tiistai 23. elokuuta 2016

Best things in last month (from my phone)

Date nights with my husband which include bars, restaurants, movies and talking for hours.

New job at the cemetery. I am so glad I can be there and end it just before Samhain, how goth and cool is that! I take care of the graves and such, such soothing thing to do. 

New tattoo.. or continuing the last one, wolfie is getting bigger!

Relaxing at home, watching movies, tv-series and playing games. Having good cuddling time with my kitties and eating good food.

The Sandman and specially Delirium, I have new love, I just love her.

Painting, a lot. Drawing, a lot.

I found a kitty at our yard. I hope he has a home. Or finds one. I took him to find his home. Gosh I miss him.

There is also a hedgehog in a push. Such a lovely little noises he/she made!

Decoration time. I have a thing to make a little nest. Gothic bat nest. I am growing to be even more introvert I have ever been so, at least my home could be little prettier.

Enjoying photographing and photoshop again, after.. I don´t even know how long time. (In the picture I am doing shoot for Rogue´s new clothing line)

New Suicide squad movie!

Aaaand I am doing videos again! Every Wednesday or Thorsday! Check the last haul video.

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