maanantai 6. tammikuuta 2014

Beauty is in you

The clock is 2.30 AM and I am still up. My year started really well, I was full of positive energy and I tought that it will keep me more focused on future and myself but these couple of days has been yet again, really rough for me. Frankly, depression sucks. Really, it does. My personality will fade under the black cloak which is made of self hate and pity and just feeling absolutely miserable. Luckily I have found things that make me climb back up to be me, such as doing my art (I just loooove to be an artist!), my friends and I couldn´t live without Jani´s big support. And my readers and fans, I am so grateful all of your messages, you truly make me shine yet again. When I feel down, even one message which says you are going to make it or when you ask me some advice for something, it makes me feel I am worth of something. Sometimes you just need to hear that being you it is OK. Beauty is in you. I learned that from you.

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3 kommenttia:

Jennyfobia kirjoitti...

Voi apua, ihana piirrustus! <3 ihan hämmennyin, eka kerta kun joku piirtää miusta kuvan :)

SarahWalrus kirjoitti...

I know you'll get through everything because you're such a strong person. But still we all love you, Leena. <3

Leena kirjoitti...

Jenny: Hihii yllärit on kivoja <3

Sary Walrus: Thank you so much Sary, I believe that <3