgeous! "

" I'm blessed
I'm truly privilaged to look this good without clothes on
Which only means that when I sing you're jerking off
And when I'm gone you won't remember
Thank God I'm pretty"

" I want to heal you pretty sweet
I'll throw rose petals at your feet
I'll spend eternity
Comparing all my poetry to yours
I want to see love through your eyes
You'll never have to compromise
I'd give up all my fame
To fight your demons and your bloody wars"

" Low tide and high tea
The oysters are waiting for me
If I'm not there on time
I'll send my emissary
If I photoshop you
Out of every picture I could
Go quietly quiet
But would that do any good
Will it hurt? No it won't
Then what am I so afraid of
Filthy victorians
They made me what I'm made of
The brighter the light
The darker the shadow
I don't need a minder
I've made up my mind
Go away"

My favorite:


4 kommenttia:

aNightingale kirjoitti...

No mutta senkin... Nyt on sitten ihan pakko laittaa soimaan Emilietä. :'D Jäi soimaan heti päässä kun luin ensimmäiset rivit Time for Tea:sta.

La Fèe / Keijupölyä ja Sinfoniaa kirjoitti...

Oih, Emilie Autumn <3

fit4m kirjoitti...

EA on kyllä sellainen tyyli-ikoni ettei kukaan<3

Leena kirjoitti...

aNightingale: Hihii se on vaan niin ihana!

Lady Satin: Näinpä..<3

FiN: No niin on! Musta tuntuu etten saa siitä tarpeekseni <3