torstai 27. helmikuuta 2014

In or Out part 2

Backbag found here
Dress From here
Pillow here
T-shirt here
Necklace from here

 Duvet found here

 Check this cute little heart cage on deviantart

Bird cages.
In decoration there are empty bird cages. You can even put plants in them or use it as a jewelry holder. But now they are IN the jewelry, pillows and all kinds of prints and clothing. Do you have these in home?
Other uses

Make lamp for it
Put chandelier in it
Different way to use christmas lights
Lamp and the plants
Pling it
and cute
Table lamp 

Dress here
Pillow found from here 
Magnets here
 Heart wallet here

Anatomic things ah, one of my favorite kind of things. So, now they have totally popped in, and everywhere! And hearts, oh the orgin that keep our blood going. Does this  heart thing make your mental heart melt?

You can also make your nails lovely like this
Have a locket
Use it in gift cards
Use it as a bracelet
Have your own travel mug



They are beautiful decoration in lighting but now they in jewelry, clothes, on the walls and in prints. Do you have anything chandeliers exept on your ceiling?

So, were these IN or OUT? Do you hate everything or are you using something or everything?

Ps Oh Etsy, the Wonderland.

5 kommenttia:

Unknown kirjoitti...

For me they're all in, I just love them - especially body parts and anatomy - or maybe just anything medical

Dekadenz kirjoitti...

Noi vikat sukkikset on kyl sellanen himokkuuden multihuipennus että huhhuh!

linnea-maria kirjoitti...

Great post!! I have that bat chandelier fabric and will make a nice skirt of it oneday :)

Nebula kirjoitti...

Ohh.. voi kuola <3

Leena kirjoitti...

Frankie Savage: Anatomy stuff <3

Dekadenz: Joo eläpä! Hitsit ku saiski tollaset..

linnea-maria: Haa awesome! You need to show me the skirt when it is done!

Nebula: Niinpä<3