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IN or OUT (aka summer wishlist EMP)

So, what is happening at the moment is, I have huge fashion inspiration going on. Everything is about style: clothes, styling, shoes, bags, accessories. So let´s see what my favorite shops are selling for this summer (which is still going hot hot hot!) and see if you would agree with me or not, is these items in or out? Also, it is fun to do old post series that I have been almost forgetting. Fashion is so big part of me that I think I need to get better with this blogging again! This is not sponsored. 
Ps. If you like these kind of posts, do you want me to do men´s wear too?



Tassels, crop tops with braidings and high lows. I am in love, are you?


Everyone needs a leather skirt in their closet. I own many, short and long ones, but this is one that I have been watching since it came out. I think I need to buy it some day, it is just so lovely with the studs and all. Studs just never go out of style.

This Hufflepuff skirt is all the things I love at the moment, it´s super cute, it´s yellow (how suprising I love yellow, again one thing after childhood I started to like again, I used to hate color yellow) and it´s Harry Potter. And some reason, again, after childhood and high school, I would really love to own a tartan skirt again. They just add some color with the outfit so easily.

Same thing with with the red tartan skirt. Except I love the straps. I don´t own any skirt in this style, plus this would be a Gryffindor style on point. You would rock with this in any color and even without it being a tartan, plain black is always a good choice. You would add any kind of shirt under it, depending on your mood, but I would style it probably with crop top or black/white (depending on the color of the skirt) putton up shirt.


I normally use bikinis and not one piece swimsuits. I really like all the Supernatural merch and with the Gothicana you never go wrong either. I wish I could go and swim today, it´s so hot. I have lost my favorite bikini, I think I need to invest on new ones...


Let´s talk about bags. This summer I have been wanting little backpacks, leather, pvc or velvet. Also colorful and holographic bags are a statement pieces that I would like to have. More in my normal everyday life I would like to use these 2 cool graphic bags, just look how cool they are! I just need that cat bag.


Galaxy shoes or glitter shoes would be super awesome with the galaxy dress below. I just need to get that look in my closet. So, shoes are important for the whole outfit to come together. You could be casual with the sneakers, have edge with some boots. I normally use wedges in the summer too but I wanted to include something that is more comfy in the heat.


I tried to gather some different kind of dresses I would like to wear end of this summer. To me, maxi dresses with bold big prints are super in, same with the skater dresses (which are the most wearable and comfy dresses I know at the moment, I just love them). Also some reason I have a thing for fringe clothing and bags. I never knew I would start to like them again, after my childhood.

I really love occultic prints in black and white. 
Also I come really late in this fashion trend (like I normally do, I start liking stuff when other people start to forget the whole thing), but galaxy prints, oh my dear Goddess. The colors and the galactic view.. it just speaks to me. I want dresses, shirts, leggins, bags.. everything! But now days it´s harder to find because like I said, the galaxy phase is fading away.

Jawbreaker is a brand that I don´t own anything yet, but I really would like to. The Moonstone skater dress absolutely gorgeous and I am getting that in my closet soon.

These were my summer wants and things I have been liking this summer. I can´t wait for next post because I have so many stores to go trough with you and so many styling post ideas!

So, was there any hits or misses? What would you wear? What are your summer closet essentials, tell me in the comments! 

Love you darklings, remember to drink a lot of water!

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