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Violet Morphine - Life is an adventure

Photography and editing: Gas Oven Photography
Model and makeup artist: Violet Morphine
Hair stylist: Conception 451
Rosie Wilson, you may think her just another girl from Los Angeles, but she is something more than you thought. This 20 years old make up artist has seen the world as it is, an adventure. Violet Morphine takes opportunities seriously, grabs  them in her hands and go live in the moment.  Even when  Tokyo stays silent and sleep, she walks around and explore by her own and just talk to people who are awake like her. She is the one who says, don´t be afraid of living or doing what you love, just live it!

-First you could tell the readers what kind of your style you have today and how is your day?
Well... there is no real normal day for me, it really depends on what I'm doing! Today I'm just gonna walk my dogs, go to the gym and pack for Hong Kong and Australia!

Model: MoxiSuicide
Makeup and hair by Laney Chantal , Michelle Miller and myself.
Photo and edits by Andre Mercier for Dapper Cadaver on set of Carolina Parakeet

-Being a make up artist clearly your thing. When did you started doing it and what certain things keep you doing it?
I started because of a makeup artist I met when I was 14 called Dazz. She was already working on shoots, and from the moment she showed me her portfolio I wanted to do makeup too - so I started assisting her on set. I keep doing it because I love doing makeup. It's kind of like art.. getting to paint someone's face! Although as much as I like making people pretty I do love character and fx makeup too. 

-You ended up being even other side of the scenery. How does being a model is different from being behind the scenes?
I mean, I was never a serious model, I'm definitely not built like a model! Haha.. it was just fun for me at the time... I like being behind the scenes much more, you get to watch videos and movies come together right in front of you! 

Left:  From Nelly Recchia's Wicked Royals layout in Make-up Artist Magazine!
Makeup Body art/ Hair/props, Photography all by the incredible Nelly Recchia!
Model : Rosie Wilson (Violet Morphine)

Right:  ©Julie Phillips


Left: Photography and editing by Laura Reagan Photography
Model/makeup/hair - Violet Morphine

Right:  Photography and editing: DW KIM
Model and makeup artist: Violet Morphine

-Who is the person you would love to be working with?
I'd love to do makeup on someone like Lady GaGa because you could be creative! Although for just beauty makeup I'd love to work with Miranda Kerr! 

 -How would you describe your style and where do you find your inspiration?
My style... well clothing would de All black everything? Haha. I don't know. Unless you mean make up style then it depends what the makeup is for! 

Setting up on set of a commercial 2013
Photo by Claudia Giner

-And what kind of make ups or fx things you do the most?
I do beauty makeups' most!
-Where have you traveled and which place has been the most memorable?
 I'm honestly not sure which one is most memorable! My favorite places are Munich, Berlin, Paris, England, Scotland, Ireland, Melbourne, Brisbane, LA and Tokyo. I can't even shortlist that - I love ALL those places.

Left: Photography/editing by D.W. Kim Photography and Design
Model: Zonneoutt Zhnavere
Makeup/fx: Violet Morphine

Middle: Make up artist - Violet Morphine
Hair Stylist - Paige Badenoch
Model - Nikki
Photography - Fleur

Right: Chilled Magazine cover of the 'Vanderpump Rules' cast that she worked on doing makeup and hair.

-What is the one thing that you are the most proud of?
I'm proud of following through with being a makeup artist because I know so many people who do makeup school and never end up working as an artist... and I'm proud of getting to travel the world doing what I love! 

Violet in Brisbane Zombie Walk 2010

-How have you changed in, let´s say, past 5 years?
5 years ago I was 15... so I would say I have changed ALOT! I mean in that time I'd just moved from England to Australia, I finished high school, I did beauty school and 2 makeup schools, moved to LA! So much has changed that's just a few things! 

Violet´s make up station

-Tell us your 5 best beauty/style tips you use
5 best beauty tips.. okay.. 
1) Sometimes less is more... you don't always need to wear heavy makeup if you're just sitting at home! Let your skin breathe and do a face mask if you're at home! 
2) Stay hydrated and drink lots of water.. it makes your skin look awesome! 
3) Know yourself! Know what looks good on you and accentuates your good features and assets. 
 4) SUNSCREEN! That one's so important! Aside from the fact that you don't want skin cancer, over exposure to the sun causes an array of damage to your skin.. and it doesn't always show until your older! 
Also: Hats and for any goths reading this parasols! 
5) This one is going to sound weird and corny but be happy! It's so true that when you're happy it shines through and everyone can see it, almost like a special little glow that makeup can't give you! 

-Is there any future plans you are waiting for? Thank you for the interview!
YES! I fly to Hong Kong tomorrow for a music video shoot, then onto Australia! Then back to LA for more shoots... then I think off to Sweden or back to Australia for another shoot! 2014 is going to be awesome and this is just the start!


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