keskiviikko 28. tammikuuta 2015

Lace wondering

Some reason I have huge lace crush.I need to have it more and more. Few newest lace items are the top I got by second hand and the white dress that my friend helped me to get from Ebay. The top was free and the dress was only 15 euros, totally awesome. Both fit me perfectly. Lace shirts are perfect for normal daily wear and dresses for photoshoot and events. The rosary necklace is new, I bought it from Cybershop, it was half priced, needed to have it right away. White dress is going to be on my up coming photoshoot, which was inpired by one of Kerli´s photos. The awesome photoshoot set is here if you want to check out some awesomeness. I even got the crown, I just need to DIY it. And find cool white shoes. Today´s outfit is from yesterday and dress picture from today, I was just out walking so I didn´t have any make up and all the light was gone because rain (yeah where is the winter). Totally need to get my husband to take outfit pictures because its really hard to do by yourself sometimes.. Let CSI marathon continue, with some blueberry pie I just made! 

3 kommenttia:

El kirjoitti...

Lace is always in my favourites' list although there are times when I get bored with it, but it never fails to embellish a casual outfit! :)

PS. I love your hair so much!

Hannabella kirjoitti...

Valkoinen ei ole lempivärini, mutta valkoinen pitsimekkosi on romanttisuudessaan varsin nätti sillään. Avarat sydämenmiehustat on omiaan sulle, kun sulla on mitä näyttää. :)

Leena kirjoitti...

Ellone Andreea: But still it is quite versitale if you just keep mixing it with different fabrics! And thank you <3

Hannabella: Haha joo täyttöä löytyy kyllä, välillä liikaakin ku tuntuu olevan aina tiellä xD Kiitos ^_^