tiistai 4. helmikuuta 2014

Guest blogger- Sary Walrus

5 Tips to Staying Confident in Your Style on the Internet
The internet can be a wonderful place, but just as much it can be terrible to the ego. I've had to force myself off Tumblr because the beautiful pictures of other Goth's make me feel horrible about myself - and I feel very strange telling you this. But what I hope to share in this post is how to stay away from this uncomfortable situations, and then how to use these to benefit your own personal style.
  • Step away from the pictures or the YouTube videos. Close that shit up as fast as you can! It's not doing you any good to let them undermine your confidence.
  • Understand that as people we are all different and it is out unique parts that make us beautiful. What do you love about yourself?
  • Try to figure out why you get intimidated by those pictures. Which picture are they? I find I get more intimidated (we're entering into a personal realm here) by self-portraits of Goths with the stereotypical look. This upsets me because a) it makes me feel like to be a Goth I need to dress like this and b) that they are absolutely gorgeous, why don't I want to dress like this? We're individual's with our own reasons and by working these out we come a step closer to feeling more confident in ourselves.
  • Again, understand, that you are beautiful, your weight is fine and you are Goth enough (if ever there were such a thing).
  • They best way I've heard this summed up (a statement that rules my life): find out what you're scared of and learn everything you can about it, eventually you'll feel more comfortable around it. If you found that you were intimidated by someone's makeup, learn more about makeup, if you were intimidated by someone's style learn more about style and how that fits in with your own personal style and so on.
Do you suffer from this annoying little habit? What do you do to make yourself feel better? 

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