maanantai 6. elokuuta 2018

July favorites

-July started with a haul lookbook about new colorful clothings. At midsummer festival we decided to be in our summerhouse and there was so much Jani´s mom old clothing she said we can throw away or keep. I took a bag full of new autumn goodies with me. This pumped me up with colorful clothing. I don´t even mind some of the clothes are broken, I patch them up or keep them as they are. Some reason I like the fray and torn up look. Now I am in love with all of the fall colors: red, orange, yellow, green and brown. I after many years, I am not afraid of using color in my outfits. Finally, they make me happy, like clothing should do.

-I started a challenge to draw or paint for 31 days, but this lasted only 8 days until I forgot to do it. Damn it. But I made many paintings that I really like and I think I improved my skills a bit. I really love the girl with the moon and sun jacket, I used my golden pen for it, it shines so lovely.

-I found new Youtube channels, mainly Van life based. I started obsessing about it. Now I have dream to have my own van and travel across Finland and maybe even in other countries.

-I made my first sketchbook tour, this was so exiting thing to do. I have 2 other ones coming up.

-I was in a party at our workplace. It was such a fun night. So much dancing.

-I was at the friends wedding. It was epic day. Again, so much dancing, drinking and oh so much fun. Best wedding I have ever been. I also had a fake fur jacket which I used the whole night. I got questions like: "Are you goth?" and "Are you a witch? Aren´t witches bad?" But I had my game face on.


-Lumous. Again, an amazing experience. Best time I have had in this year and I got to have my best friends with me.

- I had an awesome hike.

-I got bucket full of flowers from my friend. Our bedroom smelled like a flower shop for a week. I even decorated my altar (you can see the old altar in the picture) in totally new one because the flowers.

-And here is my new altar with all the stuff I got from pagan market at Tampere I went with Laura.

-I went for a date. Sadly I didn´t take picture of the food or my outfit, both looked awesome btw. But my outfit will probably be in my upcoming lookbook of my summer style.

-For our 6th wedding anniversary, we went to our summerhouse and had oh so much good food, drink, sauna and because I have a thing for cleaning at the moment, I did some cleaning too.

Before and after

Best dinner in our summer house ever

I have started to collect some light blue, turquoise and light green items in our summerhouse. I really love those colors, but now at home. This is awesome way to show my colorful side and enjoy it in a place where I am so happy.

Pillow case from IKEA, picnic planket is from my friend Anna

Plate and the mug are from IKEA
Music I listened:

Tv- show I watched:

My month was awesome, really can´t wait what happens in August.

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